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Here is a Redwood Reserves coupon code that might help curb your Nicotine addiction! Saying you would quit smoking is easier said than done.

But why quit if there happens to be a cleaner, better alternative that isn’t also addictive? Redwood Reserves has the solution for that! Plus, we give the latest Redwood Reserves coupons.



Redwood Reserves Coupon Codes

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Redwood Reserves codes now before they are gone because who knows how long they will be up! Find Redwood Reserves coupons below.

  1. RWD20 – This Redwood Reserves promo code offers 20% off your entire order and free 3-day shipping!

  2. CBD15 – Save money as Redwood Reserves offers coupons that offer huge savings and great deals. Make sure to copy this promo code at the checkout page to enjoy 20% off your entire online order (Excluding CBD Flower).

These coupon codes really help if you want to get a huge discount. So, regardless of the hemp products that you’re going to buy – don’t forget to use these Redwood Reserves promo codes at the checkout page.


About Redwood Reserves

Redwood Reserves focuses on smokable CBD products and offers a cleaner and superior alternative to tobacco smoking. What makes CBD cigarettes better are the following significant factors.

  • CBD cigarettes tend to be free from pesticides.

  • CBD cigarettes don’t contain certain chemicals that could be harmful.

  • CBD cigarettes also have additional effects, making you feel more relaxed, fulfilled, and balanced.

Redwood Reserves is one CBD company that grows hemp flowers on their family farm. This ensures they provide you with the highest-quality chemical and pesticide-free, natural hemp products. Fortunately, you can enjoy these products at affordable prices using Redwood Reserves coupons.

Redwood Reserves has been in the hemp farming industry since 2016, so they certainly have the expertise and years of experience in hemp cultivation. So, the brand’s showing its appreciation to its consumers through coupon codes.

Redwood Reserves items are 3rd party lab tested for every batch at every time. This ensures they are telling the truth and providing clean and safe products with the best quality.


Products From Redwood Reserves

Redwood Reserves specializes in smokeable CBD products ranging from cigarettes to pre-rolls. They also have CBD flowers which are more versatile. Aside from CBD products, they also offer Delta 8 THC and HHC products in blunts.


CBD Cigarettes


Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes product

Redwood Reserves’ main line of products is none other than CBD cigarettes. Their cigs don’t contain nicotine, so no matter how good they are, they wouldn’t be addictive. Use a discount code with these items, and your wallet would definitely enjoy it.

With these high-quality CBD-based cigs, Redwood Reserves indeed reinvented cigarettes! Made of 100% CBD flower that is slow-cured, its wrapper uses rice paper and cotton for the filter. Its terpene profile gives it a superior flavor.

Redwood Reserves CBD cigarettes come in the following flavors:


Original CBD Cigarettes

The first and the original. Even without the other perks, it certainly smells and tastes better than tobacco-based cigarettes.


Menthol CBD Cigarettes

Almost the same as the original, but with a touch of cool menthol. They leave a cool, pleasant feeling in your mouth as if you just had some mint candy.

Both variations offer the following benefits which could help improve your overall well-being:

  • Assist in alleviating withdrawal symptoms.

  • Helps in reducing stress.

  • Helps in dealing with discomfort and aches.

Offering relaxed, balanced, and soothing effects would make you feel chill for the rest of your day without feeling slumped. The effects could kick as fast as 15 minutes!

The Terpenes are mainly Citrus-based, with a balanced Floral and Sweet. They also don’t leave that nasty aftertaste in your mouth. Regardless of the flavor, you prefer, don’t forget to choose from the discount codes that we’ve provided above.


Delta 8 Blunts


Redwood Reserves Delta 8 Blunts product

CBD-based products aside, Redwood Reserves also offer Delta 8 THC-based products in Blunts. If you seek a high that will glue you to your coach, these Delta 8 blunts are definitely for you. 

Blunts are also known as Pre-rolls. Think of them as a cigar but with hemp-based content like oil and flower instead inside.

What makes Redwood Reserves Delta 8 blunts special is that, unlike other blunts, they are the only ones not to be sprayed but instead infused! They are using hemp paper for the wrapper. 

Redwood Reserves Delta 8 blunts primary ingredients consist of pure Delta 8 oil, CBD buds, and terpenes from naturally-derived sources. The terpenes are primarily Fruity, with Diesel and Sweet perfectly balanced with each other. 

Redwood Reserve D8 blunts uses 100% hemp, and their premium quality CBD flowers are hand-trimmed. Redwood Reserves offers the following flavors for their Delta 8 blunts lineup:


Delta 8 Grape Ape Blunt

It is a hybrid strain that is Indica dominant. Offering a relaxing vibe makes this ideal for rest and relaxation after a long, tiring day. 


