THC-O Vs Delta 8

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The discussion regarding THCO Vs Delta 8 in the cannabis world seems never-ending. Both are powerful cannabinoids that have a positive impact on the general well-being and happiness of consumers.


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Cannabis fans are not surprisingly torn between THC-O and Delta 8. But are the two cannabinoids really different from each other, or do they share similarities too?

What kinds of traditional THC products are made from THC-O? Let’s explore the world of THC-O and Delta 8, and get answers to important questions.



What Is THC-O? 


THCO vs Delta 8

In comparison, THC-O and Delta 8 are both cannabis sativa derivatives. But while D8 THC is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid, THC-O is a synthetic compound.

It gained the nickname “psychedelic cannabinoid” since the potent effects involve heightened perception and you see more colors and art. But, there’s no hallucinogenic consequence so you don’t have to worry about delusions.

After the first release of the THC-O products, cannabis enthusiasts who can’t buy marijuana from their state turn to federally legal THC-O edibles, smokables, and inhalables. 


How Is THC-O Made?

The synthetic creation of THC-O and Delta 8 is essential for the massive quantity of cannabinoid extracts to commercial THC-O and Delta 8.

As for THC-O, cannabinoid extracts such as CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 9 THC are mixed with acetic anhydride to create a THC-O acetate ester. Some manufacturers produce THC-O acetate by combining D8 THC and acetic anhydride.

However, the conversion of naturally-occurring extracts to THC-O must be done by professionals only in a licensed lab, since the extraction process is dangerous due to the highly-flammable acetic anhydride.


Benefits & Effects Of THC-O

THC-O has more psychedelic effects that D8, which is similar to the therapeutic effects of other psychedelic substances. Prior to buying THC-O products, check out what you’ll gain first.

Although, just a disclaimer, these are benefits based on users’ experience. It may still require more research to prove the potential health benefits of this cannabinoid.


Intense Psychoactivity

Cannabis consumers reported experiencing three times the euphoria with THC-O than Delta 9 THC. The intense stoning effect is absolutely what they crave.


Reduces Swelling

THC-O comes with anti-inflammatory properties that may induce pain relief. Thus, the consumption of THC-O products helps reduce swelling and can prevent further aches and sores.


Boosts Appetite

The appetite-boosting capability of THC-O Vs Delta 8 is quite the same, though THC-O generates stronger food cravings.


Lightens Mood

Introducing this powerful cannabinoid to your system lifts your mood, and creates a happy place in your mind. Some users also reported heightened mental and spiritual awareness, which they also refer to as “borderline hallucinogenic.”


Promotes Better Sleep

THC-O provides the same sleep-stimulating benefit. The sedating effect of THC-O curtails the time it usually takes for you to sleep.


Improves Focus & Creativity

THC-O is perfect for improving your imagination to create something artistic or to simply help you focus more on the tasks at hand.



What Is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is an isomer of Delta 9 THC, and the first has milder sedative effects. It’s a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid that is found in small traces in cannabis sativa.

Though D8 THC products can generate a mild euphoria, the intensity of the high is quite weak. But even so, Delta 8 is at par with Delta 9 THC and CBD in popularity.


How Is Delta 8 Made?

As for Delta 8, major cannabinoids are chemically converted in a lab into D8 THC through an isomerization process. 


Benefits & Effects of Delta 8

In this section, let’s look at the main advantages of Delta 8 THC.


Soothes Nausea 

Delta 8 THC contains a rich amount of antiemetic properties. It means that if you’re experiencing nausea or vomiting, consuming Delta 8 can soothe your discomfort.


Reduce Anxiety

Delta 8 has an abundance of anxiolytic properties that help reduce anxiety.


Stimulates Appetite

Consuming hemp-derived THC products stimulate your appetite, and triggers your craving for food, in a good way, of course.


Mild Euphoria

The mellow buzz does not come with feelings of paranoia, nervousness, or anxiety. So when you use Delta 8 products, you benefit from a wonderful head buzz without the consequences.


