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SweetLeaf coupons will give you some good discounts the next time you purchase hemp-derived products! 




Coupon codes offer many amazing incentives, such as discounts, which would help save up a lot. Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms aside, this page also contains a 20% off coupon code or Hifi Farms!



Sweet Leaf Farms Coupon Code

Use this Sweetleaf discount code “Slyng” to enjoy huge savings. Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms offers online discounts for a limited time, so make sure to use them before they expire.


SweetLeaf discount codes are excellent if you want to enjoy various hemp products at discount prices. Just copy and paste the SweetLeaf promo code above at the checkout page.



About Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms The Brand

Abbreviated as SLHF, Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms is a CBD brand that offers some of the most potent flower strains of high quality! Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms focuses on retail but also offers wholesale for distributors and bulk buyers.


Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms uses the highest quality ingredients from the US, and its products are packaged and labeled locally. Fortunately, you can enjoy its products using SweetLeaf discounts. You can’t just find these deals elsewhere, even for popular brands.


SweetLeaf items have passed federal regulations and are lab tested as they present COAs (Certificates of Analysis) from accredited 3rd-party laboratories for each strain.


Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms also has a reliable and knowledgeable customer support team ready to address your questions and recommend what strains the best suit your needs.



Products From Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms

Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms is a CBD brand that covers both CBD and THC products and some smoking and vape accessories. They offer a wide variety of CBD products, such as: 


  1. Edibles
  2. Tinctures
  3. Topicals
  4. Pet products 
  5. Hemp Flowers, including Indoor 


Their THC products include the following types: Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, THCA, THC-O, and HHC.


Delta 8 Gummies 




Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms Delta 8 Gummies provide a relaxing effect that uplifts your mood and increases motivation.


Depending on your choice, each gummy contains 25 mg (for beginners and low-tolerance users) or 50 mg. The gummies flavors are assorted for every pack of 5, 10, 20, or even 50 pieces.


Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms Delta 8 Gummies are effective without sacrificing flavor. In rare cases of melting due to various circumstances, such as hot weather, refrigerate them or place them in cooler temperatures before separating them from each other.


Delta 9 THC Gummies 




Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms Delta 9 Gummies are a special blend of 7.5 mg of Delta 9 THC and 75 mg of CBD for that relaxing effect that makes it perfect for just chilling out. The D9 for each gummy equals 0.3%, so they pass federal legal standards.


They also have the same volume options as their Delta 8 gummies, where each assorted pack could contain 5, 10, 20, or 50 gummies, depending on your choice.


CBD Flower 




Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms CBD Flowers are grown under favorable conditions using the best methods available from Outdoor, LED indoor, greenhouse, and hydroponics. Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms offers the following CBD Flower strains: 


  1. Bubba Kush – Indica-dominant – Ideal after a stressful day of work. Its relaxing effect is powerful, though; you might end up falling asleep later on! 
  2. Specialist – Sativa-dominant – Great for getting things done while remaining chill as ice cream. If you have pending projects that need to be done, take this one! 
  3. Hawaiian Haze – Sativa-dominant – Having social anxiety but required to confront a crowd of people? Take this one beforehand, as it makes you more sociable and talkative! 
  4. Sour Diesel – Sativa-dominant – Some use its fast-acting, energizing, dreamy effects to support dealing with stress, pain, and depression. 
  1. Super Sour Space Candy – Sativa-dominant – Uplifting and relaxing, with a joyful and calm influence thanks to being loaded with beneficial terpenes. 
  2. Spectrum – Indica dominant – If you are a beginner, this one is perfect for you thanks to its gentle effects.  
  3. Sour Lifter – Sativa-dominant – Consider it an upgrade of the original Lifter that would send you into relaxation mode in no time! 



Similar Discounts & Products

Are you still looking for other SweetLeaf competitor coupons? Another brand with similar discounts and products is Hifi Farms.


Founded by cannabis connoisseurs, they resonate with their consumer base. It is also why they can churn out awesome hemp products despite being a more recent name in the hemp market!


Like Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms, Hifi Farms also uses ingredients of the highest quality from local sources and has COAs from 3rd-party labs present.


Hifi Farms’ main products are under Delta 8, but they also cover a lot of other THC and CBD products!




Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

One of the promotional codes that you can enjoy is “HIFIPROMO20” from Hifi Farms. Like a SweetLeaf coupon, it gives you a 20% discount on all Hifi Farms items! Copy and paste or input this code into the designated promo code section, then click apply code. 


Haven’t you tried Hifi Farms yet? Now would be the perfect time to do so! Just subscribe to their newsletter and get a 20% discount! We may not guarantee free next-day shipping yet, but the shipping is on us for a minimum purchase of $50 for eligible orders.


Delta 9 Edibles


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Cereal bars products


You’ll never get bored with how you can eat your D9 with Hifi Farm’s wide variety of delicious and delectable Delta 9 THC edibles


  1. Syrups – If you prefer your D9 in liquid form and fast-acting effects, then syrups are for you! Meant to be added to drinks to transform your boring beverage into fun! Comes in Cotton Candy, Cherry, Grape, or Blue Raspberry flavors. 
  2. Cereal bars – If you prefer your D9 in snack form, then cereal bars are for you! Your favorite breakfast cereal in portable form. It comes in Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles. 
  3. Gummies – If you prefer D9 edibles in more traditional form, go for these. It comes in Mango and Watermelon flavors. These gummies also taste more like fruit snacks and not like those candies bathing in sugar.


Delta 8 Gummies 


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Gummies product


Hifi Farm’s Delta 8 THC Gummies are super potent! Perhaps the most potent gummies available anywhere online or offline, with each gummy packing 100 mg of premium D8!


It comes in delicious assorted fruit flavors and is long-lasting, with the effects sticking around for 6 to 8 hours on average!


Depending on your choice, each pack contains 10, 20, or even 100 pieces of these soft, great-tasting gummies! (100 pieces for stocking up on your inventory or bulk purposes, of course)


Thanks to their unique formulation, Hifi Farm’s Gummies don’t melt quickly in high temperatures. 


CBD Rosin


Hifi Farms CBD Rosin premium


What makes Hifi Farms CBD Rosin special is that their process of yielding resin keeps all cannabinoids and other beneficial elements of the hemp plant intact!


They also don’t resort to using harsh chemicals in their Rosin production. Hifi Farms CBD Rosin comes in the following flavors for each strain. 



  1. Blue Dream 
  2. Ecto Cooler



  1. Forbidden Fruit 
  2. Bubba Kush



  1. Mai Tai 
  2. Pink Runtz


Hifi Farms Promo Banner 3


Final Thoughts – SweetLeaf Promo Code

Sweetleaf promo codes aren’t that common compared to other types of benefits, which is why you get them whenever you get the chance, too, just like the Hifi Farms and SweetLeaf discount codes above! 


Don’t be shy to look for those SweetLeaf coupons and Hifi Farms promo codes, especially during these times when the prices have gone through the roof.


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