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Denex Hemp coupons would help you save up and prevent you from hurting your wallet on your next purchase of hemp-derived products!

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Two brands with great, high-quality products that deserve more recognition are Denex Hemp and Hifi Farms.

You could also save a lot of money buying from them right now, as they offer coupon codes with a 20% off code for any hemp-derived items purchased from the Hifi Farms website!


Denex Coupon Code

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Denex Hemp coupon and get a great deal with not just a mere 5% or even 10% to 15% (which would already help you save a lot of money) but a whopping 26% off! Grab the code below now before it is gone! 

  • Slyng13 – Denex Hemp is offering 26% off your next order with no exclusions!

  • CARTS22 – Buy one cart and then get one at 50% off! Just use the code at checkout! 

Don’t miss out on these coupons before it reaches their expiration date. Enjoy these hemp products and get huge savings.


About Denex Hemp 

One thing great about family-owned businesses is that they can give a better level of engagement with their customers on a more personal level – and Denex Hemp happens to be one.

Another thing about family-owned smaller businesses is that they are more familiar with the customer base. Such a level of personalized customer relationship is reflected in their customer service. Your money also ends up helping a family and still-growing business instead of some huge billion-dollar company.

You are also guaranteed to be getting home-grown, fresh, natural ingredients with Denex Hemp products due to their partnership with local farmers experienced with organic farming and hemp growing in Colorado.

You can rest assured that Denex Hemp also follows hemp industry standards because they provide COAs (Certificates of Analysis) from third-party accredited labs. Along with other compliant documents, core values, and adhering to federal law standards, Denex Hemp products are potent, high-quality, and free from contamination, ensuring purity.


Products From Denex Hemp 

Denex Hemp sells hemp-derived products mostly under their own label. Aside from individual sales, Denex Hemp also offers their products in wholesale and bulk. They also offer unique services such as custom formulation.  

Denex Hemp covers a lot of cannabinoid products using the purest product formulation; it feels like they’ve covered all of them! They offer the following type of cannabinoid products: 

  1. Delta-8 THC

  2. Delta-9 THC

  3. Delta-10 THC

  4. THCO

  5. HHC

  6. CBD

  7. CBG

  8. CBN

  9. CBC

They also have Live Resin and Terpenes for dabs and vapes! Denex Hemp also has a wide assortment of products; here are some examples.


Delta 8 Products


Denex Delta 8 Gummies Products

Denex Hemp’s flagship hemp product appears to be their Delta 8 THC collection. It exceeds the other type of cannabinoid products with a current total of 23 types of items in its inventory. They have the following type of Delta 8 THC items such as: 

  1. Vape Carts – buy one cart, get one 50% off using the code from above.

  2. Disposable Vapes

  3. Joints

  4. Dabs

  5. Shatter

  6. Distillates

  7. Tinctures

  8. Gummies

The following items from Denex Hemp are also on sale status right now, so it would be best to buy them first while they still are or before they are gone: 

  1. Premium DELTA-8 Carts – combine this with the code above to save even more!

  2. THC-O + DELTA-8 Vape Cart – save a lot by combining carts with the code above!

  3. Premixed DELTA-10/DELTA-8 Distillate with terpenes

  4. Premium 15mg DELTA-8 Gummies

  5. 30mg 2:1 DELTA-8+CBN Gummies

  6. 30mg 1:1 DELTA-8+CBN Gummies

Denex Hemp’s best-selling product is none other than their DELTA-8 Shatter! With around 371 five-star reviews and still counting, it serves as a testament to how amazing it is!

Buyers also tend to add terpene flavors to make this more awesome! Its relaxing effect helps you mellow down and even helps in soothing your anxiety and nausea.


Delta 9 Products


Denex Delta 9 Products

Denex Hemp’s Delta 9 products all come in the form of consumables! Denex Hemp may not have many Delta 9 THC items on their list, but that doesn’t mean you should just set them aside since they are great! Denex Hemp has the following Delta 9 THC products:



Denex Hemp’s D9 THC gummies are also blended with CBD. Best taken after a long day, they are both potent and long-lasting!

It comes in Blue Raspberry, Passion Fruit, or Assorted if you can’t decide between the two! Their combined effects calm your mind and soothe your body aches while still having a gentle buzz.


DELTA-9 THC + CBD Lollipop

Another blend of D9 THC and CBD, this time in lollipops! These tasty, relaxing treats come in Lemon Lime, Cherry Lime, or Variety if you want both flavors!

