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There’s always a stigma that follows cannabis, even though its therapeutic benefits are undeniable. But thanks to the federal legalization of hemp, deals on cannabis products have started to emerge, such as the Hometown Hero coupon code, have started to emerge.


HiFi Farms Coupon Code


The promotion applies to all hemp products on the site. With Hometown Hero, you can expect premium-quality CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9, and HHC items. This brand commits to making hemp products easily accessible to military personnel, especially veterans, and all consumers in the country.


Hometown Hero is an avid supporter of veterans, and a portion of their profits goes to related organizations. Hifi Farms is also an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. We offer a 20% discount sitewide through promo code HIFI PROMO20.



Hometown Hero Promo Codes

The coupon code for Hometown Hero CBD is “Slyng.” By using this verified coupon at checkout, you’ll earn a considerable discount. So, there’s no better way to save money and enjoy Hometown Hero products than using promo codes.


You don’t have to click show coupon code. Just past the Hometown Hero CBD code. Then, don’t forget to use it on the Hometown Hero checkout page.



About Hometown Hero

It was in 2015 when the state of Texas first heard of Hometown Hero CBD. The two U.S. Coast Guard veteran founders of this cannabis company are Lukas Gilkey and Lewis Hamer. Both men understand how difficult it is to navigate life with PTSD and be reliant on narcotic meds.


So, they turned to CBD and Delta 8 as healthier alternatives. Years later, Hometown Hero CBD caters to different cannabinoids and crafts different hemp products. Since the military is close to their hearts, they never stop donating to veteran charities and organizations. In addition to a military discount, Hometown Hero discount codes allow you to get great deals.


Now, Hometown Hero offers CBD, THC, and HHC products that undergo a DEA-certified lab testing process. Each batch has COAs, so check them through the official site. Aside from the fantastic deal, the heroic brand also provides same-day free shipping.


Aside from Hometown Hero CBD coupons, the brand also offers 90-day worry-free guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the hemp products, you’ll get a store credit with the same amount as your original purchase. If you need any help, reliable in-house customer support is available to call or chat.


Most importantly, Hometown Hero fights for the freedom of Delta 8. Some states prohibit this mildly psychotic cannabinoid from entering their area. Hometown Hero works with lawmakers to stop the blockage of Delta 8 products.


Also, this cannabis company advocates for the renewal of the federal legalization of hemp and its derivatives. Note that the 2018 Farm Bill will expire in 2023. In addition, Hometown Hero CBD joins the battle for continued legalization.



Products From Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero CBD has hundreds of hemp products. Hometown Hero CBD’s products include gummies, baked goods, topicals, flowers, moon rocks, live rosin, taffy, tinctures, and concentrates from different cannabinoids and strains. Fortunately, you get to enjoy these products using Hometown Hero coupon codes.


This brand’s hemp items are 100% US-grown, vegan, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Hometown Hero believes in and stands by the utmost quality and potency. They offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Let’s explore the best-seller hemp items from this famous Texan brand. 


Delta 8 Products


Delta 8 Gummies


The Delta 8 products from Hometown Hero are available for vaping, smoking, eating, and sublingual delivery. The first two consumption methods allow the effects to creep in immediately, while the other two take half an hour.


However, when we talk about the length of time for the result to stay in the system, inhalables and smokables last up to four hours, while edibles and tinctures remain for six to eight hours.


Delta 8 is federally in the US, but depending on your location, there may or may not be a restriction. It’s best to familiarize yourself with local state laws before you buy your following psychoactive product.


Delta 9 Edibles


Delta 9 Edibles


At Hometown Hero CBD, Delta 9 products are federally legal. The brand is compliant with the <=0.3% THC content at dry weight, and the D9 THC extracts come from cannabis Sativa, not marijuana. So you can fully enjoy the delicious taste of Delta 9 gummies from this cannabis company.


The D9 THC gummies at Hometown Hero come in different strains, shapes, flavors, and colors. The fruity, chewy candies are rich in the psychoactive properties of the most potent cannabinoid.


Unlike Delta 8, the nastier sibling Delta 9 has sedative, couch-locking effects. That’s why it’s imperative to stay home, not drive anywhere, or operate heavy machinery when you’re high-as-seas. So munch on small amounts of D9 edibles for your first stoning session before you try a more severe dosage. 


HHC Edibles

There are four varieties of HHC edibles available at Hometown Hero CBD. Though all of them are gummies, you have options on what to buy.


