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Get a Medterra coupon code on this page to avail of fantastic discounts every time you purchase CBD products!




A fast-paced and hectic lifestyle is becoming the norm nowadays, and that is not a good thing. People are becoming more and more stressed out because of such, and other undesirable happenings, such as constantly rising prices, are making things worse. 


On the brighter side, more and more people are becoming aware of the positive effects on health and wellness that hemp products provide. Originally the subject of a lot of misconception, CBD is proving its benefits not just on physical wellness but also on mental health for dealing with things like stress. 


Rising prices could ironically hamper your access to hemp products, but thankfully, discount codes do exist and are the easiest way to get around such increasing prices! So, let’s find more Medterra discount codes in this post.



Medterra Promo Code

To use the Medterra promo codes below, click checkout once you have decided what stuff to buy. Do note that you can only use one code at a time, so save the others for your next purchases! 


You’ll be taken to another page where you can see the items in your cart and a designated discount code field on the Medterra checkout page.


No need to show coupon code. Simply, copy one of the Medterra coupon codes and paste or input it there, then click apply. You would know if the code worked since it is reflected underneath the subtotal! With that said, find Medterra coupons that would suit your need.


Use one of the following coupon codes to get 20% off any order!


  • Medterra Coupon Code: MEDTERRA20 
  • Medterra Coupon Code: NASARA20 
  • Medterra Coupon Code: JESS20
  • Medterra Coupon Code: EMILY 


Choose one of the following codes to avail of 15% off before Medterra coupons expire! 


  • Medterra Coupon Code: EVANS15 
  • Medterra Coupon Code: AMMA 
  • Medterra Coupon Code: SWEAT
  • Medterra Coupon Code: COACH15
  • Medterra Coupon Code: PET15


Pick one of the following codes to have up to 10% off on any purchase!


  • Medterra Coupon Code: SAVE10 
  • Medterra Coupon Code: Cart10 


Use this to get 5% off any purchase! 


  • Medterra Coupon Code: Bundle5off  


Does Medterra offer free shipping? Use this code on any order on the Medterra website! You don’t have to shoulder any shipping costs. However, we are not sure if the brand can promise free next-day shipping.


  • Medterra Coupon Code: FREESHIP 


Who doesn’t love free gifts? The brand even spoils more of its consumers by giving a free gift for a minimum order of $55 and more.


You could also avail of 20% off any order with no coupon code required simply by signing up for their newsletter! In addition, the brand offers Medterra military discounts for veterans, active military members, firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and other service personnel.


On top of that, the Medterra rewards program offers more access to amazing discounts on Medterra items.



About Medterra

Medterra was founded by a group of CBD enthusiasts in order to spread the health and wellness benefits that CBD provides.


You can enjoy different Medterra CBD products at affordable prices, that’s because it goes with their true aim of making CBD items more accessible as possible to everyone, instead of just merely viewing customers like you as ATMs.


As further proof of such, Medterra often provides discount codes, and this page alone has several of them!


Medterra uses US-grown industrial hemp, which has undergone the best farming methods available. The hemp they are using has also undergone the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s strict guidelines, and they also have 3rd party lab test results on their site for each and every product.


Medterra is even partnered with the Hemp Pilot Research Program, so you can rest assured about their quality and consistency.



Medterra Products

Medterra focuses on CBD products under its own brand name, with only some products containing THC and other minor cannabinoids. Their CBD is divided into 3 main categories: 


  1. CBD Isolate – 99% pure CBD with no THC! 
  2. Broad Spectrum CBD – 84% CBD and <15% other cannabinoids with no THC. 
  3. Full Spectrum CBD – 84% CBD with 2% THC and 15% other cannabinoids. 


Despite being focused on CBD, Medterra offers various types of CBD items, such as: 


  1. Oil
  2. Capsules
  3. Gummies
  4. Topicals
  5. CBD for Pets! 


For your convenience and to have a better understanding of the benefits of CBD, Medterra has also labeled them based on their major effects. Now you can easily choose a product that would cater to your specific needs: 


  1. Recover
  2. Relax
  3. Sleep
  4. Focus
  5. Immune Boost
  6. Pets


CBD oil 

Medterra CBD oils use their signature CO2 extraction method, leaving only the CBD intact. Medterra CBD oils are not just straightforward to take, but they taste great too! All it takes are drops to maintain that inner balance and calm of yours. 


Just don’t forget to use the Medterra CBD coupon to enjoy great deals on its CBD products. The following are currently the best-selling CBD Oils that you can enjoy with the Medterra CBD coupons.


Isolate CBD Oil


Isolate CBD Oil


With currently 3661+ Reviews (and still counting) and an average 4.5-star rating, their Isolate CBD Oil uses organic MCT Coconut oil for its oil and offers balance and relaxation.


Aside from unflavored, it offers 2 other flavor options: 


  1. Citrus 
  2. Strawberry Mint 


Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Oil


Ultra Broad Spectrum™ CBD Oil


With currently 517 + Reviews (and still counting) and an average 4.5 star rating, it has a 10:1 ratio of CBD to CBG + CBN + CBC + CBDV + natural terpenes; this potent blend provides a sense of calm and balance. 


Unflavored aside, it has 2 other flavor options:


  1. Citrus 
  2. Strawberry Mint 


True Full Spectrum CBD Oil


True Full Spectrum™ CBD Oil


With currently 355 + Reviews (and still counting) and an average 4.6 star rating, this is their highest-rated CBD oil! It includes THC, harnessing the full power of hemp to provide you with an enhanced sense of relaxation, rest, recovery, and overall well-being. 


