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Fab CBD Coupon Code

Get a Hifi Farms and Fab CBD coupon code on this page to save a lot the next time you purchase hemp products! 




CBD is a supportive treatment for various health ailments and mental wellness. Meanwhile, Delta 9 THC, originally perceived just for recreational uses, also shows more potential. 


Hemp products are becoming more and more accessible as the negative connotations associated with them are clarified, and more studies are being conducted to back their effectiveness. 


So if you’re one of the cannabis enthusiasts, let’s find Fab CBD coupons for the best shopping experience. The best Fab CBD coupons would let you enjoy huge savings for your favorite CBD products.



Fab CBD Coupons

Do note you may only use one Fab CBD deal at a time. To use a Fab CBD promo code, proceed to your cart, click “Checkout Securely,” and then you’ll be taken to another page.


Click “Show Order Summary,” and then the Fab CBD discount code input field will appear underneath your purchases. Copy and paste or manually enter one of the codes below, then click apply. If it works, then it will reflect underneath your subtotal.


Use one of the following Fab CBD promo codes to get 20% off store wide! Choose the best coupons and active codes that this brand offers.


  1. 20% off Fab CBD Coupon Code: 3JSAFTERDARK 
  2. 20% off Fab CBD Coupon Code: FIRSTFAB20 
  3. 20% off Fab CBD Coupon Code: CBDINSIDER 
  4. 20% off Fab CBD Coupon Code: CHEAPVAPINGS 
  5. 20% off Fab CBD Coupon Code: COUPONKIND 
  6. 20% off Fab CBD Coupon Code: COUPONLIFE 


If you also plan to use a Fab CBD product regularly, you could join their Subscribe & Save Discount Club.


It works by having a hemp product or products of your choice delivered automatically, such as every two weeks depending on your choice, and then you get 20% off every time!


It also saves you from the hassle of having to order every time your CBD products run out; you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to do so due to being busy!  


Spent a little too much on hemp products? Aside from Fab CBD discount codes, get Fab CBD free shipping if you have purchased over $99! Feel free to check the Fab CBD coupon page for the best deals and new coupons.



About Fab CBD

Fab CBD offers potent hemp products using premium-quality CBD but at more affordable prices! Fab CBD has been around since 2017 and still going strong.


Fab CBD has a more straightforward goal of providing high-quality hemp products formulated with a specific purpose and intent for the best results. Fortunately, you can try different hemp products under this brand and enjoy great Fab CBD discounts.


Fab CBD uses high-quality organic hemp grown and processed in Colorado! Fab CBD products are also free from the likes of fillers and additives. You can rest assured that their hemp products are clean and consistent, undergoing testing at their farm and then at a 3rd party laboratory, ProVerde, for Certificates of Analysis. You can check them on Fab CBD’s website.



Products From Fab CBD

As their name implies, Fab CBD specializes and focuses on CBD, with all the products they are selling under their own brand label. They offer the following type of CBD products:


  1. CBD Oil
  2. CBD Gummies 
  3. CBD Capsules 
  4. CBD Topicals 
  5. CBD for Dogs 


Aside from CBD, they also offer hemp products derived from CBG. It also appears they are venturing more into other types of cannabinoids also, such as Delta 9 THC! Don’t forget to use a Fab CBD code to enjoy discounts. If you encounter any issues at the checkout page, contact Fab CBD immediately.






Fab CBD’s CBD oil is their best-seller and what places them where they are standing today! Their CBD oil is full spectrum, so expect an entourage effect, thanks to the remaining presence of naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential cannabinoids. It only contains 0.3% hemp-derived THC, as required by federal law. 


Fab CBD’s CBD oil uses MCT as its carrier oil and comes in the following flavors to suit your individual taste:


  1. Natural
  2. Citrus
  3. Mint
  4. Vanilla
  5. Berry


Fab CBD’s CBD oil comes in the following strength to accommodate your personal needs: 


  1. 300 mg 
  2. 600 mg 
  3. 1200 mg 
  4. 2400 mg 


Aside from a special discount, you also save more by purchasing their 3-bottle value pack!


CBD Cream


CBD Cream


Fab CBD’s CBD Cream is one of their best-selling topical products, with each jar containing 600 mg of CBD. Their topical is cream-flavored, with a lovely, mild orange scent and no off-putting smell. Aside from being effective, they are also comfortable to use as they are light, non-greasy, and silky!


Fab CBD’s CBD Cream also includes other ingredients that do wonders for the skin and help maintain that youthful glow, such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil. Fab CBD’s CBD Cream is the perfect relaxing massage cream after a tiring day from work as you soothe those aches away from your sore muscles!


Fab CBD’s CBD cream also comes in a value 3-pack to help you save even more! Plus, a discount deal from online coupons gives you huge savings on your favorite hemp products.


