CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

When it comes to CBD products, CBD gummies are a popular choice when it comes to taking daily doses of CBD to gain life-changing health and wellness benefits. Gummies offer a convenient and straightforward way to take CBD while also letting you savor a tasty treat.

CBD Gummies

If you think that nothing beats the health benefits of cannabidiol, think again. CBD Rosin is a solventless compound that ensures zero potential for solvent residue. Unlike regular CBD products, Rosin contains a heftier concentration of cannabidiol along with other beneficial properties.

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Here at Hifi Farms’, we assure you that you will love savoring our gummies’ taste! Our fruit-flavored gummies taste more like the fruits they are based on and feel more like fruit snacks. You also don’t have to worry about them melting during transport, as our signature formula allows our gummies to take the heat!

Nothing beats reaping the benefits of CBD while chewing on something juicy and tasty!

What Is CBD?

You’ve definitely encountered CBD gummies and other hemp products with CBD on their name. CBD isn’t some brand name, but rather, CBD is short for Cannabidiol. CBD serves as a supportive treatment for a variety of health and wellness conditions.

CBD isn’t the actual cannabis or hemp, but rather, it is an active ingredient that could be extracted from the hemp plants, which actually belong to the same species. Such compounds extracted from Cannabaceae are called Cannabinoids, which include the likes of THC.

Consuming CBD offers many benefits, just like THC, but without the mind-altering effects often associated with THC. CBD is proving its efficiency with more and more people flocking to it, as well as research and studies being conducted that prove its purported effectiveness and discover its other potential benefits.

What Are CBD Gummies?

They are what they are supposed to be, gummies. You know, like those teddy bear gummies you enjoyed as a kid, the only difference being that they have been infused with CBD oils. CBD gummy bears offer a fast, convenient, straightforward, and tasty way to your daily intake of CBD.

What Are The Three Variants Of CBD?

CBD is categorized into 3 variants. Know the difference to find out which one best suits your personal preference.

CBD Isolate

CBD that has been isolated from other cannabinoids, which offers 99% pure CBD, with just traces of other cannabinoids, and has no THC content at all.

If you seek pure calming CBD gummies, then CBD Isolate is for you! This is the option for those who want nothing to do with THC, can’t use THC due to State laws, are required to take drug tests more often, and for those whose condition requires CBD in larger doses.

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum provides the benefits of CBD combined with a little THC and other minor cannabinoids such as terpenes, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, and flavonoids. THC is not allowed to exceed 0.3%, and the average ratio is around 84% CBD and 15% of the other compounds.

Full Spectrum CBD gummies provide due to the synergy of CBD, THC, and other compounds, providing that “feel great” effect without getting really high.

Such an effect makes this the preferred choice of those dealing with chronic body aches. The euphoric effect of THC is only at risk of activating if one goes way beyond the recommended doses.

Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum CBD gummies offer a lite version of that entourage effect from Full Spectrum CBD products due to having virtually no THC content.

Broad Spectrum is often preferred by those with sleeping problems because of that entourage effect without the risk of getting high.

Broad Spectrum may sometimes contain just traces of THC, and while such a thing is just as good as no THC content, there is a minor risk for those taking drug tests as there might be a build-up due to daily intake and getting positive in the results.

Which CBD Type Of Is The Best?

Most seem to consider Full Spectrum the best because, on paper, it utilizes all of the hemp plant’s compounds. Others also want both the THC and entourage effect.

CBD Isolates still contain the same benefits of Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD, minus the THC and entourage effect. So when it comes to acquiring the full benefits CBD provides, all the 3 types still completely provide them.

In the end, what boils down to what CBD type is the best, is all a matter of personal preference and what type suits their condition and situation the best.

How Strong Is CBD?

CBD is considered strong or potent enough to benefit the body and to feel some effects. Still, you wouldn’t experience any high, unlike with THC.

It actually also depends upon the dosage. Generally, 15 to 30 mg is considered average, while around 50 mg CBD is considered highly potent.

CBD Vs. Delta 9

For comparison, let us use a THC well-known for its potency and high effects, Delta 9 THC.

CBD and D9 have identical molecular structures and share some effects, such as feeling relaxed, less anxious, and heightened sensory perception. (This also increases the appetite for both, but for CBD, its due to a heightened sense of taste, while for D9, it is the “munchies”)

Due to being from the same plant and having overlapping effects, there is also a misconception that CBD is intoxicating. However, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects, unlike D9. In fact, CBD and D9 have opposite effects on the brain.

How Long Do CBD Gummies Last?
CBD from gummies generally lasts in your system from around 18 to 32 hours after ingestion and even much longer if taken daily. It also takes a while for the body to break down the CBD if one has a full stomach. Other factors to consider where CBD might stay in your system longer are age, body weight, medications you have taken, and overall health and wellness.
How To Take CBD Gummies?
You take them the same way you would eat your regular gummies - by chewing them and not swallowing them whole. It wouldn’t harm you if you swallowed them whole, aside from possibly hurting your throat, but not breaking them down won’t allow the body to better absorb the CBD. Gummies are best eaten like candy - by just chewing on them from time to time as they slowly dissolve in your mouth. You could even place them underneath your tongue for around 30 seconds to allow your body to absorb the CBD faster.
How Do CBD Edibles Make You Feel?
At first, eating CBD edibles might seem no different from eating your favorite snack. However, CBD also offers short-term effects, which you'll notice as soon as they kick in. CBD is best known for its relaxing effect. By using high-quality CBD gummies, you will feel relaxed enough to ease the aches in your body. CBD also has a calming effect to calm your mind and ease your worries, improving your overall mood and making you feel happier. CBD also increases your concentration and heightens your sensory perception. CBD could also make you less anxious and sleepy if taken at certain doses.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Gummies?

