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The 35% Medusa coupon code is one of the marketing strategies of cannabis companies. It’s probably the best code if you want to enjoy great products from Medusa. This brand is an advocate of affordable hemp products, and they show their support for consumers by offering overwhelming deals.




This brand favors Delta 8 and 9 THC for their product creation thanks to the exceptional wellness benefits and euphoria from both potent cannabinoids. In this post, we will explore the bestselling hemp items of Medusa D8.


Furthermore, we will also visit the discount code of HiFi Farms, which is HIFIPROMO20, for 20% off. This particular hemp company stands out in the industry for a good reason. Let’s dive into what these two leading cannabis brands and checkout their discount codes. 



Medusa D8 Coupon Codes

You can use the new discount code “slyng35” and paste it to the Medusa D8 checkout section. This promo code gives you a whopping 35% discount on your total order!


If you want to save money, you need to look for these Medusa coupons. These Medusa coupon codes would let you enjoy the effects of Delta 8 and save money at the same time.



About Medusa D8

California is the home of Medusa D8, a cannabis company that contributes to the significant bump of the hemp industry in the Golden State. Medusa D8 has dozens of hemp items, all containing equal to or less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC at dry weight.


This brand complies with the 2017 Farm Bill requirement, that’s why all their Delta 8 and 9 products are federally legal. Fortunately, Medusa discount codes allow you to enjoy the brand’s various products when you go to their online store.



Products From Medusa D8

Medusa D8 subjects all their hemp products to meticulous, efficient, and reliable third-party laboratory testing. The COAs are available on the brand website so that you can see the overall makeup, potency, and cleanliness. 


The following Medusa D8 hemp items come from local hemp farms that practice organic farming. Every single product has no gluten or GMO. 


Delta 9 + CBD Gummies


Delta 9 & CBD Gummies


The Delta 9 + CBD gummies of Medusa D8 have a 1:1 ratio of 10mg D9 THC and 10mg CBD. These psychoactive candies are euphoric, but thanks to the equal amount of cannabidiol in the formulation, you won’t experience side effects from eating the potent gummies.


Plus, playing with the different gummy flavors of mango, guava, blue sour razz, lychee, sour apple, strawberry, sour strawberry, watermelon, and grape is fun. 


Each 400mg jar of the D9 + CBD gummies consists of 20 counts of tasty treats. You can choose Originally Assorted, Sour Assorted, or Tropical Assorted. The gummies from Medusa D8 have a natural fruity taste, and there’s no trace of herbal or earthiness from the candies. 


The dosage recommendation for the highly potent D9 + CBD gummies is one per serving. You’ll feel the effects in 30 minutes, and get euphoric for up to eight hours. 


Delta 8 Disposable Vapes


Delta 8 Disposable Vape


Medusa D8 crafts top-of-the-line vaping gadgets that contain 950mg to 2000mg of Delta 8 concentrate. The pure D8 THC distillate comes from US-grown hemp, and the vape juices have different strains and flavors.


In buying vape carts from Medusa D8, you’ll come across the flavors of Kush Mints (Indica), Pink Runts (Hybrid), Blue Dream (Sativa), and Confetti Cake (Hybrid). All these strains have a smooth texture that does not burn your airways.


Simply choose your strain as needed. Sativa is for uplifting the mood, stimulating focus, and boosting energy. The Indica strain is to promote sleep and utter relaxation, while the Hybrid is suitable for all hours. 


Indeed, vaping the Delta 8 inhalables brings you to a higher level of stoning experience. The vapes from Medusa D8 are rechargeable too, and leak-proof. So don’t anticipate problems when enjoying the effects and benefits of Delta 8.


Delta 8 Pre Rolls “Knockout”


Delta 8 Pre Rolls Knockout


The Knockout Blend of the Delta 8 pre-rolls is true to its word. Smoking the fresh, aromatic joints from Medusa D8 will pleasantly devour your strength. The pre-rolls will leave you feeling so comfortable you won’t have trouble sleeping at night.


At Medusa D8, each pre-roll is rich with 2g of hemp nugs with Delta 8 live resin, THC-P, and Delta 10. They have different terpene profiles too, which are Cheetah Piss, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, God’s Gift, and Purple Barnie.


Unquestionably, the Delta 8 pre-rolls from Medusa D8 are what you need to visit dreamland faster, with sweet dreams of the future.



Similar Discounts & Products

Aside from Medusa D8, HiFi Farms is a similar brand that offers the same hemp products plus discounts. Feel free to check out our website for the latest deals and working coupons for hemp products.




HiFi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

The 35% discount from Medusa D8 is a deal breaker. But, the 20% promotion from HiFi Farms is not left behind. HiFi farms is a well-known hemp brand with dozens of premium cannabis products. We have high-potency edibles, inhalables, oils, and smokables. 


Our other latest promotions are our free shipping for a minimum purchase of $50, and discounts for first-time buyers.


Delta 8 Gummies


Delta 8 Gummies


If you’re looking for 100% vegan edibles to enhance your healthy lifestyle, the Delta 8 gummies from HiFi Farms are your best bet.


The treats have 100mg of D8 THC extract. You can expect a similar level of euphoria to Delta 9. Unlike the nasty older sibling, Delta 8 has milder effects. There’s no accompanying negativity from munching on the flavorful gummies.


The assorted fruity flavor of the Delta 8 gummies enhances the high potency of the candies. Each jar may contain 100, 20, or 10 counts of delicious treats.


Despite the large concentration of Delta 8 on the formulation, the Delta 9 level is <=0.3% at the dry weight. That’s why all the Delta 8 edibles at HiFi Farms are federally legal.


Delta 9 Edibles


Delta 9 Edibles


The guilt-free Delta 9 edibles at HiFi Farms are the most concentrated syrup, gummies, and cereal bars on the market. These delicious snacks are perfect for cannabis consumers who want to experience the ultimate high without the mess from smoking joints or the lingering smell from vapes.


With D9 THC edibles, delivery to the system is relatively easy, convenient, and hassle-free. Since the edibles pass through the digestive system, the optimum euphoria and therapeutic benefits creep in after 30 minutes.


But, unlike the instant yet shorter effects of smokables and inhalables, you can enjoy the couch-locking high from Delta 9 for six to eight hours.


If syrup, gummies, and cereal bars are not your thing, then you can opt for Delta 9 oil. Mixing the potent oil with food and drinks qualifies it as edible. Plus, D9 oil is a more discreet way of stoning. You can also use the oil sublingually.


Delta 8 Moon Rocks


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Moon Rocks product


Have you ever traveled to the moon and back? You don’t have to be a moonwalker to achieve this fantastic experience.


In a hypothetical sense, you can reach the moon from the comforts of your couch through the Delta 8 moon rocks. These extremely strong hemp nugs have thick coatings of Delta 8 and crystal kief, so there’s no doubt about the superior potency of moon rocks.


The euphoria from smoking moon rocks is incredibly intense. The high is even comparable to marijuana. You can smoke moon rocks through a pipe or bong or add tiny bits to your joint.


Regardless of how you smoke moon rocks, make sure to stay indoors. Don’t drive, swim, hike, or handle heavy machinery while the influence of Delta 8 is present. 




Final Thoughts – Medusa Promo Codes

Missing out on the 35% off from the Medusa D8 coupon code is not a wise choice. It is your chance to buy Delta 8 and 9 items you’ve been dreaming of getting your hands on. So come and use the promo code today.


But of course, you can’t easily dismiss the HiFi Farms deal. HiFi Farms will never let you down as a trusted and established brand in the hemp industry. Find coupons like these from many stores, and you’ll end up saving more.


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