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Get the Delta 8Vera promo code on this page before it’s gone for good! Aside from Delta Vera, there is also a 20% code on this page from Hifi Farms! 

Hemp products offer a lot of wellness benefits for your overall well-being. They provide supportive treatment for those dealing with certain ailments and body aches.


In addition, it also provides those with stressful and hectic jobs a means of relaxation and chilling out. 

Hemp products aren’t just recreational products; they are more than just supportive treatment but also help manage stress.

The rising prices of everything further add to stress and could also ruin your budget on hemp products, which you also use to cope with stress.

Thankfully, promo codes exist, which is one way to get around such. A promotion that offers even 10% discounts is already of great help, but what more if they are 15% or more like the ones below?

So, let’s help you find amazing deals for your hemp orders.


Delta Vera Promo Code

You could try to get a discount coupon by spinning the wheel on their site and subscribing to their email newsletter. If not, you could not rely on luck and use the discount code below instead! 

Use the code “Slyng” to receive 15% off your order sitewide with no exclusions! Copy and paste or input the above code into the designated coupon code section before checking out to make your discounted online purchase valid.


About Delta Vera

Delta Vera’s core values revolve around these three: Transparency, Quality and Value, and Health and Sustainability. Despite offering high-quality products, they manage to keep them affordable.

Delta Vera was founded due to their enthusiasm for Delta 8 THC products, which they believe could be safe, enjoyable, and also offer a healthy experience.

Delta Vera also offers hemp products in bulk, which would be great if you are a carrier or reseller. Plus, you get to enjoy deals that offer huge savings.

Delta Vera also provides lab tests on their site for their hemp products which they have produced themselves. They use the highest quality hemp from hemp farms in the US and care about the environment by using reusable and recyclable containers.


Products From Delta Vera

Delta Vera sells hemp products under their own label, as well as other exceptional products from reputable brands which they have carefully selected and have passed their standards for quality. 

Aside from giving a generous deal, Delta Vera specializes in bulk buys, and their main focus is Delta 8 THC products, but they also offer other types of hemp-derived products, such as:

  1. Delta 9 THC

  2. THCO

  3. HHC

  4. THCP

  5. THCV

  6. CBG

  7. CBD

With their own products combined with the ones from the other brands they sell, Delta Vera also offers a variety of hemp products such as: 

  1. Edibles and Gummies

  2. Flower

  3. Pre Rolls

  4. Vapes 

They also offer Distillates and Isolates in bulk, allowing you to customize your own products by filling up the form on their site!


Delta 8 Gummies 


Delta Vera Delta 8 Gummies

Delta Vera currently offers 23 Delta 8 gummies. Their Delta 8 THC gummies, under their own label, all come in bulk packs, such as their Delta 8 THC Fruity Rings Gummies Bulk Pack.

Delta Vera’s very own Delta 8 Fruity Rings Gummies come in a 100-piece bulk pack, with each gummy containing 50 mg of Delta 8 THC, so that would be a total of 5000 mg D8 THC per bag! 

They are also handcrafted, giving them a more homemade feel despite containing pro-grade ingredients and having undergone diligent quality control.

Delta Vera brand gummies are also heat resistant, giving them a better shelf life, especially since they come in bulk; you’ll definitely buy them for the purpose of stocking up if you aren’t a reseller. Other D8 gummies, under their own label, come in 1000 pieces in bulk packs. 

Not after bulk packs? Don’t fret, as Delta Vera also offers D8 gummies in smaller volumes, such as single packs, 2-for-1 specials, and bundles from the following brands: 

  1. Delta Man

  2. The Freak Brothers

  3. Delta Boss

  4. Hi on Nature

  5. Trippy Panda

Another important thing is don’t forget to use the coupon to get huge savings.


Delta 8 Flower 


Delta Vera Delta 8 Flower

Delta Vera currently offers 13 Delta 8 Flowers, all under their own label. Whether you seek a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid, Delta Vera has got you covered with the following strains: 

  1. Abacus Diesel

  2. Bubba Kush – is known for relieving aches. 
  3. Hawaiian Haze – this Sativa strain would take you on a trip to a tropical island with its uplifting and lightly euphoric effects as if you are on vacation!

  4. Lifter

  5. Pineapple Express – uses CBD flower then covered with a pure D8 concentrate.

  6. Sour Jack

  7. Sour Lifter

  8. Sour Space Candy – best for engaging in socialization.

  9. Sour Suver Haze

  10. Spec Diesel

  11. Suver Haze – best for increasing productivity but also for relaxation.

  12. Sweet Kush

  13. Tangie – D8 + CBG

However, beware that these products are not ideal for a user that nurses or pregnant. Also, be cautious in using if you have any underlying conditions.


Delta 9 Gummies  


Delta Vera Delta 9 Gummies

All of Delta Vera’s Delta 9 gummies that they currently offer are under their own label. Delta Vera’s D9 Gummies come in the following outer space-themed fruity flavors: 

  1. Watermelon Galactic Gummies

  2. Peach Rings

  3. Green Apple Rings

  4. Cosmic Cherries

  5. Blue Raspberry Galaxy Rings

You wouldn’t get bored with the effects of Delta Vera’s D9 gummies, as they offer more than just the same old “buzz” by being an interesting blend of Delta 8, THCV, and THCO, so expect effects of euphoria, relaxation, and even relief from aches and pain!



