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Get a Lifted Made coupon code to save yourself a lot every time you purchase a hemp product from Urb! 

Hemp-derived products are the best alternative to weed as they are legal on a federal level while still offering the same feel as weed-derived products and providing health and wellness benefits. 

Hemp-derived products are also more affordable. The rising cost of everything could ruin your enjoyment, or worse, if you are using hemp products as supportive treatment.


Sometimes you have to find ways to get around things, and one easy and convenient way is using coupon codes! A 5% to 10% discount is already of great help, so what more if 15% or even 20% savings? 

Aside from the latest Lifted Made coupons, we also give you a 20% code for Hifi Farms. So you get to save even more money if you buy hemp-derived items online!


Lifted Made Coupon Code

Use one of the following codes every time you purchase Lifted Made! Just copy and paste the best Lifted Made coupons or input them right before checking out at the designated coupon code section: 

  1. new15! – Use this discount code to avail of 15% Off Storewide.

  2. ROGUE – This Lifted Made code gives you 10% Off Site-wide.

  3. LVNCE – This promo code offers 10% Off Store-wide.

  4. SWEET420 – Use it on the checkout page to avail of an Extra 10% Off Store-wide.

  5. CANNA77 – One of the Lifted Made coupons that offer an extra 10% Off Sitewide.

  6. KRONIK – Get an Extra 10% Off Your Entire Purchase.

  7. TRYD8 – This promotional code offers an extra 15% Off Vegan Gummies. 

Lifted Made is among one of the most sought hemp product brands when it comes to promotional codes, and it tends to offer coupon codes from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled! Make sure to use the codes before they are gone because the brand doesn’t accept expired Lifted Made coupons.


About Lifted Made

Also known as Urb, they have found a new home on the Lifted Made! Lifted Made was a pioneer in hemp products around the time the farm bill was introduced. They had made a name with their revolutionary product Urb Rocks, which is taken sublingually despite being classified under edibles.

Lifted Made is also offering a wholesale option for bulk buyers and resellers! They make the life of their online shoppers more convenient by offering the best hemp products. In addition, the brand offers Black Friday deals and special-made codes that will let you save money and enjoy a euphoric high.

You can rest assured of the quality of Lifted Made products, as it provides lab results on its website from certified, third-party laboratories to undergo testing for various things and ensure that you’ll receive quality hemp products with consistent quality and free from harsh chemicals and heavy metals.


Products From Lifted Made

Lifted Made manufactures and sells hemp products under their own label Urb. Lifted Made specializes in Delta 9 products but also offers hemp products from other types of distillates, such as:

  1. Delta 8 THC

  2. Delta 10 THC

  3. HHC

  4. HHC-O

  5. THCO

  6. CBG

Lifted Made offers the following type of hemp products: 

  1. Cartridges

  2. Disposables

  3. Flowers

  4. Edibles – including Gummies and Chocolate 

Lifted Made keeps on churning out new and innovative products. Hemp-derived products aside, it appears Lifted Made is taking a step in venturing into mushroom products with the introduction of their Amanita Mushroom Gummies and their Silly Shroom Gummies!


Delta 8 Edibles 


Lifted Made Delta 8 Edibles

Lifted Made offers five delicious Delta 8 THC edibles, mostly in blends such as Delta 8 THC + Delta 9 or even Delta 8 THC + Delta 10 THC. 


Delta 10 + Delta 8 THC Gummies

Lifted Made’s best-selling Delta 8 Edible is also among their best-selling products! These D10 + D8 gummies are also vegan, so they are fine for almost everyone. It comes in 5 juicy flavors: 

  1. Birthday Cake

  2. Green Apple

  3. Strawnana Smoothie

  4. Watermelon

  5. Tropical Lush

Each piece of gummy contains 50 mg of Delta 8 THC! Each bag could contain 10 or 35 pieces, depending on your choice. 


Urb Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar

Infusing chocolate with D8 creates this smooth and creamy luxury snack! You wouldn’t be stuck with just one flavor, as it offers four delicious flavors! Each piece contains 25 mg of D8 for 300 mg per chocolate bar. 

  1. Milk chocolate

  2. Dark chocolate

  3. Cookies and Creme

  4. Rainbow Rocks – White chocolate with sweetened cereal pieces! 


D8 + D9 Spiked Kiwi Gummies

These delicious, potent gummies are selling so fast that it already ranks 3rd among their best-selling D8 Edible products despite being their latest! Its flavor is a blend of Dragonfruit and Kiwi, which complements each other well, just like D8 + D9!


Delta 8 Carts 


Lifted Made Delta 8 Carts

Lifted Made currently offers eleven Delta 8 THC Carts. You can buy it at discounted rates using promo codes. Here are their top three best-selling carts: 


Delta 8 THC Designer Cartridge

These premium carts offer the highest quality from the hemp-derived distillate used to the hardware, providing you with that luxury vaping you deserve! It comes in the following options that are effects you desire, which are a blend of cannabinoids resulting in that effect:  

  1. Clarity – Delta 8 THC + CBG + Delta 10 THC

  2. Energy – Delta 8 THC + CBG + CBC

  3. Rest – Delta 8 THC + CBN + Delta 10 THC


Delta 8 THC Live Resin 1 ML Cartridge Cake Batter

Lifted Made’s D8 Live Resin line is a blend of D8 Distillate, Oleoresin, and terpenes that gives it a great flavor! Cake Batter has the aroma of cake, a taste of mint, and a happy and talkative effect that makes it ideal for socializing situations!


Delta 8 THC Live Resin 1 ML Cartridge Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart smells and tastes like a sweet lemon with a euphoric effect. With THC levels that are less than 19%, this strain is also ideal for beginners!


