CBD Moon Rocks

CBD Moon Rocks For Sale [High-Quality & Potency

Are you looking for the highest potency of CBD moon rocks on the market? Look no further. Hifi Farms is here to provide you with the most powerful, therapeutic, and clean hemp flowers in the industry. Our brand grows organic hemp plants in Oregon, and we manufacture cannabidiol moon rocks with meticulous and sophisticated processes using top-of-the-line equipment. Plus, we test our hemp products internally and through an ISO-accredited independent laboratory.

CBD Moon Rocks

If you think that nothing beats the health benefits of cannabidiol, think again. CBD Rosin is a solventless compound that ensures zero potential for solvent residue. Unlike regular CBD products, Rosin contains a heftier concentration of cannabidiol along with other beneficial properties.

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So if you want the best experience in smoking moon rocks, choose from the fantastic strains and flavors from Hifi Farms’ collection of CBD flowers.

But wait, do you know what hemp moon rocks are really about? Read on and learn about the effects, benefits, lifespan, smoking methods, and more about the most potent CBD flowers on the market.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the active compounds in hemp and marijuana. When CBD comes from hemp, all the resulting products are federally legal in the United States.

CBD is one of the two major cannabinoids in cannabis sativa, and the other one is THC. But while Delta 9 is extremely psychotic, CBD is the exact opposite. There are no psychoactive properties in CBD, though it may contain <=0.3% THC.

What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

CBD moon rocks are hemp flowers coated with full-spectrum CBD extracts, then soaked in hemp kief. But, the coating process is not done only once but multiple times.

Moon rocks come from dense nugs dipped in THC oil, CBD distillate, or other cannabinoid oil. Then, coat it in a THC concentrate to create a sticky binding to get rolled in the kief shake.

The numerous layers of CBD and kief make the hemp moon rocks more potent than regular CBD flowers.

What Is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is dried, cured hemp nug and is rich with cannabidiol. CBD flowers are primarily cultivated to have high levels of cannabidiol than THC. The result is non-intoxicating nugs with <0.3% THC. In many cases, CBD flowers have a full-spectrum background.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate?

Most of the time, the CBD moon rocks for sale have a label of full-spectrum CBD distillate. This means that the extraction process of cannabidiol includes more than a hundred hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

So when you smoke cannabidiol moon rocks, all the therapeutic properties of each hemp compound work together to provide your body with the holistic benefits of cannabis sativa. The mixture of all-natural compounds paves the way for an entourage effect.

What Is Hemp Kief?

Hemp kief is a dusty powder that covers the CBD flower after a rich concentration of cannabidiol extracts is applied to the nugs. Kief is cannabis crystals that come from loose trichomes.

CBD extractors often use a mesh screen to sift the hemp crystallines. Hemp kief covers the CBD flower moon rocks. You can also sprinkle CBD crystals on your tea, coffee, smoothies, and other drinks. Unquestionably, CBD kief is full of therapeutic properties that support a healthy lifestyle.

Is CBD Moonrocks Good?

Cannabidiol is full of medicinal properties that make you healthier and happier. Moon rocks from CBD are suitable for health and a better smoking choice than nicotine-filled cigarettes. Plus, there are no side effects from smoking CBD.

How Potent Are CBD Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks from CBD are the most potent flowers on the market. Though they’re not psychoactive, moon rocks are more potent than CBD flowers and vapes.

These powerful nugs have higher concentrations of cannabidiol due to the repetitive coatings of pure CBD extracts on the flower, plus a generous amount of hemp kief.

So instead of one layer of cannabidiol like the CBD flower, moon rocks have plenty. With the fusion of kief, moon rocks are incredibly potent. 

What Are The Effects Of Moonrocks?

Cannabidiol is rich in antioxidant, anxiolytic, and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the muscles and joints. The effects of CBD are soothing, relaxing, and comforting. The primary effect of smoking CBD in the form of moon rocks is optimum relaxation.

How Long Until The Effects Start Kicking In?

