Delta 11 Carts

The rapid evolution of the hemp industry gives birth to the existence of highly potent X11 disposable vape pens. The unique name is a marketing strategy that is quite successful in attracting the attention of cannabis connoisseurs. But more than the chic title, the Delta 11 vapes are incredibly potent. In fact, with the brilliant combination of five psychoactive hemp cannabinoids, you may think that vaping leads to paranoia, anxiety, panic, and lethargy. But, you think wrong. The X11 vapes are indeed super euphoric.

Still confused? Read on and find out more about these popular Delta 11 disposables. Learn about the powerful vape juice formulation, and see what strains and flavors are available.

What Are X11 Vape Cartridges?

X11 vape carts are pre-assembled all-in-one gadgets pre-filled with a potent formulation of five cannabinoids. Each vape cart contains 2 grams of vape juice, and in one fantastic pack, you’ll find two vapes! Plus, there are six different terpene profiles to try. So you’ll love the X11 vapes, especially with the smooth trickling of vapor through your throat and the sweet aroma of the exhale. 

The hardware is medical-grade, so expect the carts to be durable, leak-proof, and flavor-enhancer. The Delta 11 disposables are seamless to use. The gadgets are draw-activated, with a rechargeable 510-thread battery.

Cannabis fans love to vape Delta 11 + 4 cannabinoids carts because of the potent combination. And the effects creep in instantly, unlike edibles that take at least half an hour. However, with vapes, the results don’t last longer than four hours. But of course, you can always puff some more vapor after the high wears off.

What Cannabinoids Male Up The X11 Vape Juice Blend?

The Delta 11 disposable vape consists of five potent cannabinoids:

Delta 11

D11 THC is the primary ingredient of the X11 vape. Delta 11 has been around since 1970, but no extensive research on D11 since 1990. There are a few unknown variables regarding this compound. We know Delta 11 is higher than Delta 8. There’s a stipulation that D11 THC is 1.5-7x more powerful than Delta 8 & 9. 

Additionally, Delta 11 provides longer-lasting effects compared to other cannabinoids. The therapeutic properties and euphoria from D11 last longer than eight hours, which makes this cannabinoid cost-efficient.

Delta 8 Live Resin

Live resin Delta 11 vape comes from freshly-frozen flowers extracted using a “heat and press” method. Thanks to the solventless extraction method, the Delta 8 extract is jam-packed with terpenes, has zero harmful chemicals, and is clean. And with Delta 8 live resin in an X11 vape juice, you’ll experience the freshness of hemp, along with unique flavors and scents.


HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a hydrogenation of Delta 9. This cannabinoid consists of 70-80% of the potency of D9 THC. HHC is strong, but the effects are more relaxing than intoxicating. When you vape the X11 gadget, the gradual boost of mood, energy, and relaxation is due to the mixture of HHC. Your body has enough time to get used to the euphoria, and there are no side effects.


Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, or THC-P, is a well-known agonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors. And the primary attraction of this cannabinoid is its super strength. THC-P is 60x stronger than Delta 8 and 33x more potent than Delta 9. The force is thanks to the seven carbon atoms of the molecule. The molecular structure allows THC-P to impact the brain and body more.


THC-JD is an octyl cannabinoid with eight carbon atoms, compared to the five in Delta 8 and seven in THC-P. THC-JD is 25x stronger than Delta 8 and more potent than Delta 9 by 19%. This cannabinoid tends to generate a couch-locking state. 

Which Flavors Of X11 Vape Carts Are There?

When it comes to a Delta 11 vape, six flavors are available for you. Each flavor has different strains: indica, hybrid, and sativa. Indica vapes are best for nighttime due to their sedating effects, while sativa is ideal for daytime because of the superior energy boost. And vapes with a hybrid background are great anytime. 

All the X11 vapes offer varying tastes and aromas. Something always suits your palate, so browse our vape collection.

Kush Mountain (Indica)

Kush Mountain is the offspring of Blue Flame and White Walker Kush. It has a flavor mixture of sweetness, spicy, pine, earthy, and musky. This strain contains 19% THC, 1% CBG, and terpinolene. The Kush Mountain vape flavor is arousing, inspiring, and utterly euphoric.

Russian Cream (Indica)

Russian Cream is another flavor for a Delta 11 disposable vape. This strain comes from the fusion of White Widow and AK-47. This strain contains 22% THC plus linalool, limonene, and myrcene terpenes. The sweet sourness of citrus is evident in the vape vapor, along with hints of spices, earth, and pine.

ATF (Sativa)

ATF (Alaskan Thunder Fuck) is known as Matanuska Tundra and Matanuska Thunder Fuck. This sativa strain is a native of the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. It has a skunky, fizzy scent and citrus, spice, grape, and banana flavors. ATF has 16-24% THC content, with terpenes of limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, linalool, and pinene.

Sour Gorilla (Sativa)

This strain’s potent diesel and lemon flavor enhances your euphoria, uplifting and stimulating. Sour Gorilla is a cross between Sour Diesel and GG4. It has 19% THC content, and the dominant terpene is pinene.

Mimosa (Hybrid)

Purple Mimosa is another name for Mimosa, the hybrid strain from Purple Punch and Clementine. Mimosa has a robust citrus flavor and aroma. The primary terpenes of Mimosa are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. And with a THC level of 20% and 1% CBG, this vape strain leads you to a happy headspace. 

Oreoz (Hybrid)

Other names for the Oreoz strain are Oreos and Oreo Cookies. It’s a result of crossing Secret Weapon with Cookies and Cream. This strain smells like fresh earth, with the creamy taste of cookies. The Oreoz X11 disposable vape contains 22-33% THC, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and beta-myrcene terpenes.