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Get a CBDistillery promo code lets you save every time you are going to purchase CBD products! 

This fast-paced, hectic, and stressful era leads to a lot of anxiety and depression, and even body and muscle soreness. Fortunately, CBD exists and is proving itself efficient against the aforementioned health and wellness issues.


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CBDistillery Coupon Code

Use one of the following codes the next time you make a purchase at CBDistillery! To use, in your cart before checking out, click add coupon or the designated code box, then paste or input a code, then click apply. Do note that you may only use one code at a time, so save the others for later.


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5% Off CBDistillery Coupons

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About CBDistillery

CBDistillery, as the name implies, specializes in CBD hemp products. CBDistillery has been around since 2016; its founders are a group of locals from Colorado who took the opportunity upon themselves when they realized how the CBD market is getting full of overpriced and inferior quality products.

Based in Colorado, they use locally grown industrial hemp by experienced farmers, ensuring their products have premium quality but remain fairly priced!

You can rest assured that CBDistillery products are also using 100% clean ingredients and have undergone rigorous testing, with lab tests for every product, along with having an expert botanist and a medical advisor!

If you are uncertain about what CBD products are the right ones, CBDistillery also offers a scheduled consultation! Alternatively, you could take their 3-minute quiz.


Products From CBDistillery

The CBD products of CBDistillery are all under their own label. They offer a different assortment of CBD products, such as: 

  1. Oils 
  2. Gummies 
  3. Capsules 
  4. Topicals 
  5. CBD products for pets, such as pet chews! 

Their products are also categorized for convenience based on CBD’s benefits, such as relief, relaxation, sleep, after-physical activity, focus, and energy!


CBD Oil Tinctures 


CBDistillery CBD Oil Tinctures

CBDistillery currently offers 31 CBD Oil Tinctures in their collection! CBDistillery uses fractionated coconut oil for its oil tinctures. CBD oil tinctures are a recommended CBD product for those who prefer flexibility from being taken sublingually to a healthy addition to beverages and meals.

The following are their current top 3 best-selling CBD Oil Tincture products:


Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – 1000 mg – 30 ml

With currently 3505 reviews and still counting, this is CBDistillery’s most popular and well-loved oil tincture! Each drop contains around 33 mg of CBD for a recommended serving of 33 to 66 mg daily. It takes an average of 20 minutes for it to work if taken sublingually.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – 500 mg – 30 ml

With currently 1,927 reviews and still counting, this 500 mg variant of their most popular tincture is popular among beginners to CBD!


CBD Pet Tincture – 150mg – 30 ml

With currently 460 Reviews and still counting, it is a good sign that your pet’s health and wellness are just as valuable as yours.

It uses hemp seed oil, and there are many ways to utilize this tincture, such as applying them to your pet’s favorite meals and treats! CBD offers just about the same benefits to dogs it has to humans.


CBD Gummies 


CBDistillery CBD Gummies

CBDistillery currently offers 9 CBD Gummies in their collection. CBD gummies offer both convenience and fun while getting to savor a good taste and CBD’s benefits at the same time. The following are their current top 3 best-selling CBD Gummies:


30mg Broad Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies + Melatonin – 30 Count – 0% THC

With 274 Reviews and still counting, these sleep gummies are guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep! It comes in mixed berry flavors that are lightly sugar coated, with each piece of gummy containing 30 mg of CBD and 2 mg of melatonin.


30mg Broad Spectrum CBD Anytime Gummies – 30 Count – 0% THC

With currently 163 Reviews and still counting, these gummies provide a relaxing feeling without being sleepy, making it great to take any time of the day! Each piece of these tropical fruit-flavored gummies contains 30 mg of CBD.



Gummies Mix Pack – CBD Anytime Gummies & Sleep Gummies – 0% THC

With currently 121 Reviews and still counting, this mix pack allows you to purchase their top 2 CBD gummies in one go, and you get to save more too!

Take Anytime Gummies after a hard day’s work, then take Sleep Gummies before going to bed, and you can rest assured to have a good night’s rest and then wake up feeling refreshed!


THC + CBD Gummies 


CBDistellery THC + Gummies

CBDistillery currently offers 2 THC + CBD Gummies in their lineup. THC + CBD gummies are a great blend if you don’t mind a bit of a high with a bit of Delta 9.


