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A Harbor City HempCoupon Code would help you save up a lot when buying hemp products! Being able to save up is always incredible, even if the products you buy are already at affordable prices. Stick with the philosophy of “save more, buy more!”


Shops like Harbor City Hemp are the kind of hemp shops that offers too many excellent products that it is hard to decide that you might as well buy them all if possible! By having coupon codes, you are allowed to be able to buy as much as you want without burning your bank! 

Consider yourself lucky today, for here are some City Hemp promo codes! It’s one of the best deals to save money.


Harbor City Hemp Coupon Code

Harbor City hemp coupons are the best way to enjoy hemp products. With these promo codes, you get to enjoy the effects of THC without emptying your wallet. So, grab the following coupon codes now!

  • slyng15 – Use this code upon checking out to get 15% off on any order of Harbor City Hemp products! (Yeah, with no exclusions!)

  • FREESYRINGE – Get a free empty glass syringe with distillate for any purchase of Harbor City Hemp Distillates. 

Aside from Harbor Hemp promo codes, you can also get 10% off your first order by subscribing to their site’s newsletter.


About Harbor City Hemp

Harbor City Hemp was founded by two engineers in Melbourne, Florida. Their passion for hemp products gave them the goal of providing customers like you, whom they could relate to, with the highest quality possible hemp products at affordable prices.

They also have their Certificate Of Analysis and 3rd party lab results on their website. It is to ensure customers like you that their products are free from things like pesticides, residual solvents, and heavy metals and have their potency tested.


Products From Harbor City Hemp

Harbor City Hemp sells everything hemp related, from products to related accessories. The hemp products they sell are also under their label, except for the accessories. Fortunately, you can enjoy huge savings using their promo codes.

Harbor City Hemp products can also be found in other hemp shops. You might want to also check your local hemp store to see if they have hemp stuff under the Harbor City Hemp brand.

Harbor City Hemp feels like they cover all sorts of hemp products due to their really wide variety of items! They got stuff from devices, syringes, and carts to tinctures, edibles, and even more, like hemp products for your pets! They have D8, D9, HHC, CBD, CBN, and CBG.


Delta 8 Products 


Harbor City HempCoupon Code Delta 8 Product

Harbor City Hemp currently has a total of 43 Delta 8 THC products. They offer the following type of Delta 8 THC items:

  1. Edibles – Like Chocolate, Taffy, Peanut Butter Nuggets, Butter Cream Caramels, and of course, Gummies.

  2. Syringes

  3. Tinctures

  4. Carts

  5. Distillates – Check out the Harbor City Hemp Coupon Code section, as they have a limited special offer on Distillates right now!

  6. Disposables

They even have D8 + Live Oil and other blends. They also offer bundle deals which would save you a great deal of money, like:

  1. Mix and match 3 Carts + Battery (all of your choice)

  2. Battery + Cart

  3. Tincture + Cart

  4. Tincture assorted set bundles


Delta 9 Edibles


Harbor City HempCoupon Code Delta 9 Edibles Product


Harbor City Hemp offers 7 Delta 9 THC products, all in the form of delicious edibles. All their Delta 9 THC products are also in sale status right now, so grab them before they are gone, or the price goes back to normal!

Harbor City Hemp has the following type of D9 edibles:

  1. Chocolate Minis – You have 3 delicious flavors to choose from Milk Chocolate , Dark Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream

  2. Peanut Butter Nuggets

  3. Butter Cream Caramels

  4. Gummies – They offer 2 types of D9 gummies. D9 CBD gummies and D9 + D8 + CBD blend gummies. Both types have assorted flavors but offer different flavors depending on the variation. 


CBD Tinctures


Harbor City HempCoupon Code CBD Tincture product

Harbor City Hemp offers 7
CBD products, all in the form of tinctures. All their CBD products are also in sale status right now, so grab them before the price goes back to normal or before they run out of stock!

Harbor City Hemp has the following lineup for their CBD tinctures product line:

  1. THC-Free – Available in 500 mg and 1500 mg. Pure CBD without psychoactive effects.

  2. Full-Spectrum – Contains D9 but with a low THC concentration.

  3. Pet Tinctures – Comes in Peanut Butter or Bacon flavors.

  4. Ultimate Tincture Bundle – Harbor City Hemp’s complete tincture lineup, all in one set!

  5. Tincture + Cart Bundle


Similar Coupon Codes & Products

Another brand offering similar discounts and products is Hifi Farms. Hifi Farm’s founders are a group of cannabis enthusiasts who are also passionate about hemp products, in the same manner, as the founders of Harbor City Hemp are.

Now it isn’t a mystery why despite being a more recent brand, Hifi Farm products are amazing. It’s because the owners are undoubtedly aware of what they are doing and resonate with their customers.

Just like Harbor City Hemp, Hifi Farm products also have Certificates Of Analysis and lab test results from 3rd party labs. So you can be assured of the quality of their products.


Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

Hifi Farms is currently offering a 20% discount for all its products for first-time buyers by using this code HIFIPROMO20! All you have to do is simply sign up for their newsletter at their website.

In addition, the brand offers free shipping for orders $50 and more. It would be the perfect chance to experience how good their hemp products are by getting to save up simultaneously!


Delta 8 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Moon Rocks Product

The main line of Hifi Farms hemp products comes are
Delta 8 THC, and using a promo code allows you to enjoy its sensational high.

Hifi Farms Delta 8 THC products guarantee a fantastic experience with high-like effects, providing a delightful euphoria and making your body feel relaxed. Delta 8 THC also shows signs of relieving some medical hindrances, making them great for personal wellness.

With a different variety of Delta 8 THC items and promo codes, Hifi Farms has you covered on however you want to take Delta 8 THC.

  1. D8 THC products for inhaling Disposables, Live Resin, Carts, Moon Rocks
  2. D8 THC product for ingestion: Gummies
  3. D8 THC product with versatile ways of taking: Flowers


Delta 9 Edibles


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Edibles product

Hifi Farms Delta 9 products are all in the form of edibles also. Hifi Farms
D9 edible line up is as follows:

  1. Gummies – comes in Mango and Watermelon flavors.

  2. Cereal Bars – take your pick between Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles.

  3. Syrups – go for Cotton Candy or fruity flavors like Grape, Cherry, or Blue Raspberry. 

You might have noticed that almost all of the time Delta 9 products are edibles, if not part of a blend. The reasons for that are because of legality and potency. 

Federal law has required that a product must only contain 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, and that amount is more easily achievable in hemp-derived edibles. Another is its stronger potency, which is why D9 is usually blended with the likes of CBD.


CBD Rosin


Hifi Farms CBD Rosin premium

Hifi Farms CBD products are all in the form of Rosin. Hifi Farms
CBD Rosin products are available in 6 flavors:

  1. Sativa: Blue Dream

  2. Indica: Bubba Kush and Forbidden Fruit

  3. Hybrid: Ecto Cooler, Mai Tai, and Runtz

Rosin is also known to have almost instant effects, and that is achievable via inhalation methods. That is one particular reason why Rosin is also preferred in dabbing.

Hifi Farms Design Promo Banner

Final Thoughts – Harbor City Promo Codes

Coupon Codes could prevent a hole in your wallet and allow you to buy more or other perks like freebies. Coupon Codes are challenging to come by, so you must grab the
Harbor City HempCoupon Code above before it’s gone!

If you have been looking for promotional codes Submit coupon code upon checkout. These are discounts that can’t see even in the most popular stores.

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