One of the best things about moon rocks is the effects kick in immediately. It usually takes 30 seconds to feel the results of CBD.

But sometimes, the therapeutic properties may take 15 minutes to start working. In a nutshell, many factors impact the time frame, such as the users’ weight, experience, tolerance, and age.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

The effects of the cannabidiol moon rocks last for three to four hours. It’s up to you to take another round of smoke after the effects wear off.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Moonrocks?

The moon rocks for sale don’t offer euphoria, but it provides even more excellent benefits. Curios? Let’s find out.

The benefits of CBD nugs may vary from one user to another, depending on factors like weight, age, experience, dosage, and tolerance. But in general, the primary effects of premium CBD hemp flower are the following:

May Reduce Physical Discomfort

Cannabidiol is rich in anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Your aches, sores, tension, and discomfort melts away thanks to the smokable hemp nugs. Hemp plants may help soothe, relax, and calm your whole body.

Possible Mood Booster

CBD interacts well with the endocannabinoid system and the human brain. Cannabidiol lifts your mood by wiping away the negativities in your brain. So you stay in a good mood while under the influence of CBD hemp flower.

May Reduce Worrisome Thoughts & Tendencies

To soothe your worries, smoke a few puffs of the CBD hemp flower. Allow the therapeutic nugs to uplift your spirits, remove your worries, and lessen the tendency for negative thoughts.

May Improve Sleep

CBD flowers from an indica strain are perfect for promoting better sleep patterns. Indica is a nighttime cannabis that is very effective in normalizing your circadian clock.

May Improve Appetite

One of the undeniable effects of smoking hemp flower is the triggering of the “munchies”. No matter what strain of nugs you choose, hunger is always an effect.

May Provide Upbeat & Energetic Vibes

A CBD hemp flower with a sativa background is the best fit if you want to gain energy from hemp without getting high. Smoking sativa CBD results in an energizing mood all day through.

May Reduce Physical Discomfort

Cannabidiol is rich in anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Your aches, sores, tension, and discomfort melts away thanks to the smokable hemp nugs. Hemp plants may help soothe, relax, and calm your whole body.

Possible Mood Booster

CBD interacts well with the endocannabinoid system and the human brain. Cannabidiol lifts your mood by wiping away the negativities in your brain. So you stay in a good mood while under the influence of CBD hemp flower.

May Reduce Worrisome Thoughts & Tendencies

To soothe your worries, smoke a few puffs of the CBD hemp flower. Allow the therapeutic nugs to uplift your spirits, remove your worries, and lessen the tendency for negative thoughts.

May Improve Sleep

CBD flowers from an indica strain are perfect for promoting better sleep patterns. Indica is a nighttime cannabis that is very effective in normalizing your circadian clock.

May Improve Appetite

One of the undeniable effects of smoking hemp flower is the triggering of the “munchies”. No matter what strain of nugs you choose, hunger is always an effect.

May Provide Upbeat & Energetic Vibes

A CBD hemp flower with a sativa background is the best fit if you want to gain energy from hemp without getting high. Smoking sativa CBD results in an energizing mood all day through.

Unlike CBD edibles and softgel capsules, the smokable, non-psychoactive hemp nugs provide instant effects. The moment the smoke fills your lungs, the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol is released throughout your body.

Once you smoke hemp flower, there’s no need to wait for half an hour wondering whether you have taken enough CBD product.

Thanks to the presence of natural terpenes, different flavors satisfy your hemp cravings. Growing of industrial hemp involves varying cultivars, and the fusion of strains usually leads to fantastic tastes and aromas.

Soothes Discomfort

The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol are super effective in easing all physical discomforts. CBD is also an analgesic, which means that your aches and sores easily disappear after smoking.

May Boost Mood

Thanks to the anxiolytic properties of CBD, your anxiety and depression will dramatically lessen. The moon rocks are perfect for lifting your mood, so take a few puffs when you need motivation.

Appetite Stimulation

Cannabis plants are known to trigger munchies, so people have smoked weed for centuries to stimulate their appetite. So if you’re losing your fondness for food, get non-psychoactive moon rocks. In just seconds, you gain your love for food again.

