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A Terp 8 coupon code would help you save up a lot when purchasing your next dose of Delta 8 THC! Any form of discount is really appreciated nowadays, especially with the high prices of everything burning a hole in your wallet and ruining your enjoyment.

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Other perks like free shipping are really great, like why would anyone want to pay extra for something that isn’t part of the product you bought? 

Coupon codes really help lessen the burden on your entire order; unfortunately, they don’t come that often. So consider yourself lucky if you happen to run into some coupon code that offers a huge percentage off your purchase!


Terp 8 Discount Codes

Grab this special coupon code from Terp 8 to avail of an exclusive promo! Use the one-time discount code “SLYNG20” for 20% OFF as you reach the checkout page and save more money. So, keep it in mind for your future purchases.

Terp 8 also offers a chance to try their awesome hemp products by providing 15% off upon your first order! The brand may also offer a military discount and other promo codes for its online shoppers.


About Terp 8

Terp 8 offers the strongest Delta 8 THC by having 99% pure Delta 8 on their products that are legal under federal law! It makes Terp 8 the closest thing to cannabis you could experience from hemp-derived products. No wonder it has been a favorite brand in the hemp industry.

Terp 8 is more straightforward and has fewer sales talks, which should also be pretty evident if you are subscribed to their mailing list since they really don’t spam you with BS offers.

Terp 8 provides 3rd party lab results and a Certificate of Analysis which serves as proof that their hemp products are really of premium quality and passed quality standards without resorting to too much talking.

Terp 8 is all about providing you with awesome deals and high-quality products. They provide great incentives, such as free shipping for all orders of $50 and over. The positive feedback from real customers also serves as evidence that Terp 8 products are really great.


Products From Terp 8

All products Terp 8 sells are mostly under their label, except for a few, like accessories. Terp 8 may specialize in D8 THC, but they also offer other types of cannabinoid products such as: 

  1. Live Resin

  2. Delta 9 THC

  3. Delta 10 THC

  4. CBDv / THCv

  5. THC-O

  6. THC-P

  7. HHC

Terp 8 also offers a wide assortment of cannabinoid and related products, some of which are even more unique. They have the following types of products: 

  1. Carts

  2. Disposable dab pens

  3. Dabs

  4. Edibles

  5. Kief

  6. Flowers

  7. Moon Rocks

  8. Creams and topicals (something rarely encountered)

  9. Accessories  

Whatever intake method you prefer for your hemp products, Terp 8 has them covered!


Delta 8 Products


Terp 8 delta 8 Flower Products

Terp 8 currently has a total of 25 Delta 8 THC products for their D8 THC collection, including blends. The following are the top 3 Terp 8 products.


Organic Live Resin Delta-8 Caramels

These sweet, juicy, delicious caramel cubes contain Delta 8 THC infused with Live Resin. Each piece is extremely potent as it contains 40 mg of D8 THC, so they pack a punch! Each pack contains 5 pieces of caramel goodness.


Delta-8 Infused Hemp Flower – SOUR SPECIAL SAUCE

It also comes in a jar with a wooden lid, which is also great for storage as it wouldn’t affect the quality of the content. Its D8 THC content contains a phenomenal 26.38%! It has calm, focused, and creative effects, making it fine to use day or night time.


THC-P Infused Hemp Flower – SOUR DIESEL

With its energetic and euphoric effects that make you feel happy, it is ideal for daytime use. Using the cold infusion method resulted in a purer blend of THC-P and Delta 8. 

Check out their sale items, since it’s the best time to purchase and get the best discount! So, experience the soothing effect of Delta 8 at a discounted price.


Delta 9 Products 


Terp 8 Delta 9 Gummies Products

Terp 8’s Delta 9 THC lineup consists of 10 great-tasting edibles in the form of gummies and caramel. Below are their best sellers for their D9 THC lineup:


Delta-9 THC Gummies Strawberry

Strawberry gummies are already great tasting, but add some Delta 9 + CBD blend to them to transform them into something awesome! Terp 8 gummies offer a delicate balance between taste and high, resulting in delicious yet potent D9 gummies! 


Delta-9 THC Gummies Blue Razz

Blue Raspberry, or it’s more rad-sounding name Blue Razz, offers the taste of Blue Raspberry combined with lemonade, resulting in a tongue-tingling, tangy, sweet taste! Savor that delicious taste combined with a potent high from a balanced ratio of D9 + CBD! 


Organic Live Resin Delta-9 Caramels

Terp 8’s top-selling Delta 8 product also comes in Delta 9 THC form with a bit of D8. They may share the same caramel taste, but their effects vary, offering more of a head high and heavier than its D8 brother.

D9 caramel may not be as powerful as its brother D8 who made it to number 1, but making it to the top 3 proves D9 caramel isn’t just made so that there would be a variant flavor, but a viable option itself.

All of Temp 8’s Delta 9 THC items are on sale status right now as well, so you wouldn’t want to miss that!