Delta 9 Products 


Lifted Made Delta 9 Products


Lifted Made’s flagship products are their Delta 9 Products! Their Delta 9 products are in the form of various edibles and disposable blends. They currently have a total of 30 Delta 9 THC products! The following are their current top 3 best-selling Delta 9 products: 


Urb Delta 9 THC 250 MG Gummies

Lifted Made’s most popular D9 product. Each piece of gummy contains 10 mg of D9. Each jar contains 25 pieces and has the following flavors: 

  1. Dragon Fruit Paradise

  2. Lemon

  3. Sour Blueberry


Urb Gourmet Live Resin D9 + HHC Watermelon Hibiscus Gummies

These watermelon gummies taste better than your average watermelon; blending them with floral hibiscus adds depth to their flavor! As a blend of D9 and HHC, each piece of gummy contains 10 mg of D9 and 15 mg of HHC, with each jar containing 20 or even 25 pieces as an added bonus! 


Urb Gourmet Live Resin D9 + HHC Lavender Lemonade Gummies

These taste like sour lemonade blended with the sweetness of lavender. So if you want to enjoy the euphoric high of Delta 9 – don’t forget to use Lifted Made promo codes.


Similar Promo Codes & Products

Another brand offering similar discounts and products worth mentioning is Hifi Farms. Hifi Farms is a premium hemp brand made for cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs by a group of cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs themselves!

It makes them stand out among all those brands offering similar discounts and products, despite being a more recent brand! Hifi Farms uses premium quality hemp grown with the best methods available by experienced farmers from the USA.

Hifi Farms products are free from unwanted contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial. You can rest assured regarding their potency, consistency, and having met federal standards. We have Certificates of Analysis from accredited 3rd party labs to guarantee all that.

Hifi Farms main specialty is their Delta 8 products. Still, they offer other cannabinoid-derived products such as Delta 9, Delta 10, CBD, CBG, and HHC.


Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

Aside from Lifted Made discount codes, use one of our exclusive coupon codes:
HIFIPROMO20, right before you checkout at Hifi Farms by entering the code into their designated coupon code section, and then click apply code to receive your 20% discount off all Hifi Farms items! 

Haven’t you tried Hifi Farms products yet? Now would be the best opportunity to do so, as Hifi Farms also offers 20% off for first-time buyers who would subscribe to their email newsletter! So you could save the code above for your 2nd purchase, if ever. 

Spent over $50 on Hifi Farms products? Then you get free shipping!


Delta 8 Products 


Hifi Farms delta 8 thc gummies product

Hifi Farms’ main line of products are
Delta 8 THC items! We have you covered regardless of how you want to take your D8! Hifi Farms has the following type of D8 products, such as: 

  1. Disposable Vape Pens

  2. Cartridges

  3. Pre Rolls

  4. Moon Rocks

  5. Flowers

  6. Gummies 


Hifi Farm’s Delta 8 Variety Gummies

Definitely one of, if not the most potent Delta 8, with each piece of gummy containing 100 mg of D8! Each jar contains an assortment of fruity flavors with your choice of 10 or 20 pieces. 


Hifi Farm’s Delta 8 Carts

Well-known for their almost instant effects and flower-like flavor, Hifi’s D8 Carts come in the following 3 strain flavors:

  1. Hawaiian Haze

  2. London Pound Cake

  3. Northern Lights 

Hifi’s D8 carts blend D8 + D10 and 510 thread carts, making them universally compatible with any vape.


Delta 9 Products 


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Gummies Products

Hifi Farms
Delta 9 Products all come in the following delicious edibles! 


Delta 9 Gummies

Each piece of Hifi’s D9 gummies contains 35 mg of D9! They are definitely potent, just like their well-known D8 gummies counterpart. It also has a fruity taste similar to a fruit snack rather than sugar-coated gummies. It currently has the following fruity flavors: 

  1. Mango

  2. Watermelon

Long-lasting effects aside, Hifi gummies are also known for their ability to withstand higher temperatures thanks to their special formulation, so they won’t melt that easily! 


Delta 9 Cereal Bars

Take a bite for a quick energy source and high! It comes in 2 packs with the following flavors: 

  1. Fruity Pebbles

  2. Cocoa Pebbles

Can’t decide and like both? Then go for a 2 pack variety. 


Delta 9 Syrup

Syrups are versatile. They can cover for you whether you are fine with them as is, as an addition to your beverage, or even modify some of your sweets, such as baking them with cake! It comes in the following flavors: 

  1. Cotton Candy

  2. Cherry

  3. Blue Raspberry

  4. Grape 

Versatility aside, syrups are fast-acting and could work as early as 15 minutes! Combine that with its long-lasting effects that typically last 6 or 8 hours, and you’ll have an awesome high time!


CBD Rosin


Hifi Farms CBD Rosin Forbidden Fruit Indica

Hifi Farms
CBD Rosin differs from your average Rosin because of Hifi Farms signature Rosin yielding process. Rosin, by default, already happens to be the purest form of CBD product because its extraction method is solventless.

Hifi’s unique approach allows them to maintain even more of its valuable contents intact for a better entourage of effects! Hifi Farms has the following flavors for their CBD Rosin lineup: 

  1. Bubba Kush

  2. Forbidden Fruit

  3. Blue Dream

  4. Ecto Cooler

  5. Mai Tai

  6. Runtz 

CBD Rosin is mainly utilized via dabbing, but there are other ways, such as being added to edibles, vaping, or added to your bowl, joints, or blunts.

Hifi Farms Design Promo Banner


Final Thoughts – Lifted Made Coupon Codes

Thanks to hemp products, which provided us with a healthier, federally legal, and safer Thank goodness for the existence of discount codes, like Hifi Farms and
Lifted Made promo code above, allowing us to enjoy hemp products without hurting our wallets!

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