Promotes Sleep

CBD has a natural sedative effect that lures the users to sleep after just a few puffs. The feeling of utter relaxation washes over your senses, and the superior comfort makes it easier to fall asleep. So, it’s best to smoke CBD when you have plans to succumb to the call of your bed soon.

Eases Joint Tension

When you feel tension in your joints, the best action is to smoke moon rocks with CBD. The hemp flower contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe discomfort in your joints. So after hours of workout, smoke it to feel better.

Soothes Nausea

People buy CBD moon rocks for many reasons, all for their health. After all, CBD can’t make you high, so the only purpose of smoking the moon rocks is to feel good, mentally and physically.

CBD can ease your stomach and reduce dizziness with just a few puffs. One of those good things is to alleviate symptoms of nausea.

How Do You Smoke CBD Moon Rocks?

There are three ways to smoke CBD moon rocks.


Smoking moon rocks using a glass pipe delivers a stronger taste of hemp. Simply place ample CBD flower on the pipe chamber, and use a lighter or hemp wick to burn the potent nugs slowly.


A bong is a more sophisticated tool for smoking top-quality hemp buds. Innovated bongs have filters to cool the vapor before it touches your throat. Same as a pipe, the chamber is heated by a butane lighter or hemp wick.


You need hemp paper and a filter to smoke the non-intoxicating moon rocks as a joint. You can roll your joint or buy CBD pre-rolls.

Can You Vape CBD Moon Rocks?

Yes, you can vape cannabidiol moon rocks using a dry herb vaporizer. It’s an electronic vaping device that functions similarly to traditional carts but works with dry hemp flowers.

Where Can I Buy CBD Moon Rocks?

Since CBD is federally legal in the country, moon rocks are probably available in local dispensaries and wellness stores. But if you’re looking for the freshest, most potent batch of hemp flowers, buy directly from manufacturers like Hifi Farms. Ordering online means you never have to leave your home while purchasing hemp products.

Why Buy CBD Moon Rocks From Hifi Farms?

Why buy hemp moon rocks from Hifi Farms? Because we’re the best manufacturers of high-quality CBD flower in the industry. We infused lab-tested CBD distillate rolled in potent CBG kief that gives you the best moon rocks experience.

Our moon rocks are highly potent and use the best packaging to ensure freshness retention. More importantly, the hemp moon rocks from our brand come from full-spectrum CBD. We practice organic farming, and all our ingredients are all-natural. Plus, all our CBD products have COAs, so check the potency, cleanliness, and overall makeup of the moon rocks.

When you buy from our official website for the first time, we give you a 20% discount. When you opt to receive email newsletters from us, your second order gains another discount. On top of the deals, we provide free shipping and a 30-day money-back policy.

So if you want to smoke the most potent CBD and CBG flower – we give you the best smoking experience.

CBD Moon Rock Strains From Hifi Farms

The good news is when you buy CBD moon rocks from Hifi Farms; you’ll find a wide variety of strains and flavors.

Blue Dream

It’s a cross between California Orange CBD and Blue Dream. This strain has a sweet fruity aroma and an earthy, skunky spice smell.

Sour Diesel

Sour Deez, or Sour D, is the offspring of Sugar Skunk and Chemdawg. The diesel aroma of the moon rocks heightens the dreamy effect of Sour Diesel.

Pineapple Express

Hawaiian and Train Wreck are the parents of Pineapple Express. The super pungent scent of this strain has tones of mango, citrus, and pineapple.

Tahoe OG

First bred in Lake Tahoe, CA, Tahoe OG emits an earthy, herbal, and lemony flavor. This strain has a lineage of SFV OG Kush and OG Kush.

Strawberry Shortcake

The parents of Strawberry Shortcake are White Wookie and The White. The moon rocks have an old, rancid smell of cotton candy, the fruity sweetness of strawberries, and cheese with hints of diesel.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake’s pungent, gassy smell comes from crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Users love the fresh cookie scent mixed with a woody and floral aroma.

