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Hurry up and grab one D8 Gas Discount Code or even all, if possible, before they dissipate like gas! Everything feels so fast-paced nowadays, so it pays not just to be quick but also to have a keen eye on everything. You could miss out on some great opportunities within a glimpse if you aren’t paying attention or leave to do things at a later time.



Online hemp shops that deliver within the same day also seem quite rare, and one hemp shop that does that is D8 Gas. They are also giving away some discount codes right now, and such a thing is also a rare opportunity!


D8 Gas Coupon Code

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About D8 Gas

Step on the gas, D8 Gas is a hemp-derived marketplace that is pumped to the max with high-quality hemp-derived products that are lab tested for compounds and free from harmful chemicals and additives.

True to their namesake, D8 Gas is really fast, as they offer same-day shipping! Orders placed before 3 pm EST time would be shipped out on the same day. (As long as they are within their operational days from Monday to Friday)

Order a hemp product and get it delivered right to your doorstep without the anxiety of waiting for a week, only to get canceled at the last minute.

D8 Gas just doesn’t stop there, as they also offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee! Their team of customer care specialists (yeah, it’s not enough to call them just customer service) is always on the line to take care of whatever issues you may have. As more proof of their reliability, D8 Gas is rated Excellent with 5 Stars on Trustpilot!


Products From D8 Gas

With a label like D8 Gas, one might assume they are just selling D8 THC products. D8 Gas may specialize in Delta 8 THC, but they also offer other types of cannabinoid products such as:

  1. Delta 9 THC

  2. Delta 10 THC

  3. CBD

  4. HHC

  5. THC-O

  6. THC-P

  7. THC-V

D8 Gas sells hemp-derived products only from reputable, industry-leading brands that all comply with regulations and have a Certificate Of Analysis from 3rd party labs. Since their sources are directly from the brands they sell, you’ll get them at the same or even usually at much lower prices!


Delta 8 THC Products


D8 Gas Delta 8 Gummies Products

D8 Gas offers an expansive variety of Delta 8 THC products in their D8 collection from brands you all know and love. D8 Gas currently has a total of around 126 Delta 8 THC products under their disposal! Their types of Delta 8 THC products range from: 

  1. Disposables

  2. Gummies

  3. Flowers

  4. Cartridges and Pods

  5. Pre Rolls, Cones, and Blunts

  6. Shots and Syrups

  7. Edibles

  8. Dabs

  9. Live Resin

Some items are also currently on sale status and marked as such, so you might want to keep an eye out for promo codes. D8 Gas current top 5 best-selling products are the following:

  1. Cake – Delta 8 1010 Kit Replacement Cartridges

  2. Canna River – Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

  3. Medusa – Knockout Blend Disposable

  4. Flying Monkey – Heavy Hitter Blend Disposables

  5. Delta Extrax – Lights Out Gummies 

With its therapeutic properties, Delta 8 THC is being used by an increasing number of people to serve as support against some mental and physical ailments.

Delta 8 THC also exhibits properties beneficial to the body, such as being neuroprotective, analgesic, antiemetic, and anxiolytic, based on studies conducted. Delta 8 THC also could stimulate the appetite and doesn’t have an intoxicating effect after being taken. 


Delta 9 THC Edibles


D8 Gas Delta 9 Edible Product

Delta 8 THC products aside, D8 Gas also offers Delta 9 THC products. D8 Gas currently has a total of 30 Delta 9 THC products in their lineup. Most of them are in an edible form, such as:

  1. Gummies

  2. Chocolates

  3. Rox

  4. Taffy

  5. Cookies

  6. Skittles

D8 Gas also have Delta 9 THC Disposables in their lineup, all in different kinds of blends such as being infused with Live Resin THC-O, Delta 8 THC, CBD, or any other different combinations of cannabinoids. 

D8 Gas also has this one-of-a-kind URB THC-B Caviar Flower 7G. This organically grown, premium hemp flower has been infused with Delta 9 THCP and D8 THCP and comes in an elegant glass jar. 

You might have noticed Delta 9 THC products are usually in the form of edibles, with the occasional disposables, carts, or even flowers, and always in the form of blends. The reasons for that are both potency and legal issues. 

Based on the 2018 Farm Bill, Federal law had set the 0.3% threshold for all THC content. So how would that threshold be achieved? By extracting Delta 9 THC from hemp and then converting them into edibles which is the easiest way, or by blending them with other cannabinoids such as CBD. 


