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The buzzing world of cannabis is full of deals regarding hemp products. The PharmaCBD discount code is one of the promotions at present. There are other brands with similar discounts, too, like HiFi Farms.


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Both PharmaCBD and HiFi Farms offer the same hemp products. In this post, we will explore the hemp items, discounts, and company information regarding the two popular cannabis brands.


As you explore what PharmaCBD and HiFi Farms have in store for cannabis fans, remember that quality matters most. Fortunately, both brands have COAs for all their hemp products. The ingredients they use are from US farms. 



PharmaCBD Coupon Codes

PharmaCBD is a well-known cannabis company that offers a 20% discount for all their hemp items store wide. Their coupon code is “slyng”, which cannot partner with other on-site promotions.


Nowadays, discount codes are great to help even for hemp enthusiasts. These promotional codes allow us to enjoy the effects of different hemp and CBD products at discounted prices. So if you want to save money when buying your favorite cannabis products, don’t forget to use these coupons. It doesn’t come often, not even for popular brands.



About PharmaCBD The Brand

PharmaCBD is a local cannabis company in North Carolina that caters to online orders throughout the United States. This brand complies with the <=0.3% THC content of the 2018 Farm Bill. They get their ingredients from locally-grown hemp; all their products are vegan and organic.


PharmaCBD turns over its products to a trustworthy, independent third-party laboratory to check for harsh chemicals, solvent residue, pesticides, heavy metals, potency, and overall makeup like other reputable hemp companies in the country. The results are available on the official website of PharmaCBD, so check them out.


If you’re looking for top-shelf Delta 8 gummies, flowers, and vapes, PharmaCBD is the sound choice. This brand values quality and works hard to provide its customers with the best edibles, smokables, and inhalables. Plus, all their Delta 8 items are well-tolerated with zero side effects. Better yet, you can enjoy these products using CBD coupons.



Products From PharmaCBD

When you visit the official website of PharmaCBD, you’ll find hundreds of hemp products, such as Delta 8 flowers, gummies, and vapes. For smart shoppers, don’t forget to use your coupon at the checkout page to enjoy huge savings.


Delta 8 Flower

Shop six types of Delta 8 flowers and experience the sensational high this cannabinoid can offer. PharmaCBD makes your shopping even better online. You can purchase your favorite hemp flower at your convenience with one click.


Delta 8 THC Flower – Blackberry Haze


Delta 8 THC Flower - Blackberry Haze


Smoking this aromatic hemp nug reminds you of naturally ripe blackberries in the summertime. With 80% sativa, this strain promotes energy, focus, and creativity. The exact formulation of the Blackberry Haze flower is 13.4% Delta 8 and 9.7% CBD. Don’t forget to use your promo codes for this strain.


Delta 8 THC Flower – Blue Widow


Delta 8 THC Flower - Blue Widow


Blue Widow is a royalty strain from White Widow and Blueberry OG. As an indica-dominant hybrid, this potent strain provides blissful relaxation. Experience an electrifying high and save more bucks when you use discount codes when you buy this product.


Delta 8 THC Flower – Mauie Wowie


Delta 8 THC Flower - Maui Wowie


If you want to feel like you’re on vacation in Hawaii, smoke the Mauie Wowie flower. The fruity, tropical flavor and aroma enhance the already potent euphoria of this strain. So far, Mauie Wowie is the most robust flower at PharmaCBD. 


Delta 8 THC Flower – Cookie Dough


Delta 8 THC Flower - Cookie Dough


The sweetness of cookies with a minty scent fills your system as you smoke the Cookie Dough flower. This indica strain contains 24.1% Delta 8 and 9.2% CBD. It offers a sensational high that you can’t find in other related stores.


Delta 8 THC Flower – Northern Lights


Delta 8 THC Flower - Northern Lights


This pure indica strain contains 20.22% Delta 8 and q whooping 17.91% CBD. Consuming this utterly relaxing flower will send you to a happier state of mind as the colors of life lull you to sleep.


Delta 8 THC Flower – Sour Space Candy


Delta 8 THC Flower - Sour Space Candy


The multiple colors of the hemp nugs indicate richness. The vapor smells sweet, sour, and fruity. The sativa Sour Space Candy strain is potent with 31.1% Delta 8 THC level and 8.4% CBD.


Delta 8 Gummies


Delta 8 / Delta 9 Gummies - Mixed Fruit (30mg)


Delta 8 Gummies have always been a favorite of cannabis connoisseurs. The tasty, flavorful gummies are ideal for chilling alone or with friends. The no-mess delivery method is one of the things to love about the delicious, chewy candies.


Plus, D8 THC gummies are perfect for hemp users on the go. Eating a gummy or two anywhere whenever you need a boost of energy, concentration, or creativity, ingest a gummy or two anywhere. And no one will ever suspect that you’re consuming Delta 8 THC.


The good news is, PharmaCBD has different flavors of mildly euphoric gummies. So you choose among cherry sours, mixed fruits, peach rings, triple layer bears, watermelon rings, rainbow rings, rainbow worms, gummy bears, watermelon wedges, peach hearts, and many more. With the wide selection of Delta 8 gummies, your fun never stops.


Additionally, the D8 THC gummies at PharmaCBD contain high amounts of the mellow euphoric cannabinoid of up to 60mg per gummy. There are multiple options, so choose your level of tolerance. 