Soothes Aches & Sores

Delta 8 THC has analgesic properties that help soothe physical aches and sores. You’ll benefit from using D8 THC after a hard workout, or if you have an injury.



Similarities Between THCO Vs Delta 8


Both THC-O and Delta 8 are from cannabis sativa, and so it follows that these cannabinoids share a couple of the same traits from similar chemical structure. Find out what they are. 


Legal Status

Is THC-O legal? What about Delta 8? Both are legal in the United States under federal law for as long as it is from a legal hemp plant and it is close in molecular structure to cannabis.

However, it’s important to note that there are a few states where this cannabinoid is not federally legal. 


Hemp Derivatives

THC-O and Delta 8 are similar to the derivatives of hemp. Though THC-O is an ester and D8 is an isomer, the fact remains that both hemp-derived cannabinoids come from cannabis sativa.


Psychoactive Effects

Since both THC-O and Delta 8 are psychoactive cannabinoids, it offers mild euphoric effects that are somehow close to mild indica cannabis strain.


Therapeutic Benefits

THC-O and Delta 8 THC both have antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mood-boosting, appetite-stimulant, and neuroprotective properties.

These psychoactive effects are good for the overall well-being of consumers, especially when it comes to the functionality of the brain. 



On the market, you’ll find a wide range of THC-O and Delta 8 products. Gummies, concentrates, flowers, vapes, tinctures, capsules, and other hemp-derived products are created from THC-O, Delta 8, and other cannabinoids from cannabis sativa.

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Differences Between THC-O Vs Delta 8

Though THC-O and Delta 8 came from the same cannabis plant, there are key differences between the two cannabinoids. The most prominent distinctive features of THC-O and Delta 8 are the following:


Natural Existence

THC-O and Delta 8 are hemp derivatives, but only one is naturally occurring. Delta 8 is found in low amounts in hemp, while THC-O needs to be synthetically produced from CBD and Delta 9 THC. 


Synthetic Process 

The synthetic procedures of THC-O and Delta 8 are different. With THC-O, the CBD or Delta 9 extracts are blended with acetic anhydride to produce the desired compound.

On the other hand, Delta 8 is an isomer in the sense that CBD or Delta 9 THC is exposed to natural degradation catalysts in order to produce Delta 8 in an isomerization process. 



The euphoric effects of THC-O and Delta 8 cannot be denied. However, THC-O leans heavier toward the psychedelic aspect of the high, while Delta 8 THC is more relaxing. 



When we talk about usage, cannabis consumers have different usage purposes for THC-O and Delta 8. In most cases, THC-O fans are after the psychedelic effects of the products, while Delta 8 consumers are craving the therapeutic benefits. 



THC-O products are slightly more expensive compared to Delta 8 products. It is because the extraction process of THC-O is more complex, especially since this compound does not naturally occur in hemp. 



What Type Of THC-O Products Are There?

There’s a wide range of THC-O and Delta 8 products on the market today. But here we’ll talk about the psychoactive THC-O edibles, tinctures, capsules, flowers, and vapes.

These hemp-derived products are infused with a rich concentration of THC-O plus terpenes and other hemp compounds. 

The recommended dosage for new THC users is 3-10mg per serving, 10-25mg per usage for intermediate consumers, and 25-50mg+ per serving for advanced THC users. It’s ideal to start with a low dose, then gradually increase the intake to gauge your tolerance. 

Here are the most popular THC-O products in the industry:


THC-O Flower

THC-O and Delta 8 flowers look the same, but they differ in potency and strength. The flowers coated with THC-O distillate and kief are made into varying products, and the most in-demand version is a pre-roll.

THC-O flowers are extremely potent, especially since THC-O is stronger than regular THC. 

  • Pre-rolls: These are joints that are usually sold in a pack of six. The hemp nugs are coated with THC-O and kief, then rolled in hemp paper. A filter is added for easy smoking.