1. Sublingually

The versatility in taking CBD oil is one of the reasons consumers take it. However, most CBD tincture oils are recommended to be taken sublingually, as it is believed that this is the most optimal method. Here are the ways you could take your CBD oil:

2. Add it to your beverages

Add some extra flavor to your favorite drink! CBD oil tinctures also differ in taste, so find that that tastes the best with your favorite drink. Beverages like coffee and milk also allow CBD to be absorbed better. So, mix CBD oil with your favorite drink.

3. Add them to your snacks and meals

CBD oil flavors tend to go along better with sweets. Since they are also oil-based, they would also work well with salad dressings! Why not try adding CBD-rich cannabis extracts to your favorite snack?

Some CBD topicals are also classified as oils. Those are meant to be used externally and topically, such as for aching muscles, and not for consumption and smoking.

CBD edible tinctures and oils aren’t meant to be used topically, as CBD topical products exist for that purpose.

The same thing applies if using them as vape juice. Since CBD edible oil would get vaporized in a vape, it would lose its potency or, worst – risk wrecking your device. It could also leave this indescribably burnt foul taste in your mouth; this is why you stick to using CBD vape oil for vapes.

How Long Does Cannabidiol Oil Take To Work?

Assuming CBD oil tincture is taken sublingually, it takes an average of 15 minutes to feel the short-term effects, such as that relaxing feeling, and it also increases your concentration. CBD at certain doses could also make you feel sleepy and less anxious

But according to consumers, one of the best advantages of consuming Delta 11 THC is to comfort the body when it needs it. Yes, THC has been used for soothing chronic discomfort for decades, though not in an official capacity.

Now with the emergence of D11 products, people dealing with joint tension, muscle soreness, and physical aches, in general, will have new means to live lives of comfort.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

Always stick to the manufacturer’s recommended dose, or consult your doctor. The recommended dose of CBD oils and tinctures for beginners is 20 mg daily on average.

But if you really want to be really specific, you must take the following factors into account:

The amount of mg of CBD per drop contains.
Your body weight and overall body chemistry.
The condition you are trying to improve.

The best thing to do is to keep track of how much CBD you are taking and if your condition is showing improvement with your current dosage. CBD potency may be low, but always be cautious with your recommended dose.


Sample scenario: someone dealing with sleeping issues starts with 20 mg daily. Since the condition barely showed improvement after a week, they then added an additional 5 mg. Since their sleeping conditions have improved, they should stick to that dose.

Does CBD Oil Expire Or Go Bad?

Of course, anything that contains natural ingredients, like organic MCT oil, eventually expires. CBD oils have an average shelf life of one to two years. When it might expire varies, so always check for the expiration date on the bottle.

1. Early Blossom CBD Strain

This unique strain is usually genetically grown indoors with its pale green nugs. Berry Blossom and Auto Tsunami are the parents of Early Blossom, which contributes to the sweet berry smell of the flower. The dominant terpenes of this strain are myrcene, caryophyllene, and terpinolene. 

2. Hawaiian Haze CBD Strain

It offers a flavor combination of warm citrus, tropical fruit, pineapple, and sour diesel thanks to the b-caryophyllene, myrcene, and a-bisabolol terpenes. Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid from Hawaiian and Haze parents.

3. Octane OG CBD Strain

A vape cartridge is a small container containing cannabis concentrate equipped with a heating element and a mouthpiece. This type of vape is perfect for both cannabis novices and enthusiasts.

4. Pink Runtz CBD Strain

As a 50/50 indica/sativa strain, Pink Runtz is the perfect go-to CBD hemp flower when stressed. The colorful nugs are fun to look at, and the berry, cherry, sweet candy, fruity, and rainbow flavor brings happiness to your life. Plus, this strain does wonders for your body. Smoking Pink Runtz relieves discomfort, making you feel exceptionally relaxed and comfortable.

