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A Hemper promo code will help you save a lot if you plan on buying smoking accessories and hemp products! The only way to obtain them is to save enough or wait for them to go on sale status with a Hemper coupon. 




It is also when a Hemper coupon code comes in handy. You might be hoping for a chance to encounter one. Consider yourself lucky right now, for we’ve got Hemper discount codes for you.



Hemper Promo Code

If you want the best Hemper promo codes – we’ve got one for you. Use the coupon code “Slyng” and save money. Make sure to copy this Hemper promo code once you reach the checkout page to avail of online discounts with no exclusions for today! 



About Hemper

Specializing in smoking accessories, Hemper is an online headshop that definitely has the most rad-looking smoking accessories around! But what makes Hemper stand out in the hemp market is their idea of Past Hemper Xl Boxes!


The subscription Hemper box also come in cool, unique themes ranging from:

  • A Chinese takeout box
  • UFO-themed
  • Retro gamer-themed
  • Dragon Ball Z-themed
  • Spongebob-themed, and more!


The subscription box system works by receiving your monthly box set containing around 10 smoking accessories handpicked by their expert curators. But if you prefer to choose things your way, the contents could be customized too to your liking. To top it all, you get to enjoy Hemper coupons that would let you save more bucks.



Products From Hemper

Smoking accessories like dab tools, rigs, and bongs aside, Hemper also sells a wide assortment of hemp products such as D8 carts, D9 edibles, and HHC vapes from reputable brands. You could use them to customize your monthly box or add them to your orders.


In addition, you can enjoy these hemp products with Hemper coupons. Consume more, and save money on your entire order.


Delta 8 THC Products


Delta 8 Product


Hemper is currently selling a total of 175 Delta 8 THC products! Hemper is selling Delta 8 THC products from the following vendors (numbers on the right indicate how many D8 products are under those vendors) and the type of products under their labels:


  1. Bay Smokes (42) – blunts, carts, disposables, distillates, gummies, moon rocks, nugs, sauce 
  2. 3Chi (27) – carts, gummies, tinctures
  3. Delta Munchies (25) – carts, disposables, gummies 
  4. Indicaloud (18) – carts, disposables, gummies, moon rocks, shisha
  5. Plain Jane (16) – blunts, carts, cigs, edibles, flowers, gummies, pre-rolls, tinctures
  6. Country Roads (12) – carts, gummies
  7. Enjoy Hemp (9) – disposables, gummies
  8. Binoid (6) – disposables, gummies
  9. RVDCBD (6) – carts, disposables
  10. Secret Nature (4) – carts, disposables
  11. Dank Lite (3) – dabs, gummies
  12. Industrial Hemp Farms (3) – flowers
  13. Copper CBD (2) – carts, gummies
  14. RIP’D (2) – gummies


So, make sure to use Hemper coupons for your favorite products.


Delta 9 THC Products


Delta 9 Product


Hemper is currently selling 25 Delta 9 THC delicious edible products. Hemper is selling Delta 9 THC edibles from the following vendors (numbers on the right indicate how many D9 edibles are under those vendors). Also, take note that all brands are offering just gummies except for two brands:


  1. 3Chi (3) – fruity pebbles, cookies, brownies
  2. Kificure (1) – nuggiez (those are sweet, crunchy white chocolate)
  3. Dank Lite (1)
  4. Snoozy (1)
  5. Country Roads (2)
  6. Delta Munchies (3)
  7. Enjoy Hemp (4)
  8. Melee (4)
  9. Bay Smokes (6)


One might have also noticed that D9 products almost always come in edibles. The reasons for that are mainly because of potency and legal issues. All D9 THC used in edibles are hemp-derived, so they don’t exceed the 0.3% of D9 THC that federal law requires.


D9 is also quite potent when ingested by other means. So, use a coupon code now to enjoy these D9 products.


HHC Disposable Vapes


HHC Disposable Vapes


Hemper is currently selling 6 HHC products in the form of disposable vape pens and you can use a coupon code to save some bucks. Their HHC disposables are from the following vendors (numbers on the right indicate how many D8 products are under those vendors):


  1. Melee (2)
  2. Bay Smokes (3)
  3. Binoid (1) – HHC-O


The difference between HHC and HHC-O is that HHC-O has stronger effects. Think of HHC-O as an upgraded version of HHC. HHC-O is said to be even stronger than D9!