Delta 9 Gummies




Fab CBD specializes in CBD but is also venturing into other cannabinoids, such as their Delta 9 THC Gummies! Each piece of gummy contains 5 mg of Delta 9 THC and full spectrum CBD to elevate your mind and body. They have enough D9 to enhance your mood and not cause extreme mind-altering effects. Fab CBD D9 gummies come in the following juicy fruity flavors: 


  1. Guava  
  2. Melon 


Fab CBD D9 gummies offer the following benefits: 


  1. Sleep Assist
  2. Elevated mood 


Each jar contains 60 pieces, which would last around two months. It takes an average of half an hour to 45 minutes before the effects kick in! It might take around 4 hours to fully experience their effects. 




Similar Discounts & Products

What are the other Fab CBD competitor coupons in the cannabis market? Hifi Farms is another brand mirroring a lot of similarities with Fab CBD. Hifi Farms may be somewhat fresh in the hemp market, but they offer premium-quality hemp products!


Founded by a group of hemp enthusiasts, Hifi Farms aims to provide premium-quality products at more accessible prices; with their years of experience dealing with the best and the worst hemp products in the market, they ended up producing top-tier hemp products!


It isn’t just their experience with hemp products that makes Hifi Farms products the best of the best, but also their use of premium-quality hemp. As the name suggests, Hifi Farms uses carefully selected hemp flowers that are greenhouse and indoor-grown. Such controlled environments produce the best quality hemp flowers, which provide premium CBD!


Aside from CBD, Hifi Farms also offer a variety of cannabinoid products such as D8, D9, HHC, and more! They also have an assortment of hemp products, from edibles to flowers to vapes, to name a few!


With CoAs from 3rd party labs, you can rest assured with every Hifi Farms product.



Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

If it would be your first time buying from Hifi Farms, you could get a 20% discount on your entire order by simply signing up for their spam-free email newsletter! If this is your 2nd time, you are still in luck, as there is a 20% off coupon code! 


Use the coupon code “HIFIPROMO20″ to enjoy 20% off your entire order. To use, proceed to your cart and click “View Cart,” You’ll be taken to another screen where you can find the Coupon Code input field underneath the Subtotal.


Copy and paste or manually enter the code, then click “Apply Coupon.” It would then be reflected underneath your Subtotal. Hifi Farms also offers free shipping for all orders above just $49.99!


CBD Tinctures 

Hifi Farms CBD Tincture is in Isolate form, so expect pure CBD without the risk of false positives in tests and psychoactive effects! Hifi Farms uses Organic Coconut oil for its carrier oil, making it smell and taste better, along with some extra benefits from coconut oil.


While meant to be taken sublingually, its great-tasting flavor also provides the option of adding a drop of this for your favorite beverage or snack, catering to your preference of taking your daily dose of CBD at the cost of the effect, not acting as fast as taken sublingually.


CBD Topicals 

Hifi Farms CBD Topicals offer fast, soothing relief! They come in the following forms: 


CBD Coconut Oil Muscle Rub

This nice-smelling muscle rub also feels great on the skin, making it perfect for sore muscles after a hard day’s work! 


CBD Muscle Rub Roll-On

This menthol-infused muscle rub roll-on allows you to target those aching spots better. Since it is a roll-on and has menthol, it also provides relief against itches and headaches! 


Delta 9 Edibles

Hifi Farms offers their Delta 9 Edibles in various forms to accommodate your preferences in how you wish to consume your D9! 


D9 Gummies


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Gummies Edibles


Each piece contains 35 mg of D9, making them potent! While that might be the case, they still aren’t strong enough to alter your mind.


Potency aside, Hifi Farms D9 gummies are well-known for their fruity taste, as they taste more like the fruits they are based on, as if they are more like those fruit snacks instead of those overly sugary standard gummies. They come in the following juicy fruit flavors: 


  1. Mango 
  2. Watermelon 


Hifi Farm’s gummies are also well known for not easily melting, thanks to their signature formula! Now you don’t have to worry about them becoming sticky during transport. 


D9 Cereal Bars


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Cereal bars products


Craving for a delicious bite that is both a quick energy source and high? Then these Cereal Bars are definitely for you! They come in flavors based on all-time favorites such as: 


  1. Fruity Pebbles
  2. Cocoa Pebbles


D9 Syrups


Delta 9 Edibles Syrup


Syrups are like the reverse form of tinctures, which are meant to be taken by adding them to your favorite beverages or snacks instead of sublingually. However, Hifi Farms D9 Syrups are also great-tasting by themselves, so you may also take them as is! They come in sweet or fruity flavors:


  1. Cotton Candy 
  2. Cherry 
  3. Grape
  4. Blue Raspberry 


Hifi Farms Promo Banner 3


Final Thoughts – Fab CBD Promo Code

Thank coupon codes for providing an easy way to get around against constantly rising prices. You can enjoy your favorite CBD (and other cannabinoids) at the lowest prices. Discount codes are amazing; you’ll notice on the subtotal how much you are getting to save up.


It may only be on some select items, but it’s definitely going to cut some bucks on your total bill. So make great use of the Hifi Farms and Fab CBD coupon code to enjoy the best deal! 


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