Delta 8 Vapes


Delta 8 Sativa Disposable Vape Pen (1ml)


At PharmaCBD, you can find a wide range of Delta 8 vape carts and disposables in different flavors. The most popular strains of Delta 8 vape juices from this reputable brand are Trainwreck, Granddaddy Purple, Strawberry Mimosa, Grape Ape, Cantaloupe Haze, AC/DC, and Pineapple Express.


All these outstanding flavors and aromas are perfect for a mellow, euphoric session with your favorite cannabinoid. Each D8 vape cartridge or disposable pen contains 1mg of pure Delta 8 extract. And all the ingredients are from an organic, vegan, and local background.


PharmaCBD also sells 510-thread batteries and vaping accessories. You can find all you require for your vaping experience from this cannabis company. Plus, they offer a 20% discount sitewide.


Delta 8 vapes generate euphoria instantly. In just half a minute you feel a pleasant head buzz, an uplifting feeling, and a boost of energy. The effects last for 3-4 hours. Enjoy hemp for about half a day and puff your next Delta 8 smoke after for a continuous high.



Similar Promo Codes & Products

The PharmaCBD deal is unquestionably one of the best discount schemes in the cannabis industry. However, this brand is not the only one with thoughts of making customers happy through a considerable discount. A famous Oregon hemp company, HiFi Farms, has similar products and promotions to PharmaCBD. 



HiFi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

HiFi Farms is a highly regarded hemp brand that continues to innovate cannabis products for the ultimate satisfaction, well-being, and happiness of its community and the country.


HiFi Farms has a mission to help make the world a healthier, lively place by consuming hemp products. We may not guarantee free next-day shipping yet, but you can get free shipping for a minimum purchase of $50 eligible orders.


HiFi Farms offers affordable CBD, Delta 8, 9, 10 & 11, HHC, THC-P, and THC-O items. And to make the hemp products more accessible to consumers, they provide a 20% discount sitewide through their promo code HIFIPROMO20.


However, this deal only applies to one order, and you cannot use this promotion with other discounts and incentives. 


As a leading cannabis company, HiFi Farms is proud to offer premium-quality Delta 8 flowers, Delta 8 gummies, and Delta 9 edibles. Each potent hemp product from this brand has a certificate of analysis.


All ingredients are organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Plus, our products are known to be the most potent, psychoactive, and well-tolerated items.


Delta 8 Flower


Delta 8 Flower - Wedding Cake (Hybrid) - The Hemp Dispensary


Cannabis fans who crave the nostalgic smoking experience of marijuana turn to Delta 8 flowers for their stoning sessions. As a milder, friendlier, and tolerable sibling of Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 takes you to pleasurable heights of euphoria without consequences through the delicious nugs. 


The D8 THC flowers of HiFi Farms have rich coatings of Delta 8 plus CBD or CBG kief. They’re in resealable, reliable bags with freshness and well-preserved. The Delta 8 flowers are ready for rolling into joints or smoking through a bong or pipe.


There are multiple strains to choose from, such as Granddaddy Purple, Purple Punch, Gelato, Wedding Cake, Pineapple Express, and Sour Diesel. These strains have varying effects, so pick sativa, hybrid, and indica.


Sativa flowers are for day use, indica for nighttime, and hybrid anytime. The Delta 8 flowers have varying flavors and aromas, so explore them all.


Delta 8 Gummies


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Gummies product


Unquestionably, the most potent, strongest, and well-tolerated Delta 8 gummies in the cannabis industry are those from HiFi Farms.


Each tasty gummy contains 100mg of D8 THC, so just imagine the level of high that you can reach by consuming even one delicious, fruity candy. Plus, the Delta 8 gummies are affordable, too, with a starting price of $39.99. 


The Delta 8 gummies are euphoric at HiFi Farms, so you better begin your stoning experience with half a  candy. Gauge how much D8 THC you can handle by consuming smaller amounts and slowly taking more after every session.


Note that with a heavier dosage, the Delta 8 gummies can produce a similar high as the traditional weed. The excellent news is there are no side effects from Delta 8. But it’s still good to stay on the side of caution. 


Delta 9 Edibles


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Cereal bars products


When it comes to Delta 9 edibles, HiFi Farms has three kinds. This famous brand offers D9 THC cereal bars, syrup, and gummies. These delicious treats are undoubtedly intoxicating, but their optimum flavors are hard to miss.


Indeed, when you’re in the mood to get rid of your tension, aches, sores, and sorrows, a  bite of one of the Delta 9 edibles will fix you up nicely. However, always remember that Delta 9 has strong sedative properties, so don’t go around driving o operating machinery while you’re high.


Instead, find the most comfortable spot in your home, choose your favorite shows, books, or movies, and prepare for hours of mind-blowing high and euphoria. Or, you can stay at home, lie down, and travel galaxies in your mind.


Hifi Farms Promo Banner


Final Thoughts – PharmaCBD Discount Code

The PharmaCBD discount code and HiFi Farms deal are both fascinating. Both cannabis brands surely know what they’re doing and provide deals that are hard to resist. So, use today’s best pharmacbd coupon.


However, if you look at the potency of the products, it’s evident that HiFi Farms carries the most vital strengths of hemp items, especially gummies. Plus, the Delta 9 edibles of HiFi Farms are needed for a more powerful stoning experience. So go ahead, make your choice.


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