CBD Isolate Muscle Rub


CBD Muscle Rub – Potent Topical CBD Balm

Batch: 53783
Expiration: 05/08/2024
Cannabinoids Per Package: 43.06mg CBD
Net Wt: 56g (2oz)
Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil & CBD Isolate

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Is your daily routine causing sore muscles?
No problem. The most premium CBD muscle rub from HifFi Farms is a perfect relief. The hemp rub contains CBD oil and other essential oils that subtly tease your senses, calm your mind, and relax your body.No matter where the muscle aches are, a generous application of the CBD roll-on will do the trick. Plus, the hassle-free, convenient stick doesn’t get your hands dirty. You can apply it anywhere and feel better instantly.If you haven’t used hemp roll-ons in the past, use this time to get acquainted with the usage, effects, and benefits of cannabidiol on your muscles.


CBD Isolate Coconut Oil Muscle Rub

Hifi Farms CBD Topicals

Can CBD Absorb Through The Skin?

Yes, human skin can absorb a CBD balm. When you apply the CBD topical, all the therapeutic goodness of cannabidiol permeates the skin through the hair follicles.

Since the skin has cannabinoid receptors, CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system and impacts the body and brain.

What Is A CBD Muscle Rub?

CBD muscle rub or CBD balms is a hemp topical that specifically targets the affected muscles or joints.

Unlike CBD ingestible supplements that go through the digestive system and evenly distribute the therapeutic effects throughout the body, CBD topical products work on the area where your discomfort centers.

Whichever part of your body suffers from tissue damage, swelling, aches, sores, or tension, a direct skin application of the hemp balm provides exceptional relief. And at Hifi Farms, the CBD roll-on contains 900mg CBD per stick, and you get 30mg per use.

Aside from utter pain relief from muscle discomforts, CBD roll-ons are also beneficial for physical and mental relaxation. Thanks to the antioxidant properties of cannabidiol, your skin is smoother, glowing, and moisturized.

CBD keeps your skin hydrated too. It triggers collagen and elastin production to reduce signs of cellulite and stretch marks. So what’s not to like? In a nutshell, CBD topicals like rubs and balms relieve aching muscles for relaxation and skin health.

How CBD Rubs Or Balms Are Made?

CBD muscle balm products are free from pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, synthetic additives, heavy metals, and toxic chemical. The formulation of CBD topicals includes essential oils, terpenes, carrier oil, and other hemp cannabinoids thanks to the full-spectrum extraction method. 

Once CBD is extracted from cannabis sativa, the concentration is mixed with a specific carrier oil like hemp seed oil, essential oils, and menthol. The carrier oil makes skin absorption seamless, and a specific essential oil like eucalyptus or lavender for the scent and menthol for the cooling effect.  

What Are The Effects Of A Muscle Rub With CBD?

With a CBD muscle rub, you can guide cannabidiol to where to concentrate the therapeutic effects. You have the power to get rid of your aches and sores anytime, plus there are other benefits of using a CBD roll-on.

Soothes Discomfort and Sore Muscles
CBD is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help ease discomfort. Whether your workout has gotten too intense, you had a minor bump on the road, or your muscles ache due to long hours of immobility, the hemp rub is the perfect resolution. It has natural properties to relieve muscle soreness. In addition, it contains botanical extracts combined with tea tree oil, leaf oil, vitamin E, and other natural ingredients for almost instant relief. This CBD topical can also eliminate your headache while calming your mind.
Appetite Stimulation
As a topical product, a CBD rub is, of course, applied externally. But, the hemp balm is still instrumental in stimulating your appetite due to the appetite-boosting properties of cannabis sativa. If you’re weight-conscious, you may find this appetite-boosting effect as a negative consequence. The good news is CBD is also suitable for weight loss thanks to its good relationship with the brain and lymphoid tissue. It means that using CBD hastens your metabolism, so even if you overeat, you won’t get fat even if you overeat. Great, right?
Eases Joint Tension
A CBD balm triggers the abundant production of cytokine molecules responsible for alleviating sores, aches, and joint tension. It's perfect for shoulder pain. The direct application of the cannabidiol roll-on to the affected joints provides liberation from the tension, plus CBD relaxes your whole body, so it’s a win, no matter which way you look.
Soothes Nausea
The anti-emetic properties of CBD suppress nausea and vomiting. This cannabinoid triggers the somatodendritic 5-HT dorsal raphe nucleus receptors. And it leads to the successful elimination of the nauseous feeling. Using the CBD roll-on, apply cannabidiol directly to your stomach or at the pressure points in your forehead. You can also place the stick under your nose to breathe in the menthol, soothing fragrance of the hemp balm.
May Boosts Mood
Cannabidiol is well-known to change the level of serotonin in the human brain. As a neurotransmitter, the serotonin hormone affects mood, so CBD increases the serotonin response level to regulate your emotions and make you feel happy. When CBD interacts with your brain receptors, it triggers the fast production and release of anandamine, a molecule responsible for your good mood. CBD raises the levels of anandamine when your brain is low on this substance, so your mood is lifted.
May Promote Sleep
If you’re one of the over 70 million Americans suffering from sleep disorders, then a CBD rub made of full-spectrum hemp extract is a good solution for your problem. Applying CBD roll-on on your forehead pressure points and pulse points allows the cannabinoid to normalize your sleep-wake cycle and help you sleep at night. You should know that stress is one of the significant causes of sleep disorders. But CBD dramatically drops your stress level, and you can fall asleep seamlessly without worries. Additionally, CBD partners with the hypothalamus system to reduce stress.
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When Will I Feel The Effects?

