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CBD and THC products are conquering the world with their effects and benefits. To stay on top of the game, we offer a fantastic Koi CBD coupon code.  

Koi CBD is one of the leading hemp companies in the world. The brand has been giving discounts and donate portions of our sales to our community and animal organizations.


You can use Koi CBD discount codes to save up and enjoy your favorite hemp products. When you purchase from this brand using a Koi CBD promo code, be comforted that you’re instrumental in improving lives. Let’s find Koi CBD coupons here. 


Koi CBD Coupons

Is Koi CBD offering any online coupons? Lucky for you, you can enjoy CBD vape juice, CBD tinctures, and other hemp products from this brand at a discounted price.

To take advantage of the 15% discount from Koi CBD, enter the coupon code “koipromo2” for one purchase store wide. You can sign-up for Koi CBD’s email newsletter to get an additional discount for your next order.

The brand never runs out of discount schemes. It has been generous in offering Koi CBD promo codes, especially during this season. So, there’s no better way to enjoy your favorite Koi CBD products with these promo codes.


About Koi CBD

The koi fish is a resilient creature that never stops persevering despite all the hardships in life. Following the example of the legendary fish, Koi CBD remains undeterred in the face of tough industry competition.

The brand mirrors its pursuit of better growing practices, better extraction methods, and better hemp products to the unparalleled determination of the koi fish to reach its goal. Koi CBD wants to use the power of hemp to help people live healthier, happier life. Fortunately, it continues to do so by innovating and improving our products. Better yet, there is a Koi CBD discount code that you can use.

Koi CBD is a reliable manufacturer of premium-quality products from Delta 8, CBD, THC-O, Delta 9, THCV, Delta 10, and HHC. It offers various products, such as vapes, gummies, tinctures, pet items, and many more.

All its products are federally legal, with <=0.3% THC level. Plus, Koi only uses local hemp farms, organic ingredients, and clean extraction methods. The company follows the strict standards of hemp product manufacturing and uses third-party lab testing. 

Giving away Koi CBD military discounts is a joy for this brand since it has supported communities and the people who keep us safe. Koi also discounts medical professionals, first responders, veterans, and the Koi Cares program recipients.

During the pandemic, the company manufactured hand sanitizers. A portion of the profit goes to medical facilities and first responders. Also, Koi is a regular donor of the IPittytheBull animal organization. 


Products From Koi CBD

Koi CBD has a wide range of hemp products. It utilizes the most popular cannabinoids to create vapes, gummies, tinctures, balms, topicals, and more. Though their its ingredient is CBD, Koi also have items from Delta 8, 9, and 10, HHC, THCV, THC-O, and other minor compounds.

All its hemp products are from a full-spectrum background, which is perfect for an entourage effect. So when you ingest, apply, smoke, or inhale hemp products from our brand, expect to gain the full benefits of many cannabinoids. 

At Koi CBD, there are dozens of hemp items. But the focus of its discount scheme now on three significant cannabinoids: Delta 8, Delta 9, and CBD. So, don’t forget to use a verified Koi CBD coupon to enjoy these products. Let’s explore what kinds of strains and flavors are available for Koi’s products. 


Delta 8 Products


Koi CBD Delta 8 Products

Don’t forget to use the Koi CBD code with these irresistible Delta 8 products.

  • Koi Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape (2 Gram) – Available flavor strains are Granddaddy Purple (indica), Lemon Tree (hybrid), and Dream Cake (sativa).

  • Koi Delta 8 THC + THC-O + THC-P Disposable Vape (2 Gram) – Strains to choose from Lemon Cherry Gelato (hybrid), Blackberry Kush (indica), Guava Crush (sativa), Rainbow Belts (indica), Sour Tangie (sativa).

  • Hemp Living Delta 8 THC Pot Rocks (3 Grams) – Available flavors are grape, strawberry, banana, and watermelon. The pot rocks contain 100mg of Delta 8 THC.

  • High Hopes Delta 8 THC Gummies – Each pack contains 10 or 30 counts of gummies. And each gummy has 50mg of D8 THC. The flavors are electric blueberry, pineapple paradise, raging watermelon, strawnana Sheeesh, and tropical.

  • Koi Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges (1 Gram) – Strains for the vape carts are the following: Blackberry Kush, Lemon Runtz, Platinum OG, Orange Kush, Lemon Cake, Gelato, Super Sour Diesel, GG#4, Punk Rozay, and Strawguava.

  • Koi Delta 8 Gummies – Choose from 6,20, and 60 counts of gummies in blue razz, watermelon, sour cherry, strawberry, lime, mango, and grape flavors. Each gummy contains 25mg of Delta 8.

  • Koi Delta 8 Tinctures – Each 30ml bottle has a flavor of blue-razz, strawberry, lime, watermelon, and mango. Per tincture bottle has a strength of 1000mg D8 THC. 


Delta 9 Products


Koi CBD Delta 9 Products

Delta 9 THC is undoubtedly highly psychoactive and often induces paranoia, anxiety, and panic. But, with 20mg of CBD in every 10mg D9 THC gummy, you can trust that the common side effects are absent from Koi edibles.

So when you consume Delta 9 gummies, you feel an intense high, experience a beautiful couch-lock state, travel to fantastic worlds, and be happy without worrying about the consequences. Not to mention, your wallet would be happier when you purchase using a coupon discount.

The D9 THC gummies at Koi CBD are organic, vegan, and all-natural. Ko has five available flavors: blue razz, watermelon, mango, strawberry, and lime. Each pack of gummies either has 20 or 30 counts of candies.

