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If we’re talking about the benefits of CBD vs Delta 8 THC – both cannabinoids offer potential benefits to promote better wellness. But which is a better option, CBD vs Delta 8?




So keep on reading to find which hemp compound is perfect for you as we compare CBD and Delta 8 THC. Then, pick the right high for your needs.



What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring chemical compound in the cannabis Sativa plant. It is not a marijuana-derived strain, and it has weaker psychoactive effects than Delta 9 THC.


Additionally, Delta 8 may induce feelings of relaxation, pleasure, and ache alleviation. But we’ll talk more about its sensational benefits in a while.


How Is Delta 8 Made?

Manufacturers create this cannabinoid by converting CBD to replicate Delta 8 THC. This process helps in making large quantities of infused Delta 8 products.


Lab-produced Delta 8 THC is more cost-effective and relatively easy to produce. In addition, manufacturers have more control over the variables during the conversion process to create the desired compound.


Here’s the actual process of producing Delta 8 THC.


  • Create a CBD Isolate – Before converting CBD to Delta 8 THC, the process starts with purifying the CBD. It undergoes an extensive filtration process, which removes other cannabinoids and terpenes in its content.
  • Solvent and Acid Combination – Manufacturers add a non-polar solvent after filtration. Then, they add an acid reagent once fully dissolved. As a result, the solution produces a chemical reaction and cannabinoid conversion.
  • Neutralizing and Cleaning the Solution – Making Delta 8 THC can leave solvent and acid residue behind. Thus, cleaning and filtering the CBD solution using distilled water, sodium bicarbonate, and occasionally a rotary evaporator is essential.
  • Testing the Final Product – Testing is essential to ensure high-quality cannabis-derived products using techniques like high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). This technique isolates each compound to ensure it’s free of undesirable substances.


Benefits of Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 offers relaxing and sensational effects. Some users stated that this cannabinoid might lessen redness and have the ability to alleviate minor soreness. Here are some of the benefits of Delta 8 THC.


  • Soothes Soreness & Aches. Delta 8 may ease the ache and stiffness for those with persistent joint discomfort.
  • May Promote Appetite. Delta 8 THC can aid in boosting appetite which can make someone who feels full all the time hungry.
  • Ease The Mind. Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive substance that may affect mental health, productivity, and creativity.
  • May Promote Sleep. After consuming Delta 8 two to three hours before bed, several people claim to have had improved sleep.
  • Improves Relaxation. Delta 8 THC may enable users to relax their bodies and thoughts to a greater extent.
  • May Spark Creative Juices. Cannabis may increase dopamine levels in the brain, which may help stimulate creative thinking and the generation of many new ideas.


Contact poison control centers immediately whenever you feel severe side effecs over an extended period of time. Avoid overdosing on this cannabinoid for safety concerns.


Psychoactive Effects of Delta 8 THC

Unlike CBD, the euphoric and relaxing effects that Delta-8 THC can produce are among the top reasons THC enthusiasts enjoy it.


The cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) on the body are where Delta 8 THC binds to produce its euphoric effects on the body.


Once Delta 8 binds in the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the ECS, it creates a sensational high. However, overdosing may cause temporary intoxicating effects.


Some users have reported the following adverse events after exceeding their optimum daily amount of Delta 8.


  • Dry mouth
  • Increased thirst
  • Lethargy
  • Drowsiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Intense euphoria


Although non-toxic, finding the correct dose is essential to feel the benefits of Delta 8 THC and avoid any adverse reactions.


To prevent these adverse effects, starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it is crucial. It helps find that perfect spot and experience what Delta 8 THC offers.



What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is another naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, it is the second most abundant active cannabinoid in hemp plants. It’s interesting to note that CBD is crucial to medical marijuana. 


CBD users use this cannabinoid for its potency for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Use for recreational purposes is not common.


How Is CBD Made?

Manufacturers create hemp-derived CBD by extracting cannabidiol from cannabis plant. Then, it will undergo refining and distilling to get its extract.


Like Delta 8 THC, the CBD extraction technique also requires solvents. It’s essential to separate the CBD molecule from the other cannabis compounds and get the purest CBD oil.


Here are some of the extraction methods for CBD.


CO2 Extraction

It is the most common method of extracting CBD using a closed-loop extractor. A chamber holds the hemp plant and fills it with carbon dioxide.


