CBG Products For Sale

The hemp world has always been an exciting one, but it’s now even more fun with CBG products on the market. The tireless dedication of hemp manufacturers to create new hemp-derived products opened new opportunities for CBG oil to cannabis fanatics.

Now, it’s not only THC and CBD products that are popular in the hemp industry but CBG as well. The good news is that all hemp derivatives are federally legal in the United States. So you can buy CBG oil in any amount without facing legal charges.

What Is CBG?

Cannabigerol or CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that naturally appears in Cannabis Sativa that provides health benefits. CBG is the direct descendant of the parent molecule called cannabigerol acid, that’s why there are no THC traces in the compound.

In a nutshell, CBG is the origin of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. As a young Cannabis Sativa, the cannabis plant contains high traces of CBG. But as young cannabis plants mature, most CBG transforms into THC, CBD, and all other compounds.

The end result is low traces of CBG in a grown hemp plant. So when cannabis growers extract CBG from matured hemp, the quantity is not enough to manufacture lots of CBG-infused products. Thankfully in 1964, curious scientists unearthed CBG together with THC. Since its early discovery, CBG is nicknamed the “mother of all cannabinoids”.

Still, CBG is a minor cannabinoid since it is present only in small amounts in most cannabis plants. Unfortunately, the research, development, and production of CBD and THC took priority over  CBG back then, so CBG was benched.

But the demand of cannabis communities for more hemp-derived products urged scientists to study more cannabinoids. Now, there are various CBG for sale items in local dispensaries and online shops.

There Are The 3 Types Of CBG

CBG oil comes in three different types, which include the following.

  • Full Spectrum – CBG oil from a full spectrum background contain bioactive cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. The presence of various hemp compounds leads to an entourage effect. So, it’s not THC-free if you take a large amount may result in a slight head change if you are sensitive to THC.
  • Broad Spectrum – CBG oil from a broad-spectrum source with important cannabinoids except for THC. Broad spectrum products can be THC-free or may contain a little THC.
  • Isolate Based – When you buy CBG isolate, you get a pure CBG oil extract that is devoid of all other cannabinoids. The extraction process focuses on CBG alone. Hence, it is THC-free.

Which CBG Type Is The Strongest?

CBG oil is widely available through wholesale and retail. And now that you got acquainted with the three types of CBG, you’re probably wondering which is the strongest. At Hifi Farms, we urge our customers to buy CBG from a full-spectrum source.

We believe that the combination of all phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes is the best way to deliver a plethora of medicinal benefits to the body. Each compound complements the others, creating a powerful entourage effect.

How Strong Is CBG?

Though CBG oil does not provide a high, this cannabinoid is said to be stronger than any highest-quality CBD products and THC. The logic behind this is the fact that all cannabinoids stem from cannabigerol.

Before THC and CBD were born, there lies CBG. Since CBG is the “template” for cannabinoids, it’s stronger than all of them.


In many ways, CBG consumables are similar to CBD products, especially since both cannot produce euphoria. But, CBD and CBG have different molecular structures, and their interaction with the Endocannabinoid system varies too.

For example, CBG is an antagonist of the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor, while CBD is an agonist. Regardless, CBD products are less potent than CBG.

CBG Vs Delta 9 THC

CBG is better at soothing discomfort compared to Delta 9 THC. Cannabigerol has a stronger affinity to the Endocannabinoid receptors, and this compound has a superior influence on aches, sensitivity to heat, and soreness.

Unlike Delta 9, CBG For Sale products cannot make you high. However, cannabis users have realized that when they buy CBG and Delta 9 THC products and combine the cannabinoids, the consequential paranoia and anxiety back off.

What Are The Benefits And Effects Of CBG?

CBG does not cause a high, but this cannabinoid has strong medicinal benefits. CBG for sale items is jam-packed with antioxidants, antibiotics, anti-bacterial, and soreness-soothing properties. Here are some of the reported benefits of CBG:

Eases Body Discomfort

Thanks to the analgesic properties of CBG, any body discomfort is short-lived. There are CBG For Sale items that acts quickly to keep you comfortable, such as vapes and flowers. You can also Buy CBG edibles for a longer effect of comfort.