THC-O Vape Cartridges

THC-O vape carts are sophisticated modes of inhaling the psychedelic properties of the powerful compound.

Vapes can either be reusable cartridges or disposable pens. Both forms are pre-filled with psychoactive THC-O vape juice.

  • Disposable Vape Pens: Disposables are sold in all-in-one hardware. The pends are compact, with a rechargeable battery but a non-reusable chamber.


THC-O Edibles 

There is a wide variety of THC-O edibles, but the most popular ones are gummies. Edibles are ingestible hemp products infused with THC-O, terpenes, and other compounds for an entourage effect.

  • Gummies: These are highly psychoactive candies that are juicy, firm yet soft, and fruity. Gummies are perfect for microdosing, and they’re discreet too.


THC-O Oil (Tincture)

Tinctures made from THC-O are tasteless oils that are designed for mixing with dishes, beverages, and drinks.

These are distillates produced in a lab and made from industrial hemp. You can take THC-O oil drops under the tongue for what is called a sublingual method. 


THC-O Capsules

THC-O capsules are treated as a daily supplement. Best taken in the morning, the regular intake of capsules paves the way for an efficient build-up of therapeutic properties in the body. 



Where To Buy The Best THC-O & Delta 8 Products Online?


Between THC-O and Delta 8, local dispensaries, hemp stores, and online shops carry different types of products infused with these powerful cannabinoids.

But, most consumers find that it’s time-efficient to browse the web and place an order online. And the top-rated brand for premium THC-O and Delta 8 inhalables, edibles, and smokables. 



Why Choose Hifi Farms THC-O & Delta 8 Products?

With the widest variety of top-quality THC-O and Delta 8 products, Hifi Farms is your best option for the newest forms of hemp-derived inhalables, edibles, and smokables.

All the products we feature on our website are made from US-grown, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients. In addition, we don’t use any unwanted chemicals in our products.

More than an internal quality testing procedure, all the THC-O and Delta 8 items went through a test third-party labs.

Through the COA, you get clarity about the overall makeup of the products, especially the potency.

At Hifi Farms, for a first-time order, you get 20% off. By signing up for the email newsletter, your next purchase will be deducted 20%.

Plus, we offer free shipping if you order worth $49.99+ of THC-O and Delta 8 THC products. Moreover, your purchase is risk-free thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee policy of Hifi Farms.



What To Consider When Buying THC-O Products?

THC-O and Delta 8 products are widely available online. But how do you know which brand to buy from? Let’s look at the most important factors to consider prior to purchasing your next euphoric doses.



Regardless if you choose THC-O and Delta 8, the edible, smokable, or inhalable must present a COA.

A third-party lab test is crucial to be clear about the overall makeup and potency of the THC-O and Delta 8 THC products. 


Customer Reviews

Customers often compare THC-O Vs Delta 8. But no matter what their preference is, check if the reviews are good for any of the cannabinoids and if the brands that carry the hemp-derived products are reliable and trustworthy.


Returns & Refunds

Aside from deciding between THC-O Vs Delta 8, it’s also in your best interest to find out if your purchase is risk-free. Choose an online shopping website that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Legalities In Your State

Hemp derivatives such as THC-O and Delta 8 THC are federally legal in the US. However, there are a few states that ban psychoactive cannabinoids. So check with your state if you can have THC-O and Delta 8 products shipped to your doorsteps.




Final Thought: THC-O Vs Delta 8 THC

Now that you’ve learned the important things about THC-O and Delta 8, can you decide which cannabinoid is best for you? 

As cannabis connoisseurs, we highly recommend that you try THC-O and Delta 8 edibles, inhalables, and smokables.

It’s confusing to choose between the two, but it’s much easier to patronize both. But of course, don’t use them all at the same time. Then decide for yourself which one you prefer.

The good news is, no matter what cannabinoid you end up loving, Hifi Farms offer the most premium products for THC-O and Delta 8 THC made from locally sourced cannabis plants.

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