The effects of a CBD roll-on application usually kick in immediately. But, in some cases, it may take a quarter of an hour before you feel relief from muscle pain, sores, and joint tension.

However, if it has been over 15 minutes and you feel no change, apply another round of CBD. Sometimes, the effect fails to creep in due to the tiny amount of cannabidiol on the skin. Make sure to use it generously for better therapeutic results.

How To Use CBD Topical Rubs?

A CBD balm in a roll-on form is easier to apply on the skin since your fingers and palms are not needed. Simply open the cap, roll the stick to reveal the hemp rub, and apply generously on the aching muscles, joints, or any area that hurts. It’s best to make a circular motion while rubbing CBD on the affected skin. 

Besides aches and sores, a CBD roll-on can also be used for relaxation, sleep stimulation, and mood regulation. For any of these purposes, apply the hemp rub on the pressure points of your head and the pulse points of your temples and neck. You can also apply CBD on those specific areas if you feel nauseous. 

If you want to warm up the hemp rub before you apply it to your skin, use your fingers or palms as an applicator. This way, you can gently massage the affected areas with your hands while applying the therapeutic properties of CBD.

How Long Does CBD Roll On Work?

The effects of the CBD roll-on stay in your system for up to six hours. So it’s really good to know that relief from discomforts and muscle aches is yours to enjoy for long hours.

If you’re using the hemp rub to help you sleep, enjoy over six hours of blissful rest. But note that the time frame of effects applies only when CBD is still on your skin. If you wash or wipe your body within six hours of application, the heavenly result you’re enjoying may end sooner. 

How Often Can I Use CBD Topical Roll On?

You can use a CBD muscle balm as often as needed. However, always remember that the effects last for six hours, so the re-application should be done after the time frame passes. But, if the aching muscle discomfort bugs you before the sixth hour, feel free to apply the CBD roll-on generously again on the aching area.

Do CBD Topical Roll Ons Go Bad Or Expire?

Like all other hemp products, CBD roll-ons have an expiration date. The typical shelf-life of hemp rubs is one to two years. But if the CBD topical is exposed to air, moisture, light, or heat, its freshness, texture, and potency may degrade faster than expected. That’s why proper storage is crucial.

How To Store CBD Roll-On?

The best way to store a CBD rub is in a dark, dry place and at room temperature. Keep the CBD product hidden from small children to avoid accidental usage.

How Not To Use CBD Roll On Applications?

The primary idea of a CBD muscle balm is a topical application on the human skin. Therefore, you must keep the hemp rub from your food or drinks.

Under no circumstance is it okay to ingest the CBD roll-on, so never experiment with other application methods besides external rubbing. In addition, be more cautious in rubbing if you have a sensitive skin.

The product is for external use only. Keep the product away from eyes, mucous membranes. It is not advisable to apply the product to the face, and for pregnant, nursing, and people with underlying medical conditions.

Where To Buy CBD Roll-Ons?

CBD roll-ons are widely available in local dispensaries, pharmacies, and wellness stores. But, to get the best CBD product directly from the manufacturer. And it so happens that Hifi Farms is the leading producer of CBD roll-ons. 

Why Buy CBD Roll-Ons From Hifi Farms?

Hifi Farms is manufacturing the country’s most premium, organic CBD products in Oregon. Our hemp roll-ons are popular to relieve muscle aches and sores, body discomforts, and joint tension. The hemp balms are also perfect for stimulating the appetite, promoting sleep, and finding peace of mind. 

At Hifi Farms, the CBD roll-ons are under different promotions. New customers get 20% off, and returning ones enjoy another deal after signing up for our email newsletter. We also offer free shipping. And all orders are subject to the 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

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