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With the rapid innovation of hemp products, cannabis companies compete against each other to provide premium-quality items and better prices. Our company offers a grand discount scheme sitewide for our customers.

The Industrial Hemp Farms coupon code is one of the best downtown deals. So don’t dilly dally, and grab your favorite psychoactive edibles, vapes, flowers, tinctures, topicals, and other hemp items today.

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The Industrial Hemp Farms has an utter dedication to the hemp world. Our brand works hard to produce the most premium hemp products and create an exceptional online shopping experience. Plus, we strive to offer the best prices and promotions for cannabis fans.

Learn more about our brand, practices, and products through this post. Industrial Hemp Farms is no doubt one of the best cannabis companies in the world. But we also recognize other trustworthy brands. Find out what HiFi farms can offer you as well.


Industrial Hemp Farms Coupon Code 

Industrial Hemp Farms offers a fantastic promotion for all our THC and CBD items. Use the coupon code “Slyng” to enjoy great deals on Industrial Hemp Farms products.

In times when prices have been going through the roof, it’s nice to know there are promo codes that still let you enjoy hemp products that won’t hurt your wallet too much.

Online coupons automatically give you great discounts when you paste them on the checkout page. So, you can enjoy many Industrial Hemp products that may help boost your overall wellness. Some use SimplyCodes mobile safari extension for iPhone and iPad to find the best coupons.

But you can simply check the brand’s website or ours to see the best discount site wide. Regardless, using the given voucher code above allows you to enjoy hemp products from this brand store wide.


About Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms is in Colorado Springs, but it also has facilities in Oregon and Denver. The brand covers indoor and outdoor hemp cultivation to achieve different strains for our carts, tinctures, edibles, pre-rolls, CBD isolate, concentrates, and topicals.

The brand is proud to be the top 3 hemp extracts and flower distributors worldwide – so it’s not surprising that it has become one of the most popular brands in the hemp industry. Industrial Hemp Farms makes more than 30 million in sales per year, and it has been known as the best wholesaler and retailer in terms of pricing schemes.

Industrial Hemp Farms aims to offer affordable cannabis items so all consumers and wanna-be users can join the THC and full-spectrum CBD oil craze. The brand also has a good relationship with cannabis Sativa farms, hemp extraction laboratories, and manufacturers.

These connections allow them to create lower prices for our hemp products. With a discount code, you can certainly buy its hemp products at lower costs. We aim to offer super affordable cannabis items so all consumers and wanna-be users can join the THC and CBD craze.

Industrial Hemp Farms uses locally-grown hemp, organic and devoid of harmful chemicals. Our company never goes beyond the <=0.3% threshold of THC level in dry weight. Plus, all our THC and CBD items have certificates of analysis. With its promotional code for sitewide orders – it just makes this brand more generous and likeable.


Products From Industrial Hemp Farms

The Industrial Hemp Farms is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, so all its hemp items contain equal to or lesser than 0.3% THC. Plus, the brand practices “same-day shipping” to ensure that their customers get their packages sooner than later.

Industrial Hemp never has a problem with shipping to any part of the country. Also, the brand stands by the premium quality of our hemp products, so it offers a 100% money-back guarantee for verified claims. Your purchase is indeed risk-free.

Industrial Hemp Farms utilizes different strains. The Sativa products are ideal for daytime usage, thanks to their power to boost physiological and mental energy. The Indica items have sedating effects, so consume them in the late afternoon or at night. The brand also uses different cultivars for our edibles, flowers, tinctures, vapes, topicals, and more. 


Delta 8 Flower


Industrial Hemp Farms Delta 8 Flower

Are you into smoking a potent hemp flower? It’s not lucky, but Industrial Hemp Farms has been providing a sensational high to many hemp enthusiasts. Here are the nine Delta 8 flower strains which you can enjoy using a promo code: 

  • Hawaiian Dream – This Sativa strain is the offspring of Hawaiian and Blue Dream, with similar amounts of CBD and D8.

  • Blue Cheese – This Indica strain comes from a U.K. Cheese female and a Blueberry male. The pronounced flavor is significantly relaxing, euphoric, and therapeutic.

  • Strawberry Cough – It’s a cross from Haze and Strawberry Fields. This Sativa strain is ideal for relieving tensions.

  • Lifter – The pungent smell is complemented by the sweetness of fruits. The lifter is a Sativa strain from Early Resin Bud and Suver Haze.

  • White Whale – This Indica strain is CBG-dominant. It has motivating effects on the mind and body.

  • Fruity Pebbles – This mixed flower is 45% Sativa and 55% Indica. Cannabis users love the ultimate body high from this strain.

  • Mango Kush – This flower has 14.28% Delta 8. 6.40% CBD, 0.19% CBGA, 18% CBG, and 0/29% THCA. This Indica strain has the parents: Mango Indica and Hindu Kush.

  • Hawaiian Haze – The tropical flavor of this Sativa strain has hints of mango, pineapple, and papaya. Its lineage is Haze and Hawaiian.

  • Elektra – This flower strain contains 9.15% CBD, 1.85% CBG, and 5.18% Delta 8. 


Delta 8 Gummies


Industrial Hemp Farms Delta 8 Gummies

Delicious, chewy, and euphoric – who wouldn’t want Delta 8 gummies? Fortunately, you get to enjoy it using promotional codes and enjoy great deals.

The delicious Delta 8 gummies at Industrial Hemp Farms are a beautiful assortment of pyramid candies. Each gummy has 25mg of Delta 8 THC. You can choose from different package selections of 20ct, 50ct, 100ct, 250ct, 500ct, and 1000ct.