Live Resin Products 


Terp 8 Live Resin dab products

Terp 8 currently has 10 Live Resin products for their lineup in the form of Disposable Dab Bars and Carts. Dab pens differ from Vape pens, with Dab pens using THC concentrates that are waxier and include a heating coil, making them a bit thicker than vapes.

Dab Bars are your option if you prefer it stronger. Terp 8’s top 3 recreational cannabis products are the following disposables: 

  1. Pot of Gold THC-P + Delta-8 Live Resin Disposable Dab Bar – part of their Terp 8 FUSIONS line.

  2. Blue Dream THC-P + Delta-8 Live Resin Disposable Dab Bar – also part of their Terp 8 FUSIONS line.

  3. Pot of Gold Delta-8 Live Resin Disposable Dab Bar

The Live Resin products from Terp 8 are also on sale status right now, so don’t miss this opportunity!


Other Companies

Aside from Terp 8, another company that provides similar products and offers worth mentioning is Hifi Farms. We are a more recent brand that is showing good hemp products.

Hifi Farms is familiar with its consumers’ wants and needs when it comes to hemp products. Thus, we could really relate to them, being founded by a group of cannabis connoisseurs themselves.

Hifi Farms hemp-derived products also all have Certificate of Analysis and 3rd party lab testing. Leaving you assured that our products have passed the highest standards to provide you with the best quality.

Just like Terp 8, Hifi Farms also provides free shipping if your purchases reach $50! In addition, we accept debit cards as a payment.


Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

Hifi Farms also has similar coupons as Terp 8 for first-time buyers of their high-quality hemp products! First-time buyers get a whopping 20% discount on all of our products by using this code HIFIPROMO20!

Just like with Terp 8, you must sign up for the Hifi Farms email newsletter at our official website. In addition, you can get free standard shipping for a minimum purchase. Then, your order will be sent via your shipping options, shipping address, and source.


Delta 8 Products 


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Flower Product

Like Terp 8, we offer a particular, high concentration of Delta 8 THC on their D8 products. Regardless of how you wanted to take your daily dose of D8 whether, via inhalation or consumption, Hifi Farms has a matching item for you. 

Our team have infused its unique Delta 8 formula into the following type of products:

  1. Disposable Vape Pens

  2. D8 + Live Resin

  3. Carts

  4. Pre Rolls

  5. Moon Rocks

  6. Flowers

  7. Edibles

  8. Gummies

Hifi Farms uses all-natural ingredients and locally-grown hemp for its products.


Delta 9 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Cereal bars products

Due to the limiting nature of Delta 9 THC because of its potency levels and legal requirements, the types of Delta 9 THC products tend to be limited. To get past the 0.3% threshold that the 2018 Farm Bill requires, the most one could make out from them are gummies, with the occasional other forms of edibles and blended smokeable. 

Hifi Farms Delta 9 products all come in edible form, but they managed to add more variety of options by having other forms aside from gummies. Our D9 products come in the following varieties:

  1. Gummies – Choose between Mango or Watermelon. Also, they taste closer to actual fruits!

  2. Cereal Bars – Pick between Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Pebbles for that energy and high!

  3. Syrups – You have the options of Cotton Candy, Cherry, Grape, or Blue Raspberry. You may take them as is, but much better if you’ll transform that boring beverage into something awesome! 


Live Resin Products


Hifi Farms Live Resin Disposable Vape Pen

Hifi Farms Live Resin lineup comes in the form of Disposables and Carts. Live Resin Disposable Vape Pens X11 Line flavors:

  1. White Widow

  2. Terminator

  3. Sour Gorilla

  4. Oreoz

  5. Kush Mountain

  6. ATF

  7. Club 69

Live Resin Disposable Vape Pens Paranoic Line flavors: 

  1. Pineapple Express Blend

  2. Grape Ape Blend

  3. Forbidden Jelly Blend

  4. Blue Dream Blend

  5. ATF Blend

  6. Amnesia Blend

Live Resin Carts X11 Line flavors:

  1. Oreoz

  2. Sour Gorilla

  3. Russian Cream

  4. ATF

  5. Kush Mountain

  6. Mimosa

Hifi Farms uses freshly harvested cannabis at its peak ripeness for its Live Resin products. A high amount of terpenes remains due to the plants being subjected to subzero temperatures. They then use CO2 for the extraction process, which is the cleanest solvent to use with no residues.


Final Thoughts – Terp 8 Coupon Codes

Coupons aren’t easy to come by, and most even provide just a low percent discount. A  20% discount is actually a big deal which is why you shouldn’t let the
Terp 8 Coupon Code above come to pass and enjoy all the benefits of Terp 8 products.

Our goal is to make our users feel more special using coupons and improve their well-being by producing the best hemp products. If you want to enjoy taking therapeutic products and feel deep relaxation, Delta 8 can give it to you. Plus, you can use coupons to get more discounts.

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