Delta 8 Mango Haze Blunt

It is a Sativa Hybrid strain. That makes it ideal for a daytime smoking session. Redwood Reserves Delta 8 Blunts general effects include being happy, relaxed, and euphoric.


HHC Blunts


Redwood Reserves HHC Blunt product

Other Redwood Reserves products that you’ll love these HHC-based Blunts! It is also their other type of product aside from Delta 8 THC that isn’t CBD-based. Redwood Reserves currently has the same flavors as their Delta 8 THC-based blunts:


Delta 8 Mango Haze Blunt

It is perfect for use during those wake-up and bake-up moments. Being a Sativa Hybrid strain makes it more suited for daytime. 


Delta 8 Grape Ape Blunt

Thanks to its relaxing vibe, it is great to take before sleep or after an exhausting day at work. It is more suitable for nighttime even if it is a hybrid, being Indica dominant. 

So what’s the sharp difference between Delta 8 THC and HHC? HHC is for those seeking a high that is the opposite of a downer, one with a head high that makes your focus and brain work and makes you feel energetic. 

Redwood Reserves uses the same infused oil procedure as they did with their D8 blunts. It also had the same materials and main components, except for the HHC oil. 

They slightly differ in terms of the type of terpenes used. While still primarily Fruity, instead, it has Tangy and Sweet that are evenly balanced out with each other. It also applies to the general effects of being euphoric, happy, and uplifting.

Hifi Farms Design Promo Banner


Similar Discounts & Products

Another brand that offers similar promotional codes and products is Hifi Farms. Hifi Farms was founded by a group of experienced cannabis connoisseurs passionate about hemp-based products.

Just like Redwood Reserves, Hifi Farms also produces its own locally-grown hemp products. Hifi Farms ensures their products would be of the most excellent quality yet accessible. They use hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes of premium quality!

In addition, our products are also 3rd party lab-tested. It is to ensure it passes all legal requirements and backs all its claims to guarantee you are receiving its cannabis products in the best condition.


Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

By signing up for their newsletter, you could avail of a Hifi Farms coupon code with a 20% discount for all their products by using this code HIFIPROMO20! It would be the perfect opportunity to experience the awesome creations of Hifi Farms!

No need for free shipping coupons because the shipping is on us for a minimum purchase of $50. Just like the Redwood Reserves discount code, our brand is also generous to our hemp consumers.


CBD Rosin


Hifi Farms CBD Rosin product

One of Hifi Farms notable CBD products is their CBD Rosin line. Rosin is made by applying pressure carefully on cured, dried hemp CBD flowers and then subjected to heat.

The result is the concentrated, pasty extract that you see. Hifi Farms offers the following for their CBD Rosin lineup:

  • Blue Dream – Sativa

  • Bubba Kush – Indica

  • Ecto Cooler – Hybrid

  • Forbidden Fruit – Indica

  • Mai Tai – Hybrid

  • Runtz – Hybrid

Hifi Farms CBD rosin is potent, fresh, and fast-acting. Inhalation methods such as dabbing are recommended for rosin if one wishes to experience its almost instant effects.


Delta 8 Flower


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Flower Products

Our Delta 8 THC Flower line is one of the more recent products of Hifi Farms to go along with the trend of using flower buds for cannabinoid enjoyment.

Flowers are also for those who prefer things closest to their natural form as much as possible, and flowers happen to be dried hemp flowers that are trimmed and curated.

The following is the current lineup for Hifi Farms Delta 8 Flower products:

  • Purple Punch  – Indica

  • Granddaddy Purple  – Indica

  • Wedding Cake – Hybrid

  • Gelato – Hybrid

  • Pineapple Express – Sativa

  • Sour Diesel – Sativa


HHC Vape Pens


Hifi Farms HHC Vape Pen product

Aside from CBD and Delta 8 THC, Hifi Farms also offers HHC-based products in the form of disposable pens! HHC is a water-generated form of THC that is a bit more potent than Delta 8 but not as potent as Delta 9.

HHC’s most notable feature is its long-lasting effects, with some saying they could still feel the effects even after 11 hours! Hifi Farms HHC Vape Pens come in the following flavors:

  • Pineapple Express – Sativa

  • Gelato – Hybrid

  • Watermelon OG – Indica

Hifi Farms are also known for the quality of its disposable vape pens. Our disposable vape pens are made of durable, quality materials and are easy to use.




Final Thoughts – Redwood Reserves Promo Codes

With its pure and clean organically grown ingredients and feel-good effects, Redwood Reserves indeed provides a superior alternative to tobacco-based smoking. Better yet, you get to enjoy its products using the best Redwood Reserves coupons.

Even if you aren’t seeking an alternative or replacement to regular cigarettes, CBD cigs still taste great and offer a feel-good, relaxing experience. 

Don’t look for Redwood Reserves competitor coupons anymore. A Redwood Reserves coupon code infrequently comes, so you must always grab them whenever you see them!

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