These 100% vegan, non-GMO, and organic gummies are healthier alternatives to traditional gelatin. The brand uses fruit pectin for the formulation of our delicious treats. So you can expect a super high melt point.

Plus, you’ll enjoy the varying flavors of blue razz, pom lemonade, green apple, and watermelon.  

Delta 8 gummies tend to be similarly intoxicating to Delta 8 candies, especially in high dosages. Gummies take effect after 30-90 minutes, with a peak time of 2-3 hours and euphoria of 6-8 hours.

So better start your stoning session with half a gummy, then wait 2-3 hours before munching the other candy portion. 

At the Industrial Hemp Farms, the Delta 8 gummies are perfect for a boost of energy and appetite, trigger relaxation, comfort, and sleep, and enhance focus. However, you must not operate machinery or drive while D8 THC is still in your body.


Hemp Delta 8 Pre Rolls


Industrial Hemp Farms Hemp Delta 8 Pre Roll product
Most of us know the hassles involved with rolling a joint. You have to break it up by hand or bust out the grinder, which can potentially grind your flower to dust. Then you have to know how to roll a good joint if you want to enjoy a proper smoking session, but rolling is an art in itself. Last you have to seal the joint and add a crutch of some kind, or else you’ll get bits of flower in your mouth.

Rolling joints is a great experience for some, but for many others rolling is a burden. Fortunately, Industrial Hemp Farms offer premium Delta 8 pre rolls made from hemp. Pre rolls are perfectly rolled joints in the classic cone shape, ready to smoke. Purchase from one to a hundred delta 8 pre rolls at a time from this brand and have your delta 8 joints preloaded and ready to spark for a good time.

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Similar Coupon Codes & Products

Aside from the fantastic Industrial Hemp Farms discount codes, other cannabis companies offer similar discounts and items. These brands are technically our rivals, but we recognize their potential for quality hemp items.


HiFi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

HiFi Farms is a reliable source of high-quality hemp products. They carry dozens of THC and CBD vapes, moon rocks, and flowers.

We may not ensure free next-day shipping, but the shipping is on us for a minimum order of $50. Plus, we offer discounts for our first-time shoppers by using this code HIFIPROMO20, and by subscribing to our newsletter.

Why don’t you also check the products at HiFi Farms and realize which brand is better?


Delta 8 Flower


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Flower Products

Delta 8 flowers are potent psychoactive nugs providing a high mind and body. However, note that these D8 flowers don’t grow on their own. Not on the soils of Industrial Hemp Farms and HiFi Farms’ lands.

D8 THC flowers are nugs with rich Delta 8 extracts and kief coatings. We have more D8, but the THC level is less than 0.3%. You ca choose from six fantastic Delta 8 flowers that are super therapeutic and euphoric.

Plus, flower products have varying strains, flavors, and fragrances. Depending on the strain, the flowers are perfect for daytime (Sativa), nighttime (Indica), and all the time (Hybrid).

Also, you can smoke the Delta 8 flowers using a pipe or bong or roll them into joints. Whatever your preference is, here are the D8 flowers from HiFi Farms:

  • Delta 8 Flower – Purple Punch (Indica)

  • Delta 8 Flower – Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)

  • Delta 8 Flower – Gelato (Hybrid)

  • Delta 8 Flower – Wedding Cake (Hybrid)

  • Delta 8 Flower – Pineapple Express (Sativa)

  • Delta 8 Flower – Sour Diesel (Sativa) 


Delta 8 Moon Rocks


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Moon Rocks product

At HiFi Farms, there are three selections of Delta 8 moon rocks:


Delta 8 Moon Rocks – Wedding Cake (Indica)

With 720mg of Delta 8 THC plus CBG kief, the moon rocks are incredibly potent and sedating. The Wedding Cake strain is a product of crossing Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. The flavor resembles sourdough bread.


Delta 8 Moon Rocks – Sunday Driver (Hybrid)

Grape Pie and FPOG are the parents of Sundae Driver. This strain has a flavor of grapes, berries, and chocolates. The combination of sweet, sour, and bitter tastes is addictive and uplifting.  


Delta 8 Moon Rocks – Pineapple Express (Sativa)

Moon rocks from this Sativa strain taste like pineapple, cedar, and pine. The scintillating scent has hints of fresh mango and apple. 


Delta 8 Vape Pen


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Vape Pen product

HiFi Farms offer nine kinds of Delta 8 disposable vape pens. These vapes are all-in-one hardware with a chamber, 510-thread battery, and a heating mechanism. The draw-activated gadgets come in different strains and flavors, so there are plenty of terpene profiles to love. 

  • Delta 8 Disposable – Gelato (Hybrid)

  • Delta 8 Disposable – Banana Punch (Hybrid)

  • Delta 8 Disposable – Pineapple Express (Sativa)

  • Delta 8 Disposable – Blue Cheese (Indica)

  • Delta 8 Disposable – Sour Diesel (Sativa)

  • Delta 8 Disposable – Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)

  • Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen – Blue Dream

  • Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen – OG Kusj

  • Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen – Pineapple Express



Final Thoughts – Industrial Hemp Farms Coupons

Industrial Hemp Farms is a true advocate of hemp and its derivatives. The brand pursues its dream of innovating hemp and CBD products by offering quality yet affordable costs.

The Industrial Hemp Farms coupon code is a must-have for all cannabis enthusiasts. With the increasing prices of necessities, you can rely on Industrial Hemp Farms promo to save some bucks while boosting your overall wellness.

However, note that the coupon code is only available for one user. We suggest you purchase everything you need to get a lot of hemp items at a low cost.

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