Similar Promo Codes & Products

Another brand worth mentioning that offers similar discounts, and products is Hifi Farms!

What makes Hifi Farms stand out from other brands that offer similar discounts and products is that they use premium quality hemp. Thus, it results in high-quality products for something considered a more recent brand.

Hifi Farms was founded by a group of hemp enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about hemp products! Being hemp enthusiasts themselves, they have years of experience using hemp products and have experienced using the best and the worst.

They resonate well with their target market and wouldn’t sell products they wouldn’t personally use, which is another factor for churning out high-quality hemp products.

Hifi Farms uses carefully selected premium hemp for their products, grown in US soil by farmers with extensive years of experience using the best methods.

You can be certain not just of the quality but also the consistency of Hifi Farms products, as they provide CoAs (Certificates of Analysis) from certified 3rd party labs.

COAs ensure that our CBD hemp products are free from unwanted contaminants and have passed federal legal standards.

Hifi Farm’s main line of products is currently Delta 8 THC, but they are also expanding and offering other types of cannabinoids such as Delta 9 THC, CBD, CBG, HHC, and possibly even more in the near future!


Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)


Is this your first time buying hemp products from Hifi Farms? You are in luck, as first-time buyers get to avail of a 20% off all products by doing something free and simple as signing up for their email newsletter! 

Not your first time buying from Hifi Farms? You are still in luck with the 20% code below! 

  • HIFIPROMO20 – to avail of a 20% discount. It applies to all Hifi Farms products!

Right before your checkout, copy and paste or input the above code into the designated coupon code section. Don’t forget to click apply code! 

If you end up spending over $50, then you get to save on shipping fees, as Hifi Farms provides free shipping for spending on that amount!


Delta 8 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Gummies product


Hifi Farms’ flagship products are none other than their Delta 8 products. From gummies, and tinctures, to flowers – we have the right product for you to experience a sensational high.

Our brand offers a wide assortment of Delta 8 Products and plans to release more soon! Here are some Delta 8 products that we offer in store: 

  1. Gummy

  2. Live Resin

  3. Flowers

  4. Moon Rocks

  5. Pre Roll

  6. Carts

  7. Disposables

Hifi Farm’s Delta 8 Gummies are famous (or infamous) as it is one of the most potent D8 gummies, with each piece containing 100 mg of Delta 8! They are super potent and also long-lasting, with a reported duration of its effects said to last for 6 and even 8 hours! 

Each bottle contains assorted fruit flavors, and you have the option of going for 10 or 20 pieces, even 100 pieces for bulk buyers are also available!

They are also heat resistant, so stocking up on them is ok; that is thanks to Hifi Farms’ special fruit pectin formulation! 

Hifi Farm’s D8 Carts are a special blend of D8 and D10 and are well-known for their flower-like flavor and almost instant effects. Being 510 thread cartridges also makes them suitable with just about any vape. 

Hifi Farms D8 Moon Rocks would take you to the moon with their strong effects, made from delicately hand-picked hemp nugs.

Aside from their potent effects, they are also cost-effective, as just a small amount of it would already make you feel the buzz you seek!


Delta 9 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Cereal bars products

Hifi Farms
Delta 9 products all come in the form of delicious edibles! Delta 9 products tend to be in edible form because of their potency, as well as the 0.3% D9 limit required by federal law.

Edibles are the most suitable form for D9 products to pass regulations while maintaining the best potency they can provide. Here are the types of D9 products Hifi Farms has: 



It shares the same traits as its Delta 8 counterpart but contains Delta 9 instead. They also taste like the actual fruits they are based on and come in the following flavors: 

  1. Mango

  2. Watermelon


Cereal Bars

Filling, satisfying, and a great source of quick energy and high! Enjoy snacking on these portable cereal bars wherever you may be; no one would expect them to contain a special ingredient! Comes in these 2 fan favorite cereal flavors: 

  1. Fruity Pebbles

  2. Cocoa Pebbles 



Transform your pancakes or beverages into something magical, or take them as is! Fast-acting and long-lasting, they come in the following sweet and fruity flavors: 

  1. Cotton Candy

  2. Cherry

  3. Grape

  4. Blue Raspberry 


CBD Rosin


Hifi Farms CBD Rosin product

Hifi Farms
CBD Rosin offers the purest concentration of CBD thanks to their signature extraction process that allows most cannabinoids to remain intact! They come in the following flavors and strains:



  • Blue Dream

  • Ecto Cooler



  • Mai Tai

  • Pink Runtz



  • Forbidden Fruit

  • Bubba Kush 

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Final Thoughts – Vera Exclusive Coupon Codes

Your search for the best deals for hemp products ends here. Hemp products offer many health and wellness benefits for one to live a happy life.

Don’t let the rising prices ruin your happiness with the Hifi Farms and Delta Vera coupons provided on this page!

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