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Get a JuJuBe coupon code on this page, which is something that doesn’t happen often! With the increasing prices, promo codes give you great deals to save money and enjoy different hemp products at the same time.




In this fast-paced, stressful world we live in, we all need some products to help us feel relaxed. Fortunately, there are different hemp products that can help us achieve euphoria.


More and more studies are being conducted proving the benefits of hemp for health and wellness. Physical wellness aside, hemp also provides peaceful and tranquil effects, making them also meant for spiritual healing and could result in generating more positivity. 


Taking up hemp products isn’t just supportive treatment or recreation but also a way of life for some. The existence of coupon codes also lessens your stress, as they offer amazing incentives such as discounts. With that said, let’s reveal various Jujube codes.



JuJuBe Coupons

JuJu Royal rarely gets to offer coupons, which is why you take advantage of the opportunity and shop until you drop whenever you encounter Jujube promo codes! Copy and paste or input the Jujube discount code in the designated coupon code section before checking out with your cart! 


Here are some of the latest and verified Jujube promo codes. Find Jujube coupons that’s best for your needs.


  • Slyng – Use this Jujube code to get 20% off your next order with no exclusions right before you check out at JuJu Royal! 
  • 10OFF – This deal offers 10% off on Jujube website! 
  • EXTRA10 – It is one of the latest Jujube coupons that give you an extra 10% off on any order!
  • SAVE5 – Use this coupon to save an extra 5% on any sale items! 


Aside from Jujube discount codes, you can also enjoy free shipping for a minimum purchase. If you also live in the USA, the shipping is on JuJu Royal if you have spent over $100!


How many coupons can you use? You can only apply one coupon at the checkout page to receive discounts. It’s one code per transaction.


Feel free to check their website, you may also see some codes and deals on select items and tote diaper bags in store. You can also read more about its Jujube teacher discounts and Jujube military discounts.



About Ju Ju Be Com

Juju Royal isn’t your ordinary hemp brand, as it is founded and owned by the legendary Rasta icon Bob Marley’s son, Julian “Juju” Marley! The only thing equal to Juju’s passion for music is his passion for providing premium quality hemp products.


His music and brand serve as vehicles for conveying his message on love, wellness, and the peaceful and tranquil powers of hemp products for that calming wave of positivity!


Juju Royal is made of the finest quality medicinal herbs, grown and harvested from the US by experienced farmers. Juju Royal products use hemp grown naturally and pure terpenes and the most refined extraction method, resulting in excellent hemp products.


Juju Royal also provides test results on their sites, so you can be certain not just of the product quality but that they are also free of unwanted contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial.


Juju Royal products are indeed I-RIE! Fortunately, you can enjoy it at lower prices using Jujube discounts.



Products From Ju Ju Be Com

Juju Royal specializes in and only sells CBD-derived hemp products, both infused and non-infused. Should some of them contain any THC, they are only less than 0.3% and also from industrial hemp only, making them compliant with all federal laws and legal in all 50 states. 


Even if Juju Royal only focuses on CBD-derived hemp products, they offer quite an assortment of CBD products! Such as: 


  1. Hemp Oil
  2. Gummies 
  3. Tinctures 
  4. Topicals like Salve, Cream, and Lip Balm


Juju Royal also sells hemp-related tools, smudge sticks, apparel and jewelry, and Juju’s music! They also offer hemp products in Gift Boxes form. 


CBD Edibles 

Juju Royal offers the following CBD-infused edible hemp products:


Juju Royal Ginger Honey Hemp Oil


JUJU ROYAL Ginger Honey Hemp Oil


Juju Royal’s Ginger Honey uses organic 100% pure wildflower honey infused with CBD hemp oil! Enjoy the taste of wildflower honey in its purest form and experience the benefits of it combined with the benefits of CBD for peak health and wellness!


Each 6.5oz / 192ml jar contains 250 mg of CBD, and you also get to save more if you buy more, as you get 10% off for 2 jars and 20% off for 4 jars! 


Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Juju Royal’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses the highest quality extra virgin olive oil infused with full-spectrum CBD, allowing you to reap all the benefits of CBD along with beta-carotene, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids! 


The olives they are using are also co-milled simultaneously with herbs and seasonings, overflowing with aroma and bursting with flavors! They come in the following flavors of herbs and seasonings: 


  1. Extra Virgin 
  2. Basil 
  3. Garlic 
  4. Spicy Jerk


Can’t decide which flavor you want? You could go for all 4 and get 20% off! You get to save more if you buy more than one with any combination of flavors: 


  • 2 bottles – to get 10% off
  • 3 bottles – to get 15% off
  • 4 bottles – to get 20% off


Get 5 and above bottles to get 25% off! Each bottle is 8oz / 237ml and contains 250 mg of CBD. 


Exotic Royal Gummies


Exotic Royal Gummies


Each pack contains 10 pieces and comes in the following assorted flavors: 


  1. Watermelon 
  2. Jalapeno  
  3. Habanero Mango


Each piece of gummy contains 25 mg of CBD. 


Tropical Royal Gummies


Tropical Royal Gummies


Comes in 4-pack or 20-pack  and comes in the following assorted flavors:


  1. Guava 
  2. Mango 
  3. Pineapple 
  4. Watermelon 


Each piece of gummy contains 25 mg of CBD. 