It is available in 2 delicious flavors: 


  1. Citrus 
  2. Mint Chocolate 


CBD Capsules 

Medterra CBD Capsules are perfect for people with a busy lifestyle who need their daily dose of CBD. Medterra CBD Capsules has got you covered whether you need a daytime boost of energy and productivity for work or a good night’s sleep to complete that 8-hour rest.


In addition, the brand offers free rapid recovery cream with any capsule purchases using a Medterra code. The following products are Medterra’s current best-selling CBD Capsules:


Isolate CBD Gel Capsules


Isolate CBD Gel Capsules


With currently 1055+ Reviews (and still counting) and an average 4.4-star rating, it is their most bought and reviewed CBD capsule product. These work day or night with a balanced effect and contain no THC, so there is no risk of getting high, which makes it a travel-friendly option!  


Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Liquid Capsules


Ultra Broad Spectrum™ CBD Liquid Capsules


With currently 205+ Reviews (and still counting) and an average 4.6-star rating, it is highly potent due to its blend of active cannabinoids, making it best suited for relaxation.


Good Night Capsules


Good Night Capsules



With currently 454+ Reviews (and still counting) and an average 4.0-star rating, this CBD + CBN blend also contain ashwagandha, kava kava, magnesium, melatonin, and zinc. These Good Night Capsules are guaranteed to provide you with that deep sleep that you seek.


CBD Gummies 

Medterra CBD Gummies contains no artificial colors, flavors, and high-fructose corn syrup and uses only the finest natural ingredients. Don’t forget to use the best Medterra coupons on your next purchase to avail of discounts on your entire order store wide.


The brand offers a seasonal sampler gummy box, but the following product is Medterra’s current best-selling CBD gummy:


Sleep Tight Gummies


Sleep Tight Gummies


With currently 1394 Reviews (and still counting) and an average 4.4-star rating, this is their most bought and reviewed CBD gummy product.


The secret to its effectiveness is premium CBD blended with chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, and l-theanine! It just doesn’t provide sleepiness but also uninterrupted optimal sleep.




Similar Discounts & Products

Hifi Farms stood out among brands with similar online coupons, discounts, and products, being an upstart brand that also mirrors a lot of similarities with Medterra. 


Hifi Farms was also founded by a group of CBD connoisseurs, aiming to create the best hemp products with the best of the best quality in mind. Being consumers of hemp products, we wouldn’t sell something they wouldn’t use themselves.


Our brand also has years of experience dealing with the best and the worst hemp products, allowing them to generate high-quality products! 


Hifi Farms also uses premium-quality hemp from the US grown by experienced farmers. You can check our Certificates of Analysis from accredited 3rd party labs through our website. 


Currently specializing in Delta 8, we also offer other kinds of cannabinoid products such as D9, HHC, and CBG. Their CBD lineup is also starting to expand! 



Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

Use this code during checkout by entering it into the designated promo code section, and then click apply code: HIFIPROMO20 – to receive your 20% discount on all Hifi Farms items site wide! 


First-time buyers also get a 20% discount by signing up for their email newsletter, so you may want to save the code above for much later. We may not have a military discount yet, but you can get free shipping if you spend over $50 on eligible orders! 


CBD Tinctures

Hifi Farms CBD Isolate Tincture contains 3000 mg of CBD per bottle. It also contains 0.3% of Delta 9 THC and uses organic coconut oil. Hifi Farms CBD Isolate Tincture is free from any additives.


Tinctures serve as a smokeless and straightforward alternative to reaping the benefits of CBD. These are concentrated liquid extracts that are meant to be taken sublingually or underneath the tongue, allowing the body to absorb them faster so that you can feel their effects more quickly.


Hifi Farms CBD Isolate Tincture also offers more flexibility if you sometimes prefer other ways of taking them, but you wouldn’t mind if the effects took place a bit slower. You can add it to food and drinks to turn them into CBD edibles, or you could inhale them by adding them to the likes of flowers.


CBD Topicals 

CBD in the form of topicals or rubbed externally on your skin isn’t that common, but Hifi Farms has you covered with their CBD Topicals products! Topicals work by having the cannabinoid receptors on the skin bind to the CBD, allowing the body to absorb its benefits.


Hifi Farms offers the following CBD Topical products:


CBD Muscle Rub Roll On

Nothing soothes headaches, muscle aches, and even itches better than menthol infused with CBD! Each of these contains 900 mg of CBD (or around 30 mg per rub).


Inhaling them is also awesome if you have a clogged nose due to a cold. It also uses a roll-on, making application at ease and a breeze – whoever said that a roll-on should be for armpit deodorants only?


CBD Isolate Coconut Oil Muscle Rub

Nothing beats relieving joint pain or aching and sore muscles after a hard day’s work better than massaging them with a coconut oil-based topical, which also emits a pleasant smell!


This muscle rub contains 3000 mg of full-spectrum CBD, so you also reap the benefits from other cannabinoids.


CBD Gummies 

Hifi Farm’s CBD gummies contain a high concentration of CBD oil. Hifi Farms CBD Fruit Gusher Gummies come in assorted fruit flavors per jar, each containing 10 or 20 pieces depending on your choice.


Each piece of gummy contains 15 mg of CBD, and speaking of fruits, they taste more like fruit snacks instead of those sugary candies!


Speaking of fruits again, it is because of Hifi Farm’s addition of fruit pectin and special formulation is why their gummies are heat resistant!


Melting during transportation, hot summer days, or living in the middle of the Mojave desert wouldn’t be an issue with Hifi Farm’s gummies. There is even no need to refrigerate them. 




Final Thoughts – Medterra Coupon Code

Thank goodness for the existence of discount codes; they are a really big help in saving up, like the Hifi and Medterra coupons above!

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