Mood Booster

CBG has neuroprotective properties that activate the happy cells once it reacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. But though the CBG is non-psychotropic, it can shift your bad mood into a positive one without getting you stoned. So CBG may improve your disposition, keep you motivated, and stay focused on your life goals.

Appetite Stimulation

CBG extract entices you to increase your food intake. The desire to eat would be too tempting to deny. So if you have an eating disorder, purchase CBG for sale items.

More Energetic Effects

For a “caffeine rush” kind of energy, CBG is the best option. The best part is, CBG For Sale items don’t need to get you stoned in order to give you a boost of energy. CBG may increase your energy accompanied by other therapeutic benefits.

Soothes Joint Tension

CBG works at easing joint tension. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of CBG, joint aches, swells, or sores are protected from the onslaught of bacteria.

So make sure to buy CBG when your joints are acting up. You’ll always find CBG For Sale items in online shops like Hifi Farms.

May Promote Eye Health

When it comes to treating glaucoma, CBG is suspected to provide enormous aid. CBG items contain compounds that significantly lessen intraocular pressure, which leads to better eye health. That’s why many cannabis enthusiasts Buy CBG.

How Can You Take CBG?

You can take CBG in three ways:

  • Sublingual – Specific to tinctures, oils, and distillates, a sublingual method involves dropping CBG beneath the tongue for instant effects. 
  • Ingestion – CBG edibles such as gummies, capsules, and oils are ingested. It means that they’re processed through the digestive system.
  • Inhalation – When you buy CBG inhalable like flowers, concentrates, and vapes, you smoke them as joints or through dabs and vape hardware.

What Types Of CBG Are Available?

Hemp-derived CBG items are infused with high concentrations of cannabigerol. You’ll find  CBG for sale items in the forms of edibles, concentrates, flowers, and vapes.

At Hifi Farms, you can buy CBG items that are mostly from a full-spectrum background. Let’s see what each product category can offer.

CBG Edibles

CBG edibles are ingested and taken directly to the digestive system. Due to this kind of delivery method, the consumption effects of CBG creep in after at least 30 minutes.

However, edibles have long-lasting effects that can go on for 6-8 hours. When you buy CBG, you’ll surely love the different natural flavors and colors that mask the original taste of hemp.  These are the most popular CBD edibles:

CBG Gummies

One of the most in-demand CBG items in the edibles category is gummies. It contains pure CBG isolate, natural ingredients, and terpenes to mask the earthy flavor of this cannabinoid.

CBG came from a cannabis plant, and our gummies combine enzymes to generate other cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, and THC. Thus, you get the most potent CBG gummies.

CBG Oils

CBG oil products are designed to be taken directly or blended with food and drinks. It is one of the most profitable products in the hemp industry.

CBG Capsules

CBG soft gel capsules work like food supplements and are taken daily. The only difference is that it contains pure CBG isolate to experience the benefits of this cannabinoid.

CBG Vapes

Cannabis fanatics opt for CBG vapes because inhalation is the fastest method of delivering instant relieving effects and other benefits.

The effects creep in after 5 seconds to 5 minutes and last for 4-5 hours. Consumers Buy CBG in either disposables or cartridges.

CBG Vape Carts

CBG vape carts are pre-filled and reusable vapes. Often, it doesn’t come with a battery. So when you buy CBG carts, purchase also a 510-thread battery.

CBG Disposable Vapes

CBG disposable vapes are pre-filled and non-reusable. It is an n all-in-one hardware that allows you to experience the effects of this cannabinoid almost instantly. When you Buy CBG disposable pens, you can use them immediately.

CBG Flower

CBG flowers are made from different strains. There are a wide variety of flavors to choose from when you search for CBG flowers. There are also multiple forms of flowers when you buy CBG, but the most popular are pre-rolls and concentrates.

CBG Pre Rolls

CBG pre-rolls are made from hemp plant. Soaked or sprayed with cannabigerol distillate, the CBG For Sale pre-rolls are super rich in cannabigerol.

CBG Concentrates

CBG concentrates are more potent compared to edibles and pre-rolls. The most in-demand CBG For Sale concentrate is wax. CBG concentrates offers a pure, concentrated form of CBG.