Speaking of lollipops, their THC-O Lollipops are on clearance sale status right now due to a malformed batch. Don’t worry about the potency, though, as they still possess the same high!

Delta 9 THC products tend to be in the form of edibles, or occasionally some form of blended smokeable, due to the extremely potent nature of D9 THC, along with federal regulations.

The 2018 Farm Bill act requires the 0.3% THC threshold, making edibles and blends the most viable forms to achieve this.


CBD Tincture 


Denex CBD Tincture product

Denex Hemp currently has a total of 14 CBD and related products like blends on their lineup. Their CBD products mainly come in the form of CBD tinctures, but there are also other varieties of CBD products, such as:

  1. Gummies

  2. Distillates

  3. Lollipop

  4. Isolate

Denex Hemp CBD tinctures come both in pure forms and blends. They also offer them in bulk forms which is great for stocking up or reselling. 

One of their “Be Free” CBD tincture lines that definitely deserves more attention is their CBG + CBD Tincture blend. Combining both CBD + CBG provides an awesome way to feel relaxed. 

If you are groggy the next day after a night of taking it then perhaps you are taking too much and simply need to lower your dose.


Similar Discount Codes & Products

Hifi Farms shares many similarities with Denex Hemp, such as its discounts and products. Hifi Farms knows its customer base well and could relate to them on a more personal level, being a group of cannabis enthusiasts themselves.

This familiarity is what gives Hifi Farms the ability to churn out awesome products despite being a more recent brand in the hemp product market.

Hifi Farms also uses fresh, natural, premium ingredients grown in the U.S. The similarity doesn’t just stop there, with Hifi Farms also offering COAs and lab test results from accredited 3rd party labs.


Hifi Farms Coupon Codes (20%)

Use the code “
HIFIPROMO20″ during checkout. Simply enter this code into the designated promo code section, and then click apply code to receive your 20% discount off all Hifi items! In addition, we offer free shipping for a minimum purchase of $50.

Now would also be the perfect opportunity to try Hifi Farm hemp products if you haven’t yet, as they are also offering a 20% off on all items for first-time buyers! All you have to do to avail of this is to sign up for their email newsletter! Not to mention, we have personalized customer service. 


Delta 8 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Gummies product

Hifi Farms’ main products are their
Delta 8 THC collection. You’ll never get bored with the ways you could take your Delta 8, thanks to Hifi Farms’ wide assortment of D8 products!

They currently have the following types of D8 THC products: (numbers on the right denote how many flavors that type of item currently has)

  1. Carts – 3

  2. Disposables – 8

  3. Edibles – Gummies

  4. Pre Rolls – 3

  5. Flowers – 6

  6. Moon Rocks – 3

Their D8 disposables also have a Live Resin D8 blends category with currently 20 types of flavors. There are also hints that Hifi Farms might release even more types of D8 products, such as tincture oils, capsules, cigarettes, concentrates, crumble, and other types of edibles like cereal bars and syrups. 

Hifi Farm products have also been conveniently labeled if they are a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. This gives you an idea about its effects if you are unfamiliar with a flavor.


Delta 9 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Cereal Product

Hifi Farms
D9 products might all be edibles, but you’ll still never get bored with the various ways you could take them, thanks to their variety of products! Each type also offers more than one flavor to choose from. 

  1. Gummies – Mango or Watermelon.

  2. Cereal Bars – Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Pebbles.

  3. Syrups – Cotton Candy, Cherry, Grape, or Blue Raspberry. 

With such variety, you can consume your D9 as a candy, snack, or beverage.


CBD Rosin 


Hifi Farms CBD rosin premium concentrate

Hifi Farms CBD products are currently in the form of CBD Rosin. Their
CBD Rosin lineup comes in the following flavors:

  1. Blue Dream

  2. Forbidden Fruit

  3. Bubba Kush

  4. Ecto Cooler

  5. Mai Tai

  6. Runtz

There are CBD Vape Carts and CBD Dabs sections on their site, but they are still currently empty, so take it as a huge hint that they will release such products soon!

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Final Thoughts – Denex HempCoupon Code

Coupon codes are rare; whenever you encounter them, the discount they provide is usually less than 20%. If you want the best deals,
Denex Hemp and Hifi Farms deals above are rarer opportunities that would allow you to save up even more! 

A coupon gives you huge discounts on your entire order. You can’t just find this offer in any hemp stores. So, when shopping for your favorite cannabis, take advantage of coupons.

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