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Do you want to buy your favorite gummies, carts, and flowers at a lower cost? Without further ado – let’s find Kush Queen coupons here. Use the fantastic Kush Queen discount code and avail of 20% off. You can even add bath bombs to your order for a perfect relaxation session at home.


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Kush Queen is your one-stop shop for hemp bathing accessories, non-psychotic products, and euphoric items. As a popular California cannabis company, Kush Queen strives to provide the highest grade of hemp products.


Like Kush Queen, HiFi Farms is an Oregon hemp brand with a fantastic deal on its sleeves. With their promo code HIFIPROMO20, you get 20% off your order. Let’s see what these two popular brands have in store for you.



Kush Queen Promo Code

Use the Kush Queen coupon code “K2C20” upon checkout to enjoy great deals and huge savings. In doing so, your total order gets 20% off store wide. You can also get discounts by signing up for Kush Queen’s email newsletter.


In addition, you can get Kush Queen free shipping for orders $10 and above. So take your time browsing through the multitude of hemp products from this reputable brand.  Although, we are not sure if the brand can guarantee free next-day shipping.


Don’t forget to take care of yourself because your body also needs tender loving care. Fortunately, you get to enjoy various hemp products using Kush Queen promo codes.



About Kush Queen The Brand

Kush Queen is a famous California cannabis company that initially specialized in bath bombs. This brand sources its ingredients from locally-grown hemp, and they’re the well-known creator of hemp shower gels, topical relief products, THC lubes, and of course, bath bombs.


As the hemp industry booms, Kush Queen ventures into Delta 8 and CBD products such as tinctures, gummies, vapes, and flowers. Since this cannabis company is already known in the hemp market, introducing new products is not hard, especially in a world where consumers are hungry for hemp innovation. 


In compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill, Kush Queen acquired materials from organic, US-grown Cannabis Sativa. They practice using 100% vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients. Better yet, you get huge savings using Kush Queen coupons.


This brand advocates a healthy, comfortable lifestyle. They always recommend pairing the gummies, vapes, and flowers with a relaxing bath soak with the premium bath bombs.



Products From Kush Queen

All the couch-locking and non-psychotic products of Kush Queen come from US-grown Cannabis Sativa plants. The hemp farms practice organic cultivation, so trust that there are no pesticides, herbicides, and harmful chemicals on the edibles, flowers, vapes, oils, and concentrates.


As proof of this claim, Kush Queen has certificates of analysis on its official website. A dedicated third-party laboratory generates the paperwork for thoroughly testing the hemp item batches. You can also check the overall makeup and potency of the specific products through the COAs.


Kush Queen has hundreds of hemp products on their site. They manufacture premium-quality hemp vape carts, flowers, and edibles. They are fond of combining Delta 8 and CBD for an entourage effect.


If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’ll enjoy saving some bucks using Kush Queen promo codes. With that, let’s explore the best Delta 8 and CBD items from Kush Queen. 


THC Gummies – [D8 & D8+CBD]


Gummies Rx Elevated Strawberry CBD + Delta 8 THC Chews


One of the main highlights of Kush Queen’s hemp products is Delta 8 gummies. You can find pure D8 gummies with watermelon, lemon, and strawberry flavors. So, don’t forget to use the Kush Queen code to enjoy these hemp products at discounted prices.


There is also a fusion of Delta 8 and CBD with a 1:1 ratio and flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and more. All these delicious gummies are under the Kush Queen coupon code promotion.


D8 and D8+CBD gummies are mildly psychoactive. They’re great for a discreet source of high anywhere. Even though there are no side effects from Delta 8 and CBD, abusing these tasty candies may ruin your fun. So stick to 1-2 gummies per serving to enjoy your mellow high fully.


Hemp Flower – [D8+CBD & CBD]

Use the best Kush Queen coupons to experience the effects of these CBD and D8+CBD flower strains.


Wedding Cake CBD+D8 Flower


Wedding Cake CBD + ∆8 Flower


The 3.5 g flower has a profile of diesel, gas, and vanilla. The strain is Indica-dominant, so smoking this hemp nug is perfect for deep relaxation at night.


KQ Hemp Flower Trio


KQ Hemp Flower Trio


This trio pack includes 3.5h of each of the three major strains, Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. The available choices are Lemon Octane (ultimate chill, peacefulness, calming), Pink Panther (complete body chill, uplifting), and Wedding Cake (total body chill, physical & mental comfort, relaxation). 


Pink Panther CBD Flower


Pink Panther CBD Flower


The sweet and fruity flavor of Pink Panther enhances the euphoric effects of this daytime strain. With 3.5g of CBD nugs, you’ll achieve a complete body chill and an uplifting feeling throughout the day.


Lemon Octane CBD Flower


Lemon Octane CBD Flower



With the dominant citrus flavor, Lemon Octane is a nighttime strain that releases all the tension in your body. So, make sure to use Kush Queen discount codes to enjoy the effects of this strain.


Delta 8 Live Resin Vape [D8+CBD]

The Delta 8 live resin vape perfectly fuses D8 THC and CBD – no wonder it has been one of the popular Kush Queen products. The vape juice is rich with live resin diamond sauce for a more potent high. And with a tropical citrus flavor, the vaping session leads to a positive head buzz.