Similar Discounts & Products

Are there any Hemper competitor coupons? Another brand offering similar discounts and products worth mentioning is a fresh brand called Hifi Farms.


Hifi Farms was founded by a group of cannabis enthusiasts, so the knowledge and passion for hemp products are there. No wonder their products are amazing despite being a more recent brand. 




Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

Aside from a Hemper code, Hifi Farms offers an opportunity to try their hemp products by giving away a 20% discount code on all products for anyone buying for the first time by signing up for their newsletter! In addition, you can get free shipping with a minimum order of $50.



Delta 8 Products

The majority of Hifi Farms hemp products are Delta 8 THC. With a vast assortment of D8 products, they got you covered whether you prefer inhaling, consuming, or whatever form of delivery you desire for your daily dose of D8 – and with a discount code! 




Delta 8 Carts


Hifi Farms cartridge refills also come pre-charged, so just slap them in your 510 vape pen and complete your smoking essentials! Don’t forget to add online coupons to your entire purchase.




Delta 8 Disposable


These vape pens are rechargeable and meant to be used as long as they have juice. Also comes pre-charged, so you can use it immediately after you get it out of the box! 


Live Resin


Delta 8 Live Resin


The premium option for disposable vape pens. Offering a more flavorful aroma and more potent buzz, that was made possible thanks to the Live Resin extraction method. Save money using coupon codes.




Delta 8 Flower


Flowers are the best option for those who prefer their D8 to be in its purest, most natural form possible. They are also for those who prefer versatility, as they could be smoked, added to vapes, or ground the flower to add to your edibles or apply them topically. 


Moon Rocks

These mini-moons are intended for smoking and provide a more potent buzz than a flower. 




Hifi Farms Delta 8 Gummies Variety


An excellent choice for those always on the go, gummies are the staple form of hemp edibles.



Delta 9 Products

All of Hifi Farms Delta 9 THC hemp products are in edible form. But you still have various options depending on how you want to eat or even drink them. 




Delta 9 Gummies


Hifi Farms D9 juicy fruity gummies stand out because of the way they taste! They taste more like the actual fruits they are based on, not some sugar-coated candy. They come in the following fruity flavors: 


  • Mango 
  • Watermelon


Cereal bars


Delta 9 Cereal Bars


Your favorite breakfast cereals in compressed form and infused with D9 THC for that extra high energy! The flavors come in these favorite classics: 


  • Fruity Pebbles 
  • Cocoa Pebbles




Delta 9 Syrup


Syrups are similar to tinctures but more versatile in application. They could transform your pancakes into fun cakes or add more excitement to your cup of cappuccino! You may take them as is, but you could add them to your favorite drinks or food.


They come in the following sweet and fruity flavors: 


  • Cotton Candy
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Grape 


Syrups, being in liquid form, are also fast-acting and said to kick in as early as minutes! D9 edibles in solid form are slower and take around 30 minutes to several hours to feel its effects. However, the upside is that the effects are stronger and last longer! 



HHC Disposables


HHC Disposable


Hifi Farms HHC hemp products come in the form of Disposable vape pens. Hifi Farms HHC Vape Pens offers the following flavors, with one for each strain: 


  1. Pineapple Express – Sativa 
  2. Gelato – Hybrid 
  3. Watermelon OG – Indica


Regarding potency, HHC is in the middle ground between Delta 8 and Delta 9. However, some people prefer HHC for a good reason – its effects last quite long, with some saying they had experienced its effects for about 6 hours!


Another notable feature of this hydro-generated form of THC is its durability. It can withstand harsh elements ranging from UV rays and heat to oxidation, which gives it a long shelf life! It is why HHC is also preferred by bulk buyers, and its long-lasting effects and shelf life makes it the toughest among THCs.


Hifi Farms is also known for its high-quality Disposables made of medical-grade materials. Their Disposables are quick and convenient to use with just a press of a button. It is also drawn-activated; just puff and be prepared to experience the effects of HHC.  


Hifi Farms Disposables come with a micro USB charger, so you don’t have to start using the ones from your other gadgets.




Final Thoughts – Hemper Coupon Code

Consider yourself lucky, as a Hemper Promo Code is really rare, so you should take advantage of this opportunity to get the best discount! It’s not to late for Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday deals.

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