HHC Products For Sale

Whether you’re into vaping, prefer drinking, or eating HHC, a variety of HHC products would suit you. Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is the newest sensation in the cannabinoid gang.

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This cannabinoid is milder than Delta 8 but more potent than CBD. In short, it’s perfect for any occasion and all levels of users. In addition, this cannabinoid offers uplifting sensations throughout the whole body.

Explore our various HHC products for sale in the market. HiFi Farms has everything you need when it comes to HHC products. Watch out because it will be the next big thing in the cannabinoid industry.

HHC Products

HHC products consist of a less potent cannabinoid, Hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC. Other hemp-derived products have a high concentration of HHC to offer a sensational high. Most HHC products for sale come in different forms, which are smokable, drinkable, vapable, and edible. We offer amazing HHC products, but let’s define and understand this component first.

What Is HHC?

HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is rare to occur, which only makes up less than 1% of a hemp plant. But why are there still many HHC products for sale if this cannabinoid is rare? Even though HHC is the weakest among Delta 8 and 9, it is still a potent cannabinoid.

Differences Between Delta 8, Delta 9 and HHC

All cannabinoids consist of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. However, these elements have different characteristics and formations, which makes one unique from the other.

When it comes to potency, Delta 9 has the most potent experience. But, on the other hand, HHC effects are almost similar to the mellow, euphoric experience of Delta 8 THC. Thus, the consumer may feel almost familiar stimulation and relaxation.

It may have the weakest euphoric effects, but HHC usually has a longer shelf-life. It can withstand oxidation, heat, and UV exposure.

Is It Legal?

The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill paved the way for different hemp-derived being available in the market, including HHC products. This law legalizes the cultivation of hemp and its derivatives that contain less than 0.3% THC by dried weight.

Each state can pass similar laws and recategorize substances at the state level. Unfortunately, cannabis laws are changeable at any time. So, always check the updated regulations with your local state before using HHC.

HHC Products for Sale

Like other hemp-derived products, several types of HHC products are available for sale to satisfy everyone’s HHC demands. Here is an overview of the product types and some of our products for your enjoyment.

HHC Flower

HHC Flower is a product of coated CBD flower with HHC distillate. Like any other hemp flower, smoke it for a relaxing, enjoyable feeling.

  1. HHC Pre-rolls: No need to grind your hemp flower and smoke on some regular rolling papers. Our HHC pre-rolls offer an all-in-one convenient smoking experience. It includes the HHC flower rolled into a hemp paper that offers perfection.

HHC Vapes

If you prefer the ease of use, portability, and functionality – HHC vapes stand tall above other HHC products for sale in the market. Our HHC vapes contain only HHC distillate and natural terpenes that can offer a rich vaping experience.

  1. HHC Disposables: Once you press the button, you can start smoking and experience the euphoric effects of HHC. HHC disposables come with rechargeable batteries and HHC vape juice. In short, this device is ready for you straight out of the box.
  2. HHC Carts: A vape cartridge is a small container containing cannabis concentrate equipped with a heating element and a mouthpiece. This type of vape is perfect for both cannabis novices and enthusiasts.

HHC Edibles

HHC edibles are other ways to enjoy the euphoric experience of HHC. These are guilt-free snacks that come in the form of gummies, cereal bars, cookies, oil, and syrup. It might take an hour before you can feel the effects of HHC edibles, but it lasts the longest.

  1. HHC Gummies: It’s a tasty way to get a dose of HHC. HHC gummies come in different flavors. You can pop one of these gummies when needed, so you don’t have to guess how much to take.
  2. HHC Oil: Here’s another versatile way to consume HHC. You can take HHC oil sublingually for quick results. Some consumers also add it to their favorite foods and beverages.

Effects of Consuming HHC

Like other hemp-derived products, consuming HHC can offer many beneficial effects depending on how the user takes it. Generally, below are the effects of taking HHC.

Uplifts Mood & Eases Nervous Thoughts

HHC products have a relaxing effect that can help lift your mood whenever you feel down, worried, or cranky.

Euphoric Effects

HHC can trigger dopamine, promoting euphoric effects or making you feel high.

May Boost Appetite

HHC products may help enhance appetite by stimulating Ghrelin or the hunger hormone. This hormone enters the brain to increase the activity of the hunger-causing nerve cells while reducing the hunger-inhibiting cells.

Complements Sleep

HHC products, especially in higher dosages, can help induce insomnia and improve sleep quality. HHC can relax the nerves to make them sleep more comfortably.

Dulls Aches & Soreness

Many HHC users said that this cannabinoid helped them soothe their body pain and may reduce soreness. As the HHC interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), it can cause the body’s receptors to lower the pain signals.

Creativity & Focus Booster

A sufficient dose of HHC can affect divergent creative thinking by boosting cerebral blood flow to the frontal lobes. Moreover, HHC may improve focus by muting distractions like mild anxiety, stress, or chronic pain.

Dosing Recommendation

There’s no exact amount of HHC, which may vary depending on the user’s tolerance and expectations. However, as a rule of thumb – always start with a low dosage and go slow. Then, once you find the “sweet spot,” stick to that dose.

Where To Buy HHC Products for Sale?

If you live near a legal cannabis dispensary, you may get lucky to source legal HHC products. However, since HHC is new, it may only be available in a few bring-and-mortar stores. So, the best option is to buy legal HHC products for sale online only from reputable brands.

Beware of bogus online stores offering HHC products at low prices. A credible brand can provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on all their HHC products. This certificate ensures the accuracy and safety of all the hemp-derived products on their shelf.

Why Buy HHC Products for Sale from Hifi Farms?

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How To Store HHC Products The Right Way?

Store HHC products at home in an air-tight container and put them in a dry and cool area. It is essential to keep any HHC product in stable atmospheric condition without any sudden spikes or drops in the humidity levels. Avoid direct sunlight exposure and keep it in storage that’s usually below 77 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature.

Successfully storing HHC products may help prolong their shelf life from about 14 months to 2 years. At the same time, it helps maintain the cannabinoid’s potency. Avoid using an HHC product if it has cloudy discoloration and a foul odor.

Keep Out Of Reach From Children

HHC is not intended for children and underage adolescents. These ages are always curious. Anything that may pick their interest might signal their brain to try or use that item. Thus, always keep your HHC products in the most secure place in your home. Always keep it away from their reach and sight.