CBD Roll On


CBD Roll On [Topical Relief]

Have you been looking for a product that may help soothe muscle discomfort? It’s time to experience the fast and lasting relief of CBD roll-on. This product provides cooling and sensational comfort, perfect for those aching muscles and joints.

CBD roll-ons offer a new way to soothe muscle aches. The combination of cannabidiol and other essential oils helps nourish the skin. As a result, it creates a positive effect on the body.

When you feel sore joints, general discomforts, muscle soreness, and bruising, it may be time to roll on CBD on your skin; whether you need to apply CBD to a larger area of your body or a specific part, CBD topical roll-on. This hemp-derived product is popular in the cannabis industry for so many reasons.

Cannabinoids: 3000mg CBD / 100mg CBD per Application.
Ingredients:Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Menthol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Camphor, Ethylheyglycerin, Ilex Paraguariensis, MelaucaAlternifolia, Essential Oil ( Tea Tree Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate,Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Arnica, Phenoxyethanol, Hemp Extract.


CBD Muscle Rub Roll On

What is CBD Roll On?

Put simply; this product contains CBD and other essential oils in roll-on form. A CBD roll-on is a topical that may help relieve soreness and minimize body discomfort.

It is a small bottle or container with a rollerball on top. The bottle contains a liquid, which is a combination of CBD oil, essential oils, and other premium ingredients that complement each other. As a result, it may offer various benefits that help alleviate those aching muscles.

The product may look tiny, but it offers various benefits that may gently calm those aching muscles. It has convenient packaging that provides easy application and more controlled fluid flow.

CBD roll-ons are one of the top-selling products for athletes. Most sportspersons love this product’s soothing feeling and relieving properties. It helps them recover after long periods of physical activity and training.

But anyone can use this product, especially those who are often experiencing body aches and discomfort. Imagine how great it would be to apply a CBD roll-on to help you chill down and relax after a strenuous workout!

How CBD Roll-Ons Are Made?

Every manufacturer has different methods of making CBD roll-ons. But it starts with extracting CBD oil and combining other essential oils. In addition to these ingredients, some brands also add terpenes, menthol, and aloe vera for added benefits and safety for the skin.

The combination of the ingredients helps provide relief and almost instant cooling or warming sensations (depending on the materials used.)

CBD (cannabidiol) is the main ingredient in this product. This cannabinoid is the second most common active ingredient in a marijuana plant. However, we used the CBD from hemp plants to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill law.

Since it is from hemp plants, this type of CBD does not provide any psychoactive high, which is typical for THC products. Thus, most CBD roll-ons are THC-free.

Can CBD Absorb Through The Skin?

Unlike other ingestible or smokeable CBD products, roll-ons don’t circulate through the bloodstream. The pores in the skin absorb the topical product just below the dermis layers.

Once absorbed, CBD can interact with the body’s cells, muscles, and joints. Then, the body has natural cannabinoid receptors that interact with CBD to entirely experience its benefits aimed at body discomforts.

As a result, you can take advantage of CBD roll-ons on specific areas of your body and experience targeted relief.

What Are the Effects of CBD Roll-On?

The soothing effects of CBD topical roll-on keep hemp enthusiasts buying more of these products. Our innovative formula aims to provide ease and comfort, especially for muscle discomfort.

CBD roll-ons provide benefits that help in achieving better overall health. It is the perfect product for athletes, people with an active lifestyle, and adults doing heavy lifting.

Soothes Body Discomfort
If you can't shake that body discomfort immediately, why not try one roll of these CBD products? Our CBD extract is organic, pure, and domestically produced to ensure the highest quality on each roll-on. You may add rolling CBD to alleviate body discomfort. CBD roll-on has antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties that are also good for the skin. We ensure that the ingredients are potent and clean for your peace of mind.
Soothes Sore Joints
As we age, sometimes we can avoid having sore joints. It may be a cause of aging or other conditions. CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help with those achy and tender joints. Some studies suggest that CBD has anti-arthritic activity, which helps target the cells that cause soreness. This property also improves early signs of aches and nerve damage. Thus, you may experience improved physical function with continuous use of this product.
Before heading to the gym, remember to rub some CBD roll-on on the muscle group you plan to work out. CBD may help prevent soreness, which makes it a perfect product to use before exercise. Our CBD roll-on has ingredients that may help maximize your performance while reducing stress on your body muscles. It improves oxygen delivery that your muscle needs to perform an exercise routine. In addition, it promotes mobility for better movement.
Cooling down after a complete workout is essential to prevent muscle soreness. This cannabinoid may regulate ache signals through the body's ECS (endocannabinoid system). It has natural properties that may relax muscles after an exercise and alleviate muscle tension and spasm. As a result, CBD roll-ons may reduce mild redness and prevent muscle stiffness.
Speeds Up Recovery
CBD may help improve the rate of muscle recovery. It can be a cause of a workout or physical exertion. Applying CBD topical roll-on on the affected area may speed up the recovery process of an injury related to muscles.

How To Use A CBD Roll-On?

Using a CBD roll-on is as simple as any other roll-on product. Open the product and gently apply it to the affected area. Then, wait for a few minutes to feel either the cooling or warming sensations of the CBD topical roll-on.

The product is CBD oil, essential oil, and other premium ingredients to make it safe on the skin while providing its benefits.

