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A Pinnacle Hemp coupon code would help you save a lot the next time you purchase any hemp-derived product!

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It’s great that more people are becoming aware of plant oil’s fantastic benefits. They have helped improve the lives and personal wellness of many. Hemp products aren’t just for recreational use but are being used by an increasing number of people as support for health issues ranging from body aches to mind-related problems like anxiety. 

Pinnacle Hemp coupons allow you to save more, helping you not hurt your budget or allowing you to buy even more! Fortunately, there is a Pinnacle Hemp promo code from right now and a 20% code from Hifi Farms!


Pinnacle Hemp Coupons

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get huge savings using Pinnacle Hemp coupons, and save a lot by using the coupon code below before it is gone! This Pinnacle Hemp coupon would help you avail of Pinnacle Hemp’s CBD products, such as their CBD Crumble Pen, at a much lower price! 

Use the Pinnacle Hemp discount code: Slyng and save money! Simply copy and paste it once you reach the Pinnacle Hemp checkout page and enjoy your discounted hemp products.

No doubt, Pinnacle Hemp discount codes let you enjoy hemp products at lower cost. You could also get more exclusive discounts by simply signing up for their email newsletter and being updated with their latest products, items on discount status, and other promotions!


About Pinnacle Hemp

Pinnacle Hemp could be considered the pinnacle of high-quality hemp products! Founded and established in 2016, Pinnacle Hemp could also be considered an industry leader with its efficient and groundbreaking hemp products. Pinnacle Hemp products can be found in the US and other parts of the world! 

Speaking of the US, the natural hemp used in Pinnacle Hemp is all organically homegrown, thanks to experienced local farmers for producing such quality hemp. 

Using premium US hemp ensures potency and purity, with COAs (Certificates of Analysis) from accredited 3rd-party labs to prove and give their customers assurance about the quality, consistency, and purity of their hemp products.

So rest assured that all Pinnacle Hemp products are free from contaminants and adhere to federal law standards. Fortunately, you get to enjoy these products and enjoy great deals using Pinnacle Hemp coupon codes.

Aside from premium-quality hemp products, Pinnacle Hemp also offers other great perks! Such as:


Free Shipping for orders $100 and above!

Aside from being fast, they also have a discreet packaging option.


Rewards Program

This Pinnacle Hemp deal allows you to earn points every time you spend, then use them at the right time in order to save more!


Assistance Programs

Coupon codes are available whether you are currently serving or a veteran. Aside from Pinnacle Hemp military discounts, there are also discounts for those who are low-income and disabled. Feel free to ask us about Pinnacle Hemp birthday discounts.

Pinnacle Hemp is also fueled by their customers’ amazing stories and testimonies to keep on producing awesome hemp products as best as they can! 


Products From Pinnacle Hemp

Pinnacle Hemp’s main specialty is CBD products. Aside from hemp products under their own label, they also cover products from other brands such as Kokoro and Rift. Using a Pinnacle Hemp code, you can definitely enjoy these products at lower prices.

This brand covers a really wide array of products, even some categories that aren’t commonly found in other hemp shops, such as: 

  1. CBD topicals for bath and body products – Ranging from relief creams to bath powder. Hemp oil, blended with aloe vera and other essential oils, actually does wonders for your skin, along with providing soothing relief.

  2. CBD pet products – Whenever there are CBD “pet” products, they are always just for dogs, but they offer cat treats too! 

CBD-derived products aside, Pinnacle Hemp also offers hemp products from other Cannabinoids, such as HHC, THCO, Delta 8, and Delta 9! So, find Pinnacle Hemp coupons and buy your favorite hemp product now.


Delta 8 Products


Pinnacle Hemp Delta 8 product

Pinnacle Hemp currently offers 21 hemp products for its award-winning Delta 8 THC collection. Pinnacle Hemp sale offers the following type of D8 THC products:

  1. Pre Rolls

  2. Gummies

  3. Carts

  4. Tinctures

  5. Flowers

  6. Syringes

  7. Escape Pod – This is the next-gen of disposables that would allow you to escape to an awesome world thanks to its powerful punch despite being small in size! They could also fully recharge in just a matter of minutes.

  8. Topical – Body lotion with a blend of D8 THC and CBD that soothes your body pain while also keeping your skin hydrated. 

They also offer amazing bundle deals from single types of products in bulk to different combinations of products with synergistic benefits! So, make sure to use the latest Pinnacle Hemp coupons and promotional codes now.

Pinnacle Hemp’s best-selling Delta 8 THC product right now is none other than their Pinnacle Hemp Delta 8 Pre Roll, which is also under their own brand name. It offers quite a lot of different terpene profiles to choose from!



  1. Maui Wowie

  2. Grape Goji OG

  3. Strawberry Cough

  4. Tropicana Cookies

  5. Tangie Sunset


  1. Blue Zkittles

  2. 24kt Gold Punch

  3. Cherry Sherbet

  4. Banana Runtz

  5. Berry White


  1. Hawaiian Haze

  2. Cherry Pie

  3. Blackberry Kush

  4. Blueberry Haze

  5. White Fire OG 

Pinnacle Hemp’s Delta 8 portable Pre Rolls are packed with lively terpenes and hard-hitting Delta 8 THC. It would transport you into a world of sweet euphoria wherever you might be!