CBD Disposables


D8 Gas CBD Disposable product

D8 Gas also offers CBD products. D8 Gas currently has a total of 13 CBD products in its lineup. CBD Disposables are their most popular and top-rated products, with the top two items all rated with 5 stars:


Flying Monkey Knockout Blend Live Resin Disposable 2G – D8 Gas number 1 CBD product!

It comes in 10 flavors. This combination of CBD, Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, HHC, and THC-P would certainly knock you out!

All extracts went under the Live Resin special extraction procedure, giving them a higher amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, which means a better high aroma. Using naturally-derived terpenes also gives them a better flavor for every smoke!


URB Off Spectrum Live Resin Disposable 1.2G

The 2nd highest ranking CBD product D8 Gas is selling! It comes in 5 different flavors to choose from. Another heavy-hitting CBD Live Resin blend.


CBDfx Delta 9 + CBD Disposable 2G

The 4th ranking CBD product D8 Gas had to offer needs a bit more attention. This disposable has 5 different flavors. It has increased longevity thanks to the use of a ceramic coil. Other types of CBD products D8 Gas have are:

  • Asteroid

  • Cookie

  • Gummies


Other Companies

Another company specializing in Delta 8 THC products like D8 Gas that is worthy of attention are Hifi Farms. Our hemp products are impressive, considering we are a more recent brand. In addition, there are coupon codes to enjoy Delta 8 products.

Hifi Farms is founded by a group of cannabis enthusiasts who really understand and care about their consumer base, being able to relate to them as cannabis consumers themselves.

Now, it is not a mystery why we have such high-quality products since they certainly knew what they were doing.

Just like with D8 Gas, Hifi Farm hemp products all pass 3rd party lab tests with COAs. Hifi Farms also sells products under their own brands, with the hemp they use being locally grown in the U.S.


Hifi Farms Coupon Codes (20%)

Now would be an excellent opportunity to try out Hifi Farms hemp products using this code HIFIPROMO20, as we offer first-time buyers a 20% discount for all types of items! In addition, Hifi Farms has an email subscription service. Plus, we offer free shipping for a minimum order with no coupon code required.


Delta 8 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Flower Products

Just like D8 Gas, Hifi Farms main line of products are also Delta 8 THC. With the mind and body high that they provide, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. They are a great support for improving the body’s overall wellness, too. 

Hifi Farms offers a variety of Delta 8 products to cater to your preferences. So whether you prefer your Delta 8 THC intake to be inhaled, ingested, or whatever floats your boat, we got something for you.

If you want to experience the effects faster, go for inhalables such as: 

  1. Disposables

  2. Live Resin

  3. Carts

  4. Moon Rocks

If you prefer the high to take its time a bit, go for Gummies. But if you are the type who sometimes likes to smoke them, some days on their edibles, then go for flowers. 


Delta 9 Edibles


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Gummies Edibles

Hifi Farms
Delta 9 THC product lineup all consists of delicious edibles. Fortunately, you can enjoy its euphoric effects with promo codes and get price drops.

  1. Syrups – If you prefer for the effects to kick in fast. With Syrups, you also have the option of taking your D9 fast by drinking directly or taking your time by adding them to your favorite beverage.

  2. Gummies – These are great for people who are always on the go. Effects might take a bit slower but could kick in along the way.

  3. Cereal Bars – Tasty and crunchy, ideal if you both want high energy and feeling high simultaneously.

CBD Rosin 


Hifi Farms CBD Rosin product

Hifi Farms CBD products are all in the form of
CBD Rosin, though it appears they are planning to release CBD Carts and CBD Dabs in the near future! Hifi Farms CBD Rosin is available in the following flavors:

  1. Blue Dream

  2. Bubba Kush

  3. Forbidden Fruit

  4. Ecto Cooler

  5. Mai Tai

  6. Runtz

Rosin is the purest form of Cannabidiol due to its solventless extraction method. If you prefer the effects to kick in almost instantly, then dabbing or other methods that allow you to inhale CBD would work best for that aim.


Hifi Farms Design Promo Banner

Final Thoughts – D8 Gas Promo Codes

By gaining huge discounts from discount codes, you get to keep up with the pace with the latest hemp products without burning your wallet. A
D8 Gas coupon code would help you buy those hemp products you want at lower prices before they run out of stock!

But you can’t add these best coupons automatically without typing them on the checkout page. So make sure to list the promotional codes listed above. Visit the coupon submission page to use the codes. For every cannabis enthusiast, sometimes, hemp discounts have the same value with shoes, maternity, toys, beauty, and clothing deals.

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