Sublingual CBD


CBD Tincture


Sublingual is meant to be taken underneath the tongue for the body to absorb the effects faster. Juju Royal’s Sublingual CBD comes in the form of CBD tinctures, which offer 3 good-tasting flavors to choose from: 


  1. Mint
  2. Mango
  3. Pineapple


The flavors use natural flavoring and are sugar-free and vegan. Juju Royal’s Sublingual CBD tinctures use premium quality hemp extract straight from hemp farms in Colorado. 


Each bottle has a 30 ml volume of 1500 mg of CBD. Each drop is equivalent to 2.5mg, with a recommended dose of 25 mg or 10 drops. All it takes is an hour for 10 drops of Juju Royal’s CBD Tinctures to take effect and harness its power! 


You also save more by buying 2 or more bottles to get 20% off with any flavor combination!


Topicals CBD 

Juju Royal offers the following variety of CBD-infused Topicals: 


Soothing Lip Balm 


Soothing Lip Balm


Chapping, dry, and cracked lips? Juju Royal has the right lip balm for that! Juju Royal’s Soothing Lip Balm has been infused with 10 mg of CBD to provide the proper nourishment your lips need, along with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil.


It comes in the following flavors, which you could savor while giving your lips treatment: 


  1. Natural 
  2. Jamaican Rum Punch 
  3. Orange Ginger 
  4. Vanilla 


They also come in 4 packs, so you could save yourself the trouble of choosing. 


Comfort Salve


Comfort Salve


Say goodbye to body aches and hello to soothing relief with Juju Royal’s Comfort Salve! Juju Royal’s Comfort Salve smells like some other comfort salves with an annoying, funky smell.


White Beeswax, Menthol, Cinnamon Bark, Coconut, Clove, Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender Oil, has been infused with 300 mg of CBD hemp extract to rid of discomfort and rejuvenate you. Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, and Sulfate-free, so you don’t need to worry about irritation on your skin. 


Nano Repair Cream


Nano Repair Cream


Take good care of your skin and maintain that healthy, youthful glow with JuJu Royal’s Nano Repair Cream! 


The “nano” in its name is for the nano-encapsulated CBD so that your skin would better absorb them for their therapeutic benefits, as lavender oil opens up your pores while also killing bacteria.


Combine that with the moisturizing effects of Aloe Vera, and the result is healthy supple skin!




Similar Coupon Codes & Products

Are you still in search of other Jujube competitor coupons? Another brand worthy of mention and attention is Hifi Farms.


What makes Hifi Farms stand out from other brands with similar discounts and products is that they are a more recent brand, but the products they offer use premium quality hemp!


Hifi Farms is passionate about providing the best hemp products; founded by a group of hemp enthusiasts who have tons of experience on what makes hemp products great.


Hifi Farms uses the finest quality hemp, handpicked and grown to perfection by hemp farmers from the US with years of expertise. Then apply the signature extraction methods to produce some of the best products in the hemp market!


Hifi Farms also have Certificates of Analysis from certified 3rd party labs to ensure you are getting the best of the best!



Hifi Farms Promo Codes (20%)

Use the promo code “HIFIPROMO20″ to get a 20% discount off all Hifi Farms products! To use the code, copy and paste or input into the designated promo code section during checkout, and click to apply code! 


If you haven’t bought a Hifi product yet, there is another way to avail of a 20% discount, so save the above for later, as first-time buyers also get a 20% off by just signing up for their newsletter! 


Anyone who feels like they have spent a bit much gets to save on shipping. We offer a free standard shipping if you have spent over $50!


CBD Tinctures

Hifi Farms CBD Tinctures offer fast-acting effects where you can feel its effects in around 15 minutes to half an hour! To avail of its fast-acting effects, you must take a drop sublingually or underneath your tongue, allowing the capillaries in your mouth to absorb them fully.  


Hifi Farms CBD Tinctures also offer versatility if you aren’t after such fast-acting effects and want to take a bit of your time, as you could also apply them to your favorite beverages and meals!


CBD Gummies

Hifi Farms CBD Gummies contain a high concentration of cannabidiol oil. Our CBD gummies come in various flavors, colors, and varying doses of CBD.


Each CBD gummy is also known for their long-lasting effects, averaging 6 to 8 hours! You can take these tasty chewables whenever it is your most convenient time.


Melted gummies also aren’t an issue when it comes to Hifi Farms CBD Gummies; thanks to their signature formulation, Hifi Farms gummies can withstand hot temperatures!


So whether it is summer, you live in the middle of Nevada desert, or things had packed some heat during transportation, you wouldn’t end up with a sticky or melted puddle of gummies. The key element to their signature formulation is the addition of natural fruit pectin! 


CBD Rosin 


CBD Rosin - Blue Dream Sativa - The Hemp Dispensary


Hifi Farms CBD Rosin stands out from your average rosin, as thanks to their signature rosin-yielding method, they can maintain more of the beneficial contents found in hemp intact! We have the following flavors for CBD Rosin, which also covers all kinds of the 3 basic strains: 


  1. Bubba Kush
  2. Forbidden Fruit
  3. Blue Dream
  4. Ecto Cooler
  5. Mai Tai
  6. Runtz


Hifi’s signature yielding process results in the purest concentration of CBD, making their CBD Rosin awesome in dabbing but still remaining potent when utilized in alternative ways such as vaping, blunts, or added into edibles, bowls, and joints.




Final Thoughts – JuJuBe Promo Code

Everyone needs some physical and spiritual healing, and CBD products do just that, from physical aches to relaxing effects to further lessen stress. The Hifi Farms deal and Ju Ju Be Com coupon code on this page also help lessen stress by not hurting your wallet! 

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