CBG Topicals

CBG topicals in topical forms include CBG Lotion, CBG Salve, CBG Cream, and CBG Balm. You can find topical CBG For Sale in offline and online channels at affordable prices.

Consumers buy CBG topicals for external application in order to find relief from aches, soreness, animal bites, and injuries. CBG topicals are also used as part of a daily skincare routine.

What To Look For When Shopping For CBG?

In hemp stores both brick-and-mortar and online, there are hundreds of CBG-infused products to try. But as you shop for CBG For Sale. There are certain factors to think about before you buy CBG items.

3rd Party Laboratory Testing (COAs)

The most reliable CBG-infused products are those with certificates of analysis. Check if the CBG for sale items can produce COAs. Buy CBG that was tested by a third-party lab only.

Where Is The Hemp Sourced From?

CBG-infused products crafted from US-grown hemp plant are the best. Buy CBG items that are made with all-natural, gluten-free, organic, and vegan ingredients.

What Potency Do You Want?

Since there’s no euphoria from using CBG items, what kind of medicinal benefits do you wish to achieve when you Buy CBG? Opt for CBG for sale items that offer strong potencies in delivering soreness relief, and overall comfort.

What Type Of Product Do You Want?

Do you want CBG Products from a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate-based background? At Hifi Farms, we offer mostly full-spectrum CBG products for sale and other cannabinoids.

Where To Buy CBG Products?

You can purchase CBG-infused products in online shops and local dispensaries. But for convenience purposes, better to search for CBG in online stores such as HiFi Farms. You can buy CBG premium edibles, inhalables, and topicals from our brand.

Why Buy CBG From Hifi Farms?

HiFi Farms offer the widest variety of CBG. Before we put CBG For Sale, we have the products tested in a trustworthy third-party laboratory. When you Buy CBG items from us, you get discounts for a first-time purchase, newsletter subscription, and shipping. Plus, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy for customers who buy CBG from our brand.

CBG FAQ Section

Here are the common questions regarding CBG. Before you buy CBG, read this FAQ.

Can CBG Products Go Bad Or Expire?

Yes, CBG For Sale products have specific expiration dates. Also, when you buy CBG items, they can go bad if they’re in regular contact with the elements.

How To Store CBG Products?

Store ay product with CBG in a dark, cool, and dry place. Keep them hidden from young adults, children, and pets

When Should I Take CBG

After you Buy CBG items, take the edibles early in the morning. As for inhalable and topicals, use them when needed.

How Much CBG Should I Take?

There’s no exact science in dosing CBG. But what we know for sure is the dosage of CBG For Sale items depends on your age, baseline health, weight, underlying conditions, hemp experience, and product potency. But in general, here’s the dosage suggestion when you Buy CBG:

  • Beginner Suggestions: 3-9 mg per serving
  • Regular Suggestions: -10-24 mg per serving
  • Strong Suggestions: -25-90 mg or more per serving

Are CBG Products Legal?

When you buy CBG items, there’s nothing to worry about because CBG is legal in the US. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the use and consumption of CBG in hemp plants for as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Are There Age Restrictions For Buying Or Possessing CBG?

Most states only allow adults that are 21 years old or more to buy CBG-infused products. Each state has a unique set of rules. So, always check your local regulations about the age requirements when buying any CBG items.

Can I Take CBG Every Day?

You can take CBG from hemp plants daily and in the long term for the most enjoyable effects. However, note that CBG is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. The Food and Drug Administration categorizes cannabinoids as Schedule I drugs. Thus, it’s prone to abuse.

Can I Take Too Much CBG?

You can take CBG in heavy dosages. However, we would always advise our buyers to start slow and increase gradually until they find the perfect spot. Also, note that CBG effects vary from one user to another.

Are Side Effects Possible?

Once you Buy CBG items, don’t worry because there are no reported side effects. But, abusive usage may lead to mild consequences such as stomach discomfort, dry mouth, and hunger.

Can CBG Make You Fail A Drug Test?

No, all CBG For Sale products doesn’t contain THC. You’re safe from a drug test.

Can You Carry CBG Products On A Plane?

Yes, after you buy CBG, you can hop on a plane. But keep the products in your carry-on to avoid violating any TSA rules.