  • HHC Gummies (Strawberry) – With a burst of strawberry flavor, the gummies are perfect for nighttime thanks to their Indica background. The 50mg of HHC extract leads to superior relaxation, a soothing feeling, and utter comfort. The sugar dusting of these sweet candies is ideal for a sweet tooth. 
  • HHC Gummies (Blue Raz) – The raspberry flavor of these tasty gummies is enhanced by the crisp sweetness of dust sugar. As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, the live rosin Blue Raz candies are ideal for daily use for a notable energy boost. Each gummy contains 50mg of HHC. 
  • HHC Gummies (Buy 4 Get 1 Free) – Use coupon codes to buy four packs of strawberry and blue raspberry gummies with sugar coating, and enjoy the fifth pack for free.
  • HHC Gummies (Duo Pack) – The duo pack consists of two bags of strawberry gummies and two bags of blue raspberry candies.  Using coupon codes, you can definitely save more.


Similar Discounts & Products

Every state has its cannabis hero, and Hometown Hero CBD is the pride of The Lone Star State. But in the form of Oregon, their hemp champion is HiFi Farms. With a Hometown Hero CBD coupon, you get to enjoy its product at a discounted price.


The latter brand has similar types of products as the Hometown Hero. Both companies utilize the same cannabinoids and craft alike items such as gummies, vapes, flowers, and tinctures.


They follow the manufacturing quality standards and submit their hemp products to third-party lab testing. However, no matter how uncanny the similarities are, the two hemp brands still differ in some aspects, especially regarding discount schemes. 


HiFi Farms Coupon Code


HiFi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

HiFi Farms always has the edge in terms of providing discounts. This brand is offering 20% off sitewide using the coupon code HIFIPROMO20. We provide free delivery for a minimum order of $50 and above.


Delta 8 Products


Delta 8 Gummies


At HiFi Farms, there are three categories for the Delta 8 products:


  • Delta 8 Gummies – The assortment of candy flavors from a 10/20/100 pieces jar of gummies are perfect for snacks and energy boosts. Each gummy is rich with 100mg of Delta 8, so expect superior potency and euphoria. 
  • Delta 8 Moon Rocks – The different strains and flavors of D8 moon rocks are Wedding Cake (Indica), Sundae Driver (hybrid), and Pineapple Express (Sativa). Moon rocks are hemp nugs with a generous coating of D8 THC, with a final cover of crystal kief. 
  • Delta 8 Flowers – D8 THC flowers at HiFi Farms are available in the following strains: Purple Punch (Indica), Gelato (hybrid), Granddaddy Purple (Indica), Pineapple Express (Sativa), Wedding Cake (hybrid), Sour Diesel (Sativa). The D8 THC flowers are great for smoking weed in a pipe or at joints. 


If you’re wondering why disposable vape pens are not part of Delta 8 products, there’s a simple explanation. D8 THC values are now part of the X11 disposable pens, where five cannabinoids are the main ingredients, including Delta 8. 


Delta 9 Edibles


Delta 9 Edibles


With the 20% discount code from HiFi Farms, get a bunch of Delta 9 edibles. You can purchase Delta 9 cereal bars, gummies, and syrup.


Better yet, indulge in all three product categories, and get your stoning session started anytime you want. Of course, consume Delta 9 items at home to avoid road or workplace accidents. 


The good news is all the Delta 9 edibles at HiFi Farms are legal in the United States. This hemp company extracts its D9 THC from hemp, so the tetrahydrocannabinol level is <=0.3% at the dry weight.


But you should know that a few states ban Delta 8 and 9, so check the legal status of this cannabinoid in your location.


CBD Rosin


CBD Rosin


Everyone knows that cannabidiol is utterly therapeutic, and the health benefits of CBD are overwhelming. But, believe it or not, something else is better than your favorite regular cannabidiol, and that is CBD rosin. 


Coming from a heat and press extraction method, CBD rosin is a solventless extract that has more cannabidiol content compared to regular CBD. Plus, it has a significant amount of terpenes and flavonoids.


At HiFi Farms, CBD rosin is available in the following strains: Bubba Kush (Indica), Mai Tai (hybrid), Forbidden Fruit (Indica), Blue Dream (Sativa),  Ecto Cooler (Hybrid), and Runtz (hybrid). 


CBD rosin is an excellent addition to your joint, pipe, or baked goods. It’s [perfect for mixing with Delta 9 products to achieve a no-consequence stoning session. The relaxing properties of cannabidiol will dampen the nasty side effects of Delta 9 THC, so try to blend the two potent cannabinoids.


HiFi Farms Coupon Code


Final Thoughts – Hometown Hero Coupons

The Hometown Hero CBD promo code is a great option to purchase hemp products without worrying about the cost. This cannabis company has proven its worth in the industry and is making a massive difference in the lives of veterans, military people, and ordinary citizens.


The hemp items of Hometown Hero CBD are high-quality, potent, and well-tolerated, and so are the premium products of HiFi Farms. So when you’re ready to buy Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC, and CBD rosin products, use your chosen Hometown Hero discount code and enjoy your purchase.

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