Unwind Synergy+ THC & CBD Gummies – 5mg THC + 25mg CBD

With currently 255 Reviews and still counting, this THC and CBD blend is definitely selling well. The synergy of CBD and D9 would help you unwind and place your mind and body in a relaxed state.

It would provide you with rest and relief, making it ideal to use at home after a stressful day at work.


Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBN Gummies – 5mg THC + 5mg CBN + 25mg CBD

With currently 86 Reviews and still counting, this blend of CBD, CBN, and D9 THC creates a perfect synergy that would knock you out and provide you with that deep sleep you seek. Say goodbye to those restless nights, as you’ll be in for a deep, uninterrupted slumber.


Similar Discounts & Products

Another brand worthy of attention is Hifi Farms! HiFi Farms is a more recent brand founded by a group of hemp product enthusiasts. Having years of familiarity and experience with the best and the worst of hemp products, they aim to provide the best of the best hemp products!

HiFi Farms uses only premium-quality hemp, carefully picked and grown in US soil using the best methods by farmers with years of expertise. Using premium-quality hemp, along with experts in hemp products running the business, it’s no mystery why their products are top-notch, despite being a more recent brand!

Hifi Farm products are also 100% free from unwanted contaminants, providing certificates of analysis from accredited 3rd party labs for every batch!

HiFi Farms offers various cannabinoids, from Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, HHC, CBG, and CBD. They seem to specialize in Delta 8 products, but they seem to be shifting their focus more on CBD products as of late.

This page also contains a 20% coupon code if you wish to try a more recent brand like Hifi Farms!


Hifi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

If it is your first time purchasing Hifi Farms products, save the coupon code below for your next purchase, as they offer a 20% discount for first-time buyers! All you have to do is sign up for their email newsletter.  

Use the Hifi Farms Coupon Code “HIFIPROMO20” on the checkout page, and get ready to save money on your favorite hemp products.

Use the code above during checkout by entering the code into the designated promo code section, and then click apply code to receive your 20% discount for all Hifi Farms products! 

Worried that you might have spent too much? We offer free shipping if you have spent over $50! 


CBD Tinctures


Hifi Farms CBD Tincture


HiFi Farms CBD Isolate Tinctures are an additive-free alternative to smoking CBD to reap its benefits.

Hifi Farms CBD Isolate Tincture uses organic coconut oil, and each bottle contains 3000 mg of CBD and 0.3% D9. You would also love their coconutty taste, whether taking them underneath your tongue or adding them to your beverages and recipes!


CBD Topicals


Hifi Farms CBD Topicals


HiFi Farms offers 2 products for their CBD Topicals lineup. The body absorbs CBD from the skin since they bind to the skin receptors.


CBD Isolate Coconut Oil Muscle Rub

This full-spectrum Isolate contains 3000 mg of CBD along with other cannabinoids, so say goodbye to muscle aches and soreness, and joint pain!

Perfect for after a tiring day at work or after working out or playing sports. It also doesn’t have a funky smell and actually smells pleasant, thanks to coconut oil, which also provides other benefits!


CBD Muscle Rub Roll On

Using roll-on makes applying this CBD muscle a breeze, with each rub generating about 30 mg of CBD for a total of 900 mg per bottle.

They have also been infused with menthol, making them great not just for muscle aches but also headaches and itches, and even inhaling them if you have a clogged nose due to colds! 


CBD Gummies


Hifi Farms CBD Gummies

Each of these CBD Fruit Gusher Gummies from
Hifi Farms contains 15 mg of CBD and comes in assorted fruit flavors that taste like the fruits they are actually based on instead of merely being sugar-coated gummies!

Since they are CBD and contain no THC, you can chew on these gummies anytime and anywhere.

Hifi Farms’ unique formulation and addition of fruit pectin prevent them from easily melting. So it wouldn’t be an issue if things had gone hot during delivery, summertime, or if you were taking them with you during your road trip to the Nevada desert!

Hifi Farms Design Promo Banner


Final Thoughts – CBDistillery Discount Code

More and more are turning to CBD products as supportive treatments to achieve optimal health and wellness. Getting a discount code would also save a lot of your budget for other important expenses, just like the Hifi Farms or a
CBDistillery coupon code from above!

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