5. Strawberry Cake CBD Strain

Strawberry Cake is a CBD feminized hybrid with a 1:20 THC to CBD ratio. Originally known as Strawberry Cheesecake, this strain comes from White Widow, Cheese, and Chronic fusion. This pure CBD strain generates a sweet, fruity, and cheesy taste and a strawberry with cheese-scent that you’ll love.

6. Wedding Cake CBD Strain

The deep purple and green shades of the Wedding Cake tear-drop buds are beautifully dense. The CBD flower with this background is ideal for chilling and unwinding without total couch-locking effects. Thanks to the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie parents, it tastes like your favorite cherries and cookies with hints of earth and spice. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid with an addictive pungent, gassy smell.

CBD Flower Usage

When it comes to CBD flowers, the saying “no one size fits all” is on the mark. Depending on your experience and tolerance, the number of puffs varies.

For beginners, it’s best to start with one to two puffs, then wait for half an hour before smoking again. Typically, CBD hemp flower takes effect immediately.

But in rare cases that it does not, check how many pieces of nugs you placed on your pipe, blunt, bong, vaporizer, or joint. You may need to add or inhale more intensely to get the desired effects.

Consumption Methods

Let’s explore different manners to consume your favorite smokable hemp flower.

The pipe is a straightforward tool to smoke CBD hemp flower. Put a ground flower on the chamber, apply heat from a hemp wick or butane lighter, then take a few puffs from the mouthpiece.

Create your joints using premium hemp flower. You need hemp paper to make this work and your fingers for rolling.

Similar to joints, you create a blunt by rolling CBD flower on a blunt or cigar paper. The blunt wraps are of tobacco origin, which offers a legit taste of a real cigar as you smoke CBD into your lungs.

As much as possible, choose a sophisticated bong with a smoke-cooling filter. Place the CBD buds on the glass bowl, and use a hemp wick to heat your bong. Thanks to the filter, the hot smoke won’t burn your throat or lungs.

With a heating mechanism, a dry herb vaporizer makes smoking CBD seamless. Simply put a tiny or large amount of CBD hemp buds on the compartment, and click the heating button.

Aside from smoking hemp buds, you can also add it to your dishes, baked goods, and smoothies. Simply grind the therapeutic buds and sprinkle a few on your gummy, cookies, brownies, or cereal bar mixture. Or add the flower to your home recipes.

What Degrades CBD Tincture Oil?

Several factors could degrade your CBD oil, and it might go bad before it even expires. Exposure to harsh elements such as light, heat, and oxygen could make CBD oil go bad much more quickly. Also, ensure your hands are clean and dry when handling them, and close tightly after each use.

The CBD quality also plays a factor in its shelf life. Those that use high-quality hemp, like Hifi Farms, usually last longer.

How To Store CBD Oil?

Always apply the basic principle of “store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.” Place them somewhere at room temperature and dark, such as in a cupboard.

You may also refrigerate them, but it isn’t recommended if you use them daily since it would make them thicker or freeze the oil and make them hard to use.

Also, keep them in their default bottles or containers, as those are specifically made to provide the product with a longer shelf life. The default bottles also played a factor in how the manufacturers were able to determine the expiration date.

You’ll notice the bottles are airtight and dark-colored or opaque. These are meant to protect the contents against light and heat, as well as oxygen exposure. So if your container gets accidentally damaged, look for a replacement with similar properties, or use a previous bottle from the same brand.

Where To Buy CBD Oil?

It actually depends upon where you live; you may want to check for nearby hemp dispensaries in your area.

You could also try online hemp dispensaries to save yourself the time and trouble of going out. If you are looking for a reputable dealer online that offers fresh and potent CBD, order from a brand like Hifi Farms!

Why Buy CBD Oil From Hifi Farms?

Hifi Farms always provides top-quality, fresh, and potent hemp-derived CBD products. Our CBD oils and topicals are made with only the best natural ingredients and premium-quality hemp!

Each batch of our products have undergone rigorous testing from accredited 3rd party labs, so you can rest assured about quality, cleanliness, and consistency.