The effects of the D8+CBD cart are uplifting, soothing, and relaxing, thanks to the Sour Space Candy strain. Plus, the hemp material comes from freshly-frozen nugs, so the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids are well-preserved for a clean extraction.


Since the Delta 9 live resin and CBD extracts have a full-spectrum background, the entourage effect is within your reach. 


In heating the Delta 8 cart, opt for a 2.8-3.2 voltage. When the heat is low, the vape’s flavor, texture, and aroma are more refined, smooth, and fragrant.


Similar Kush Queen Coupons & Products

The coupon code from Kush Queen is one of the top deals in the cannabis industry. But the thing is, hemp brands think alike. They produce similar cannabis products from different cannabinoids.


Most of all, they compete against each other with the types of promotions they offer consumers. So, if you are looking for Kush Queen competitor coupons – one of the hemp companies worth mentioning is HiFi Farms. 



HiFi Farms Coupon Codes (20%)

In the heart of the hemp industry in Oregon lies HiFi Farms. This well-known premium brand sells top-grade edibles, tinctures, vapes, flowers, and concentrates.


Like the Kush Queen discount code, HiFi Farms also offers 20% off your total order when you use the discount code HIFIPROMO20. This deal is limited to one purchase of hemp products, so buy everything you want from the official website and use the coupon code at checkout. Aside from getting the best discount, we also offer free shipping on orders $50 and more.


HiFi Farms is a trustworthy hemp company that manufactures and carries high-quality cannabis items at affordable prices. There is a wide range of psychoactive and non-intoxicating products at HiFi Farms, which are organic, vegan, and all-natural.


We set standards high when it comes to the quality of our products. We have a partnership with a reliable third-party laboratory to test their products. All the CBD, Delta 8, 9, 10, & 11, THC-O, HHC, THC-P, and other cannabinoid items have COAs available for perusal on our site.


More importantly, all the ingredients for the edibles, smokables, oils, and inhalables at HiFi Farms come from US hemp farms. We follow the strictest industry protocol standards, and their hemp products comply with the 2018 Farm Bill. 


Delta 9 THC Edibles

HiFi Farms has three categories for Delta 9 edibles. These tasty treats are highly psychotic, so the consumption of D9 THC must be done indoors.


The effects of THC are couch-locking, so you are really pushed into a lazy afternoon or evening of relaxation, a mind-altering state, and a happier disposition.


Delta 9 Gummies


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Gummies Edibles


Each psychoactive gummy is rich with 35mg of D9 THC. There are two flavors to enjoy, which are watermelon and mango.



Delta 9 Syrup


Delta 9 Syrup


The 6oz of syrup contains 200mg of Delta 9 THC. This healthy and intensely euphoric sweetener is a perfect match for your coffee, tea, smoothie, pancake, and juices. 


Delta 9 Cereal Bars


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Cereal Product


One pack has two cereal bars with 200mg of Delta 9. These tasty edibles are perfect for breakfast and snacks.


Delta 8 Products

The three categories of Delta 8 THC products from HiFi Farms are the following:


Delta 8 Gummies


Delta 8 Gummies


The high-potency gummies of HiFi Farms contain 100mg of Delta 8 per tasty candy. There’s an assortment of flavors in each pack of 10, 20, and 100 counts.  


Delta 8 Flower


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Flower product


The D8 THC nugs have different flavors Granddaddy Purple (Indica), Purple Punch (Indica), Wedding Cake (Hybrid), Gelato (Hybrid), and Pineapple Express (Sativa). The Delta 8 flowers offer a new level of high for your pre-rolls and smoking sessions.


Delta 8 Moon Rocks


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Moon Rocks product


With multiple coating layers of Delta 8 distillate and crystal kief, the moon rocks are intensely euphoric but without side effects. The D8 moon rocks are available as Wedding Cake (Indica), Sundae Driver (Hybrid), and Pineapple Express (Sativa). And HiFi Farms maintains the <=0.3% THC level.


CBD Rosin


Hifi Farms CBD Rosin product


The heat and press extraction method known as rosin paves the way for the purest, most therapeutic cannabidiol extracts worldwide.


Loads of terpenes are captured by the rosin process, so the resulting products are the most flavorful and aromatic hemp products on the market. The CBD rosin products from HiFi Farms have different strains and flavors:


  • Runtz (Hybrid)
  • Blue Dream (Sativa)
  • Mai Tai (Hybrid)
  • Ecto Cooler (Hybrid)
  • Bubba Kush (Sativa)
  • Forbidden Fruit (Indica)


What kind of strain CBD rosin has? Hybrid products are for all hours, with the perfect combination of Indica and Sativa. Indica strain is best for nighttime due to sedation effects that lead to a couch-locking state. Sativa is the best energy boost, so consume CBD rosin in the morning.


Hifi Farms Promo Banner


Final Thoughts – Kush Queen Coupon Code

As a cannabis fan yourself, you’ll surely enjoy the perks of the  Kush Queen discounts. Using the best coupons, you get 20% off your hemp order, so grab as many edibles, vapes, tinctures, and flowers as possible.


After all, hemp products have a shelf-life of up to two years, so don’t worry about stocking your favorite cannabis items. Go ahead and experience the effects of your favorite hemp and save money using online coupons.


Furthermore, you can also trust HiFi Farms to provide you with the highest quality hemp products. This brand values the quality of products and the wellness of the users. So go ahead, and browse their wide selection of THC and CBD products today.

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