When you’re ready to get stoned, munch on one gummy. Hold off the urge to eat another unless you’re a seasoned cannabis user. Remember that Delta 9 is highly potent, so start small, then increase your dose.

More importantly, don’t drive or handle machinery when you take Delta 9 gummies. Stay at home, read a book, watch a movie, binge-watch your favorite series, or happily stare into space. 


CBD Products


Koi CBD Products

Koi CBD offers various cannabidiol products that may help improve your overall wellness. Hold on to your promotional codes, and don’t forget to use them once you reach the checkout page.

  • Koi Complete Full Spectrum CBD Gummies | Nighttime Rest – The orange cream and black cherry cannabidiol gummies contain 25mg CBD, 5mg Delta 9, and 10mg CBN.

  • Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm – With 3000mg of CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, the balm offers the ultimate skin refreshment, tension relief, and dry skin moisturization.

  • Koi Compete Full Spectrum CBD Tincture – Each 30ml bottle has 1000mg, 3000mg, or 5000mg of CBD oil. Available flavors are sweet apple, natural hemp, and key lime.

  • Koi Complete Full Spectrum CBD Gummies – Choose what suits you best, 20 or 30 counts. The flavorful candy has 25mg CBD and 5mg D9 THC each. Plus, you’ll surely enjoy the fruity flavors are grape, pomegranate, and pineapple.

  • Koi CBD Disposable Vape Bar – Each vape has 1g of CBD. The flavors are blue raspberry dragonfruit, tropical popsicle, and strawberry milkshake.

  • Koi CBD Gummies | Anytime Balance – These berry lemonade gummies are available in 6, 20, and 60 counts. Per delicious candy contains 10mg of CBD.

  • Koi CBD Gummies | Nighttime Rest – The cherry limeade gummies are rich with 10mg CBD and 2.5mg melatonin per candy.

  • Koi CBD Full Spectrum Disposable Vape Bar (2 Grams) – Hawaiian Driver (Hybrid) – Best anytime.

  • Koi Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Disposable Vape Bar (2 Grams) – Papaya Twist (Indica) – Ideal for nighttime.

  • Koi Full Spectrum CBD + CBG Disposable Vape Bar (2 Grams) – Pineapple Punch (Sativa) – Perfect for daytime.

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Other Companies

Still looking for other Koi CBD competitor coupons? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of cannabis companies. Koi CBD is one of the top businesses that offer premium-quality THC and CBD items, and so do HiFi Farms. 


HiFi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

With Oregon as their home, HiFi Farms manufacture high-quality hemp items. Our brand features fantastic vapes, edibles, concentrates, and smokables from hemp cannabinoids.

With Koi CBD’s promotion, HiFi Farms attracts consumers to their 20% off deal by using this code HIFIPROMO20. Our main cannabinoids for this promotion are Delta 8, Delta 9, and CBD.

In addition, you can get free shipping for a minimum order of $50. No need to show coupon code because the shipping is automatically on us once your entire order reaches this amount.


Delta 8 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Products

HiFi Farms carries Delta 8 products such as D8 THC disposable vape pens, moon rocks, gummies, and flowers. These hemp items use different strains and flavors. In addition, the delivery methods vary too.

For gummies, ingestion is the only way to consume Delta 8. The effects creep in within 30-90 minutes and stay on for 6-8 hours. As for vapes, inhalation is the key. The Delta 8 inhalables and smokables offer instant euphoria, but the effects stay shorter at four hours max. You can smoke smoking moon rocks and flowers through a pipe, bong, or hemp paper. 

Cannabis fans often patronize Delta 8 because of the absence of negative feelings. This cannabinoid is mildly psychoactive, so you get high without losing your senses. Plus, D8 THC is known to be great for brain focus and creativity.


Delta 9 Products


Hifi Farms delta 9 gummies product

There are three Delta 9 THC products: gummies, syrup, and cereal bars. Gummies have watermelon and mango flavors, with 35mg of Delta 9 per tasty candy.

These colorful candies are vegan, with all-natural, organic ingredients. Taking one to two gummies per serving creates a beautiful head buzz that leads to a happier mood.

The Delta 9 cereal bars are exactly what they sound like. The 6oz Delta 9 syrup contains 200mg of D9 THC. This hemp sweetener is perfect for coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, and pancakes.

The delicious psychoactive snacks are filling, euphoric, and uplifting. One cereal bar in the morning or between meals boosts mental and physical energy.


CBD Products


Hifi Farms CBD rosin premium concentrate product

CBD is an active ingredient in the hemp products of HiFi Farms. However, the main cannabidiol product of this company is CBD rosin, which comes in different strains, flavors, and aromas. 

CBD rosin products are extracts that result from heating and pressing hemp plants. The solventless extraction method is perfect for acquiring a rich amount of natural terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

You can make your concoction of gummies, cookies, brownies, cereal bars, syrup, and other products. Also, you can mix CBD rosin with your favorite THC flower, moon rocks, and tinctures to increase the therapeutic benefits and promote utter relaxation.

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Final Thoughts – Koi CBD Coupon Codes

The Koi CBD coupon code is up for grabs, so don’t miss it. We offer the most potent, cleanest, and most therapeutic hemp products on the market, so visit our official website.

Don’t worry; your debit, credit, or bank details are safe because Koi CBD, and Hifi Farams process secure payments. Use the best Koi CBD coupon and save money while enjoying the effects of various hemp and CBD products.

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