As a group of hemp enthusiasts, we wouldn’t even sell hemp products we wouldn’t personally use! Customers like you can be assured that you are only offered high-quality, potent, clean, and lab-tested CBD oils and topical products!

Hifi Farms offers 20% off your first purchase! You also get free shipping for all orders and a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee policy for the widest variety of CBD oil products online!

However, consuming CBD is one of the cannabinoids under the controlled substances act. Overuse may cause minor side effects. In addition, it could give you a positive drug test result. So, plan your amount per serving ahead of time.

Regardless, a few CBD drops may help your body. Who knows, it could be the key to your better well-being. CBD works may do wonders that other over-the-counter medications can do.

COAs or certificates of analysis are documents from a third-party laboratory stating the potency, overall makeup, and cleanliness of the CBD hemp flower. The USDA mandates having an independent lab test for all CBD flower products, so check if the CBD item has a scannable QR code leading to the COA page.
Fresh CBD flowers have a natural pungent, skunky smell. The earthy notes will always be there, with a mixture of the specific aroma of the flower cultivar. You’ll know if you got a bad batch if the scent of the CBD nugs is weak. So note that a strong smell is an indication of freshness.
Before you buy CBD flowers, check their appearance first. Good CBD nugs look fresh and green, with hints of purple and other colors, depending on the hemp strain. If the shades of the flower are bright and not fading, then the product is good. But if the CBD hemp flower is losing its touch of color, then don’t make a purchase.
Freshness of Hemp Plant
You know freshness when you see one. A bad batch of CBD nugs has signs of brittleness, mold, decay, or bacteria. Plus, the smell is bad and not in an intoxicatingly pungent way. It’s essential always to buy fresh CBD nugs to experience the full potency of the flower.
Potency is the most essential factor in choosing the best CBD hemp flower. You can find the potency level of the product through the COA, so don’t miss out on that information. Note that the higher the CBD content, the higher the potency.

Why Choose HiFi Farms For CBD Flower?

The CBD flower from HiFi Farms is the most premium product in this category on the market. The fusion of pure cannabidiol extract and high-quality hemp nugs results in the perfect CBD flower with superior potency.

HiFi Farms continues to wow the country with its top-shelf hemp products. From the heart of Oregon to anywhere in the United States, the CBD flower from this reputable brand makes consumers healthier and happier. Plus, there are other hemp items too from various cannabinoids.

Additionally, Hifi Farms partners with an independent laboratory for product batch testing. The clean results are available online at the official website. Also, all the cannabis items on site are subject to varying deals and incentives, free shipping at a certain amount, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With the best growing practices of Hifi Farms, fantastic promotions and policies, and premium-quality products, there’s no reason why you should not buy your favorite CBD flower from this reliable brand.


Moon rocks from cannabidiol have different tastes, depending on the kind of strain you choose. But one thing is constant, though. Smoking CBD hemp moonrocks leaves an earthy flavor.

Hemp moon rocks have a shelf-life of 14 to 24 months. To ensure that the freshness is intact, store the moon rocks well.

When you purchase CBD moon rocks for sale, it’s essential to know how to store the hemp product. Keep the moon rocks in the dark, airtight container. Place it on a cool, dry section of your house, like the fridge.

You must be at least 21 years old to buy CBD moon rocks. The same age requirement applies to the legal consumption of non-psychoactive moon rocks.

CBD Flower Strain Types:

CBD Flower Strain Types:

CBD flowers have three specific strain types: sativa, indica, and hybrid. The latter is a cross between sativa and indica, so smoking a hybrid hemp flower lets you experience the best from two powerful strains. Let’s dig deeper into the three strains.


  • Sativa – A pure sativa strain is ideal for daily usage. The effects center on energy boost, upbeat feeling, positive vibe, and enhanced focus.
  • Indica – An indica strain in its purest form provides sedative effects. So, you should smoke the indica CBD nugs late in the afternoon or the evening.
  • Hybrid – The fusion of sativa and indica yields various hybrid strains. Hybrids can be indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or 50:50 sativa/indica.