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No matter how many zeros you have on your bank account, the idea of a discount or online coupons is always alluring. If you’re a cannabis fan, then the Eaze promo code is right for you.

HiFi Farms Coupon Code

Our brand offers significant deals for our valued customers and soon-to-be patrons. All our premium, highly potent, clean edibles, flowers, and vapes are available with a promo code.

Eaze is a trustworthy manufacturer and seller of high-grade hemp products. We proudly rule the California cannabis market and are proud of our psychoactive creations.

Let’s go ahead and check our feature products, promo codes, and information about our company.


Eaze Coupon Codes


With this Eaze promo code, you’ll save 30% off the brand’s products. Just enter the code “Leo” or “THIRSTY” in the designated section during the checkout process to get a reduced price. Either Eaze code will give you great deals. Amazing, right?

Find your Eaze promo code, and copy it. On their website add your Eaze products and proceed to checkout. Then paste your Eaze coupon code into the coupon code box and enjoy your discount.

Eaze promo codes give you more ways to get discounts and save more money. You can enjoy different products from Eaze and enjoy your favorite flavors.


About Eaze


Eaze operates in California. Our brand not only cultivates and manufactures the most potent hemp items but also cares for our community.

As an active member of society, Eaze has a mission to share the goodness of cannabis with the world. By giving access to psychoactive products, we help improve consumers’ health.


Products From Eaze


There are hundreds of hemp products at Eaze that you can enjoy with your Eaze discount code. You can seamlessly browse our user-friendly website and find the best fit. For our 30% off deal, we focus on our delicious edibles, potent flowers, and intensely psychoactive vapes.


Flower & Pre Rolls


Eaze Flower product

Depending on the strain, the flowers and pre-rolls from Eaze have a THC content of 17% to 38%. You can enjoy flowers and pre-rolls at lower prices with an Eaze discount code.

We use the following strains for our flowers;

  • Calibre Hash
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Fruit Bubblegum
  • Grape Ape
  • 805 Glue
  • Chocolate Thaighani
  • Blue Dream
  • Mango Biche
  • Strawberry Bananaz
  • Cereal Milk
  • Desert Gold
  • CloudBerry
  • Lemon Sour Diesel
  • Face Mintz
  • Kush Mintz
  • Purple Gelato

With so many flavors, you’ll never know what boredom is with Eaze flowers. Rich with their respective cannabinoids and terpenes, these smokable products are highly potent, and your euphoria is extraordinary.

What better way to enjoy it than with a promo code? So take the chance to smoke the flowers and pre-rolls from our brand. It’s an experience you’ll regret not having.


Vaporizer Cartridges


Eaze Vaporizer Cartridges product

The vaporizer cartridges from Eaze are available in 0.5g and 1g options. We also have all-in-one vaporizers that are disposables. Vaporizer carts require an attachment to a 510-thread battery, while the disposable pens are already equipped with the necessary components.

With both options, the batteries are rechargeable. And depending on the strain, the amount of THC on each vape is between 73% and 96%. Eaze makes it a point to always play around with the flavors and aroma of the carts and disposable vaporizers.

We always do our best to make our customers happy by offering all your favorite scents and taste of hemp. So, you can enjoy vaporizer cartridges at lower prices with Eaze coupons.




Eaze Edibles product

The fantastic selection of edibles on the Eaze website includes gummies & mints, chocolates & baked goods, and drinks. Better yet, you can buy it with a promo code.

Gummies typically contain 100 mg of THC and sometimes, together with 10-38 mg of CBD, while tarts have 5 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol only.

As for chocolates and baked products, the regular THC content is 100 mg. And when it comes to Eaze drinks, the THC composition is 16-100 mg, with CBD of 2-24 mg.

Cannabis consumers love our brand’s potent edibles and drinks because of their long-lasting effects. Also, these delicious treats are discreet, portable, and flavorful. So get some tasty edibles while our brand gives away Eaze coupons.


Other Companies


Eaze is one of many companies offering discount schemes. Other hemp brands are doing the same thing, like HiFi Farms.

HiFi Farms Coupon Code

HiFi Farms Coupon Code (20%)


Like Eaze discounts, HiFi Farms will never be left behind when providing deals to customers. The brand is giving away a 20% promo code for their Delta 8 products by using this code HIFIPROMO20.

Aside from coupon codes, HiFi Farms also offers free delivery for a minimum order. So, the more you buy means you can receive free delivery.


Delta 8 Gummies


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Gummies product


Delta 8 gummies are tiny, elastic candies with natural fruit flavors and shades. HiFi Farms carry potent D8 gummies on their website, and all of the products have COAs to boast. The gummies are from organic, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients.

The manufacturer uses pectin to enhance the soft yet firm texture of the gummies, as well as improve the high melting points. Fortunately, you can enjoy these gummies with a promo code.

THC gummies from this brand usually contain 30 mg of Delta 8 extract and other potent cannabinoids to generate an entourage effect. These candies are psychoactive, so take a small bite before indulging in a whole gummy.


Delta 8 Vape Pen


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Vape Pen product


The vaping world appreciates the creation of Delta 8 vape pens. The scintillating aromas and smooth taste of the vapor enhance the psychoactive effects of Delta 8. Get HiFi Farm’s promo codes, and enjoy vape pens.

Disposable vapes are pre-filled with a high D8 THC distillate, terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. Plus, the medical-grade hardware will never let you down. The vapes from HiFi Darns are known to be durable and leak-free.

Plus, the rechargeable battery is convenient for a non-stop puffing of euphoric vapor. Additionally, HiFi Farms also offers Delta 8 vape cartridges. These are reusable gadgets that are available for sale without a battery.


Delta 8 Moon Rocks


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Moon Rocks product


Delta 8 moon rocks from HiFi Farms are extremely psychotropic flowers that require caution in smoking. Manufacturers soak the hemp nugs into a generous amount of Delta 8 distillate, and then kief covers the flowers. Then, they do this process multipletimes, which results in highly euphoric moon rocks.

Hemp fanatics love moon rocks because of the three layers of psychoactivity. However, Delta 8 is half as strong as Delta 9. Get high, and save money with a promo code.

Consuming moon rocks will allow you to experience a similar high to D9 THC. Plus, you can mix moon rocks with regular Delta 8 flowers. Many users sprinkle small amounts of moon rocks on their joints and pipes.

Hifi Farms Banner


Final Thoughts – Eaze Promo Codes


The two Eaze promo code options are exciting and worth your while. 30% discount is more than enough for a good deal. No doubt, Eaze offers one of the most lucrative promotions in the industry.

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