Make sure only to apply the roller on the affected areas. Use circular motions without putting too much pressure. Use enough force just like you are massaging your muscles.

Locate the source of discomfort. If unsure, consider where the tension comes from and put the roll-on on that area. This way, you’ll get faster and more effective results. Apply the CBD oil evenly, and don’t overapply it. Start by rolling small amounts, and target the source of soreness.

After application, you may feel a cooling or warming sensation. It is expected, mainly if the product contains menthol. Let it dry without touching. Then, sit back and relax until you experience a reduction in the discomfort and aches that you’re experiencing.

What To Avoid With CBD Roll-Ons?

Avoid direct contact with eyes, nose, mouth, and groin when using the CBD roll-on. If ever you feel irritation, discontinue the use of the roll-on.

In addition, don’t use the product on open wounds and even minor cuts. Be mindful of sensitive skin areas to avoid severe irritation, especially on the face.

How Long Does CBD Roll On Taking To Work?

Generally, you can start experiencing the effects of CBD roll-on within 10 minutes to an hour after application. However, since we all have different skin types, it still depends on the user and how much you apply.

There are some parts of the body where the skin is thick or thin. So, the area you’re trying to treat is another factor to consider. Regardless, many hemp lovers trust the effects of these products, even for the long term.

So, it’s better to do a patch test before applying the product. It will help you identify how long a CBD roll-on would take before kicking in. In addition, you can also know if you are allergic to the product and avoid any negative consequences.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

The effects of CBD may last for about 2 to 6 hours. However, the body type may impact how long the effects will last. You should reapply the CBD oil roll-on every three to four hours to achieve the best results.

How Often Can You use CBD Roll-On?

As a rule of thumb, use the CBD roll-on 3 to 4 times a day. You can apply it in the morning, before bed, or pre-or post-workouts. You can apply it several times daily to reduce swelling and ease tension in the muscle.

Conclusion - Experience the Soothing Effects Of CBD Roll-Ons

CBD roll-ons are simple, convenient, and effective. This product may relieve tension if you have been experiencing muscle aches and body discomforts. Roll it on the affected area, and feel the calming effects of CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do CBD Roll-On Applications Go Bad Or Expire?

CBD roll-ons will eventually expire. You can see its expiration date on its packaging. It can also go right with proper storage.

The exact shelf life of this product depends on several factors. It includes the quality of the ingredients and the methods of making the product.

Knowing these factors is essential in choosing the right products that will last longer. You can also extend the shelf life and get more value for your money.

Here are some factors that will affect the shelf life of CBD roll-ons.


  • Quality – Hifi Farms only use premium ingredients to ensure that our CBD roll-ons last longer. We only use hemp plants cultivated in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Ingredients – Every component on the CBD roll-on matters. It includes flavoring, terpenes, essential oils, and CBD oil itself. High-quality ingredients don’t only guarantee longer shelf life but also significant effects.
  • Extraction Process – When it comes to CBD roll-ons, the carbon dioxide method is a gold standard. It helps maximize the CBD content level in the product during extraction. In addition, this process allows the other compounds to become more stable.
  • Packaging – Never underestimate the importance of proper packaging. CBD roll-ons will last longer if packed in dark-colored and airtight glass containers. At Hifi Farms, we provide special attention to packaging to protect and prevent exposure to air, water, and sunlight.
  • Storage – CBD roll-ons may get exposed to heat and air without proper storage. As a result, it accelerates CBD degradation, which may decrease efficiency and efficacy. So, if you want to keep the product fresh and potent, maintain it properly.

How To Store A CBD Roll-On?

Proper storage is one of the things that we would like to recommend to our consumers after buying our CBD roll-ons. This way, you can keep its freshness and maintain potency.

Keep the CBD roll-on away from oxygen (air), light, and temperature. Treat it like any other oil – store it in dry, dark, and sealed containers. Dark glasses help reduce light exposure and control temperature.

It’s better to keep CBD oil in its original packaging to prevent unnecessary air exposure. Then, keep it at room temperature, which is ideal, around 60 to 70°F (16 to 21°C).

Where To Buy CBD Roll-Ons?

There are different hemp dispensaries where you can buy CBD roll-ons. However, it’s best to purchase fresh and potent CBD only from reputable hemp brands like Hifi Farms.

You can buy our topical roll-ons online for more convenience. We ship in different states where hemp is legal for consumption.

Why Buy CBD Roll-Ons From Hifi Farms?

Hifi Farms has been creating different hemp products to improve overall wellness. We only use fresh, potent, and top-quality cannabis products in the market. 

Our CBD topicals come from the best natural ingredients and USA-grown hemp plants. In addition, we only use premium terpenes and essential oils to provide the best results. 

We have refined each ingredient and infused selected ingredients like organic aloe vera, menthol, and tea tree oil. You can be sure of our transparency since each product goes through independent 3rd-part lab testing. 

It ensures that our roll-ons and other CBD products are 99% pure and have zero THC, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. You can see the COAs on our website.

In addition, we offer the widest variety of cannabis products online! Your wallet would be happy with our deals and incentives as well. If it’s your first time buying from us, you can get a 20% off on your first purchase. You can also enjoy free shipping for a minimum order of $50 with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee policy.

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