Then, manufacturers put pressure on the chamber so the carbon dioxide will turn into liquid. Once CO2 becomes a new state, it absorbs the hemp’s oils and flavor.


As a result, the liquid will consist of both carbon monoxide and CBD. So, manufacturers would then use alcohol solvent to separate the components and create CBD isolate or distillate.


This method is efficient and delivers potent results.


Alcohol Extraction

It’s another method of CBD extraction using liquid solvents such as ethanol, butane, or isopropyl alcohol. Experts claim that ethanol helps maintain hemp’s natural chemical properties during extraction.


But solvent residue doesn’t go away during the evaporation process, according to specific tests.


Moreover, natural solvents may also fail to remove the chlorophyll, which gives the extracted CBD an unpleasant flavor.


Most hemp-derived manufacturers use alcohol (IPA) as the most effective solvent to use during CBD extraction.


It ensures complete consistency during the extraction process while creating clean and effective cannabis-based products. In addition, IPA is excellent in delivering high-quality, potent, and purest CBD extracts.


Benefits of CBD

CBD may not deliver the euphoric high of THC, but it provides almost the same benefits to its users – backed by scientific research. 


CBD only interacts with the receptors to deliver potential benefits to its users. Here are some of the reported benefits of these cannabinoids from CBD enthusiasts.


  • May help uplift mood – CBD has properties that may increase positive thoughts in your head. It may ease tension and even calm your racing thoughts. 
  • May improve digestive health – This cannabinoid can also improve your gut health, which promotes better appetite. 
  • Ease discomfort– CBD may help ease bodily discomfort, pain relief, and reduce soreness due to minor swelling.
  • Promote better sleep – CBD offers relaxing sensations, which may help promote deeper and more restful sleep.


Effects of CBD

CBD provides milder effects of THC without the high since it doesn’t have similar molecular structures, unlike Delta 9 THC. Here are some of the most common effects of CBD due to overdose.


  • Dry mouth
  • Thirst
  • Lethargy
  • Drowsiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea


Most users take CBD without having any problems. However, there are a few reports of minor side effects after taking too high doses of this cannabinoid.



Similarities Between CBD vs Delta 8 THC

Both CBD and Delta 8 THC are naturally occurring cannabinoids that share almost the same chemical structure. Thus, it makes both compounds isomers of each other.


These cannabinoids use the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to bind (for Delta 8) and to interact (for CBD), so both hemp cannabinoids can deliver potential health benefits. In addition, there are several CBD and Delta 8-infused products.




Differences Between CBD vs Delta 8 THC

The effect is one of the major differences between CBD vs Delta 8 THC. But, when it comes to potency, Delta 8 provides a sensational high. It’s because this cannabinoid binds stronger in CB1 receptors of the ECS. So, it’s like sticking and attaching to the body’s receptors.


CBD, on the other hand, only interacts with the body’s receptors. Thus, the effects are a little milder. Nevertheless, for better comparison, here are the differences between CBD vs Delta 8 THC.



  • Non-Psychoactive (No High)
  • Used mostly for its medicinal and therapeutical properties.
  • Federally permitted in all 50 states/ Very few state restrictions
  • It went through lots of research and studies to verify its uses, psychoactive effects, and benefits
  • Will not show up on a drug test



  • Psychoactive (High)
  • Used medicinally, therapeutically, and recreationally
  • Federally permitted in all 50 states/ Much more state restrictions than CBD
  • Limited research and studies exist confirming its health benefits
  • May show up on a drug test



What are the Types of Delta 8 Products?

THC enthusiasts can now enjoy Delta 8 THC products in different methods. You can either inhale or eat Delta 8-infused products.


At HiFi Farms, we offer different types of Delta 8 THC products ready for your consumption. Here are some of the products that you can find.



Smoke Delta 8 THC and experience its sensational high that would lighten up your day. Delta 8 flowers give you two options – pre-rolls and hemp cigarettes.


  • Pre-rolls – It contains your favorite Delta 8 strain in an expertly rolled joint wrapped in fine hemp paper. THC enthusiasts love pre-rolls since they don’t have to move the joints.
  • Hemp Cigarettes – It looks like regular cigarette except that it doesn’t contain any tobacco, nicotine, or harmful chemicals. Instead, Delta 8 hemp cigarettes have plant-based paper for even and long-lasting burns. It’s also smaller and thinner than pre-rolls.


Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges will let you enjoy Delta 8 THC, which may also come in natural terpenes for a robust vaping experience.


Disposable vape pens give you convenience since you don’t have to worry about changing your cart. These single-use rechargeable vapes include a prefilled cart for a convenient vaping experience. 



Delta 8 THC edibles, like Delta 8 and CBD gummies, don’t just give you the fun experience of taking this cannabinoid.


But these are also tastier and more flavorful when consumed. So, you can satisfy your palate since it comes with different fruity and candy flavors. 


Oil (Tincture)

Delta 8 THC oil or tincture gives you one of the most flexible methods of consuming Delta 8. It is available for direct consumption or sublingual application for quicker results. To make a potent drink, you can add it to your favorite food or beverage.



Use a capsule to take your Delta 8 if you’re always on the go. It would go well with the other vitamins you take each day. Since it resembles a multivitamin or a typical soft gel medication, nobody would even know it includes Delta 8 THC.



What CBD Products are There?

It has been quite some time since CBD products dominated the cannabis industry. Here are some of the most common CBD products to add to your daily routine. 



You can use CBD flowers to make joints or smoke them with a pipe or bong. In addition, you can enjoy CBD flowers in the form of pre-rolls or hemp cigarettes.


  • Pre-rolls – It is an expertly rolled joint wrapped in premium hemp paper. Pre-rolls are a favorite among THC users since they eliminate the need to roll joints.
  • Hemp Cigarettes – Smoke CBD in hemp cigarettes. It resembles a standard cigarette in appearance, but it doesn’t contain tobacco, nicotine, or any other dangerous substances.


Vape Cartridges

You can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD using vape cartridges, which may also contain natural terpenes for a satisfying vaping experience.


In addition, you have the convenience of using disposable vape pens because you don’t have to bother changing the cart. The prefilled cart on these single-use rechargeable vapes makes vaping easy.



CBD gummies are delicious and come in many different flavors. The best CBD gummies will satisfy your taste buds with their fruity or candy flavors from other terpene profiles. 


CBD Oil (Tincture)

For a quicker effect initiation, you can alternatively directly ingest CBD oil. You can apply a few drops of CBD oil beneath your tongue.


Soft Gels

CBD soft gels are like the multivitamins that you take every day. However, these are plant-based, and gelatin-free capsules with pure CBD isolate. Thus, you can get a richer and more beneficial experience.



Where to Buy CBD and Delta-8 Online?

HiFi Farms provides top-quality cannabinoids that deliver the most euphoric and uplifting feeling.


If you can locate or reside near a legal cannabis dispensary, you might find CBD and Delta 8 THC products.


When purchasing online, beware of fake online retailers touting “high-quality yet inexpensive” CBD and Delta 8 THC items.




Why Choose HiFi Farms for CBD and Delta-8?

HiFi Farms takes pleasure in offering the best hemp-derived goods – from CBD gummies to Delta 8 capsules – by sourcing the best organic hemp farms and adhering to legal requirements of federal law.


We only use the best organic and premium ingredients to produce the most potent hemp-derived products.


Moreover, our cannabis products are only sourced from high-quality American hemp sources. You can also find more deals and offers when you buy from us.


  • Get free shipping for every $50 worth of hemp products.
  • New customers can get 20% OFF on their first purchase. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee



Factors to Consider When Buying CBD & Delta 8 THC Products

Make sure you’re spending your hard-earned money when buying Delta 8 THC and hemp-derived CBD products. Here are some factors to consider.



Never buy from any hemp dispensary or online THC stores that don’t provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA).


It’s a valid document that confirms hemp-derived products went through third-party lab testing. Thus, you’ll know that the purity, potency, and ingredients used are correct.


Customer Reviews

Another method of verifying the brand’s credibility is by reading customer reviews. It gives you transparency based on the real experiences of people who have used the products.


Returns & Refunds

Check the brand’s shipping and return procedures. For example, is there a money-back guarantee offered? What about the return guidelines?


Occasionally, you might need to send anything back if it was defective or you got it wrong. Therefore, it is essential to understand any potential business policy under these conditions.


Legalities of Cannabis Plants In Your State

Purchase just the top Delta 8 THC and CBD items from legal hemp plants. Additionally, for legal consumption, it must only have a THC content of less than 0.3% by dry weight.

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