Delta 9 Products


Pinnacle Hemp Delta 9 product

Pinnacle Hemp currently offers five Delta 9 THC products for their lineup, all in the form of great-tasting edibles. Their Delta 9 THC lineup consists of the following:


Pinnacle Hemp Delta 9 Gummies

Pinnacle Hemp’s best-selling Delta 9 THC product! Each piece of gummy is packed with 10 mg for that relaxing effect. Each assorted-flavored pack contains 2, 10, or 30 pieces.


Pinnacle Hemp Vegan Delta 9 Gummies

The vegan option without sacrificing the taste.


NXT Gen Doze Gummies

This awesome blend of Delta 9, Delta 8, THCO, and CBN packs quite a punch that would knock you out and give you that good night’s sleep that you seek.


Artisan Treats Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites

Tastes just like the cookies grandma used to bake, except grandma’s cookies don’t make you feel a bit too happy and high. But that’s because each cookie is packing 25 mg of D9, making it possibly one of the strongest in the hemp market, so beginners are better off sticking to just a bite.


Artisan Treats Magic Madeleines

Another creative way of delivering that D9 effect, these delicious madeleines are certainly magical and would transport you away to another realm.

These artisan treats are very tasty, so beginners must be careful with taking more than one bite. Lest they wish to be kicked off to another dimension, as each one is also packing 25 mg of D9 THC!


Full Spectrum CBD Products


Pinnacle Hemp Full Spectrum CBD product

Pinnacle Hemp offers not just a wide variety of CBD products but also covers various types of CBD products such as CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Full Spectrum CBD. Full Spectrum CBD provides the pros of the entourage effect and are a great support for body ache and discomfort and even for managing anxiety. 

Pinnacle Hemp currently has 31 products for their Full Spectrum CBD collection! They offer the following type of Full Spectrum CBD items and even have some products for pets! 

  1. Pet treats and chews – they have one for cats too!

  2. Tinctures

  3. Pre Rolls

  4. Gummies

  5. CBD Oils – there is also one for your pets.

  6. Flowers

  7. Cart

  8. Coffee

  9. Disposable Vape

  10. Topicals

  11. Crumble 

Pinnacle Hemp’s current top-selling Full Spectrum CBD product is their Original Hemp Tincture, which is also under their own label. Their most popular product for pets is their CBD dog treats.


Similar Discounts & Products

Hifi Farms was a more recent brand founded and established by a group of cannabis enthusiasts. It gives them an edge over other brands since they are really familiar with and can relate to their consumer base well, resulting in amazing hemp products!

Are you looking for other Pinnacle Hemp competitor coupons? Hifi Farms is another brand worth mentioning, as it shares several offers and products similar to Pinnacle Hemp.

Another similarity with Pinnacle Hemp is that Hifi Farms’ source of ingredients for their products is also US grown. They also provide COAs from 3rd accredited party labs.


Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

Use this code ->
HIFIPROMO20 – when you checkout by inputting the code into the designated promo code section. Click apply code afterward to receive your 20% discount on all Hifi Farms products! 

Is it your first time buying Hifi Farms products? Then you could also avail of a 20% off for all products by simply signing up for their email newsletter!


Delta 8 Products 


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Products

Hifi Farms’ main line of hemp products is none other than Delta 8 THC. They currently have around 44 Delta 8 THC products and are still counting! They offer a wide variety of D8 products, so you’ll never get bored with how you can take them. 

  1. Cartridges

  2. D8 + Live Resin

  3. Disposable Vapes

  4. Gummy/Edible

  5. Pre Roll

  6. Flowers

  7. Moon Rocks 

Hifi Farms D8 products contain a high concentration of D8 thanks to their innovative research. They are guaranteed to provide you with an incredible high!


Delta 9 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Gummies Products

Hifi Farms Delta 9 THC products all come in delicious edible forms. Whether you prefer to eat or drink your D9, Hifi Farms has you covered! Hifi Farms has a total of 8
Delta 9 THC products in the following forms:



They also taste like actual fruits! Go for Mango or Watermelon.


Cereal Bars

They give you both high energy and a high! Pick between Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Pebbles.



Take them like a tincture or add them to magically transform that boring beverage! Select from Cotton Candy, Cherry, Grape, or Blue Raspberry.


CBD Rosin Products


Hifi Farms CBD Rosin Forbidden Fruit Indica

Hifi Farms’ current lineup of
CBD products comes in the form of Rosin. Rosin, thanks to containing more terpenes and phytocannabinoids, yields quite a lot of health perks. They offer the following terpene profiles: 

  1. Sativa: Blue Dream

  2. Indica: Forbidden Fruit, Bubba Kush

  3. Hybrid: Ecto Cooler, Mai Tai, Runtz 

Hifi Farms’ special process in Rosin production has allowed them to maintain both major and minor cannabinoids intact, along with other beneficial components.



Final Thoughts – Pinnacle Hemp Promo Codes

Pinnacle Hemp coupon code
only come sometimes, so you take advantage of the opportunity to grab and use them whenever possible!

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