They offer myriad benefits to deal with specific health and wellness conditions and serve as supportive treatments. Note that some of the following benefits may happen immediately with the previously mentioned short-term effects and can even increase with each use.

Soothes Discomfort

Each CBD product provides relaxing benefits that make your entire body feel relaxed, soothing any aches you might feel.

May Boost Mood

CBD also affects the activity of the enzymes in your brain that causes stress and anxiety, putting your mind at ease and overall improving your mood.

May Boost Mood

CBD also affects the activity of the enzymes in your brain that causes stress and anxiety, putting your mind at ease and overall improving your mood.

Appetite Stimulation

CBD could stimulate your appetite but not make you feel the “munchies.” Instead, it enhances your taste as part of enhanced sensory perception, making good food smell and taste even greater!

Promotes Sleep

Normally, CBD won’t make you feel drowsy. But at certain doses, they do, which is why sleep aid CBD products are specially formulated to do so. The drowsiness that CBD offers is also more on the too calming and relaxing to the point that you’ll crave some sleep.

Eases Joint Tension

Related to soothing body aches, CBD also has properties known to reduce swelling and stiffness, such as those in the joints.

Soothes Nausea

CBD could also help soothe nausea due to its effects on body aches and anxiety, which are common causes of nausea. By taking care of the two other conditions, nausea could also be taken care of.

How Long Does It Take For Cannabidiol Gummies To Work?

On average, also based on the average adult dose of 15 mg per gummy, most users claim it usually takes about just half an hour to an hour for the effects to kick in. Do note that it still varies from person to person and CBD dosage.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

Most users claim it takes about 4 to even 6 hours, based on the same conditions previously mentioned in how long they would take to kick in.

How many mg of CBD Should I Take?

If you are wondering how many CBD gummies can you take, the ideal dosage is one CBD gummy each day. You could go for the dose recommended by the manufacturer or your physician.

But to be more specific, taking the factor of body weight, it is generally recommended to take 1 up to 6 mg for every 10 pounds of your body weight.

For example, if you weigh 150 lbs., go for the recommended average adult dose of 15 mg daily or up to 90 mg if your health condition requires it.

Where Can I Buy CBD Gummies?

It depends on where you live; if you live in a state where the status of approved nonprescription CBD products is entirely legal, you can buy the best CBD gummies in some hemp dispensaries and CBD brands nearby your area.

If the nearest hemp dispensary is in the next town, save yourself some gas, time, and hassle of going out – buy CBD gummies online.

If you seek a reputable online dealer, HiFi Farms is right in front of you! We only offer the best and most potent CBD, delivered right to your doorstep and in the privacy of your own home! Purchasing CBd gummies has never been better with us.

Why Buy CBD Gummies From Hifi Farms?

Because HiFi Farms only offers a wide variety of the best and most potent CBD-infused gummies. Our CBD gummies contain premium-quality hemp, CBD oil, and natural ingredients!

Aside from premium quality hemp-derived CBD products, you are also getting your money’s worth, as HiFi offers many amazing deals and incentives aside from the usual 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee!

You could get 20% off your first purchase of our best organic CBD gummies by subscribing to our spam-free email newsletter! HiFi farms also offer free shipping on all orders!

Hifi Farms uses homegrown hemp fresh from the farm, grown using the best methods by experienced growers! They are free from contaminants, with Certificates Of Analysis from accredited 3rd party labs as proof. You could also rest assured not just of the quality but also of the consistency of Hifi Farms products.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabidiol gummies.

They are legal on a Federal level due to the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act, a.k.a. The farm bill. It changed the status of hemp, making hemp-derived products automatically legal and adding CBD to consumer products like gummies, oils, and lotions.

However, that isn’t the case with State laws, as they are just conditionally legal in 33 states but also fully legal in 17 states as of January 2023. It would be best for you to also check the legal status of CBD in your state first.

How long do CBD gummies last?

Always check first for the expiration date, even the strongest CBD gummies. Choose CBD gummies that have a long shelf life.

Cannabidiol gummies are actually one of the most shelf-stable CBD products in the market. On average, they have a shelf life of one to two years. That is assuming they are also free from exposure to harsh elements such as light, heat, and oxygen.

Another critical factor in the shelf life is the quality of ingredients in each CBD gummy product. HiFi Farms uses premium-quality ingredients, so they usually last longer!

How do you store your CBD gummies for optimal shelf life?

Always follow these 2 golden rules to give your gummies optimal shelf life.


  1. Always store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keeping your gummies in the fridge (not the freezer) is optimal and keeps those pesky ants away. Just keep it from where the refrigerator light is.

Keep your gummies in sealed jars or bags; usually, the bottles or containers they come with are already such. However, assuming they don’t (especially if those cbd gummies come in small packs and don’t have ziplock), you need to transfer them to a better container.

Do CBD gummies taste like hemp?

Generally, they taste more like your regular gummies, using natural flavors. Some still have a hint of that hempy taste, usually for Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum. Our gummies here at HiFi Farms actually taste more like the fruit they are based on!

Are There Age Restrictions For CBD products?

There are actually no set age restrictions on a Federal level on what age one could take CBD products, aside from smokables which require one to be 18 and above.

However, state laws tend to require one to be at least 18 or 21 years of age, and most CBD gummies products have been formulated for adult use.

Can I Take CBD Every Day?

Taking CBD daily is actually recommended, as CBD interacts with the body’s receptors for better results. It allows the body to reap the benefits faster and better and improve your health as soon as possible. However, be mindful of how much CBD you take each day.

Can I Take Too Much CBD?

Even if CBD in higher doses is generally safe, there is barely any evidence to support overdosing on CBD. It would take about 20,000 mg of CBD in one day to finally become toxic in the body.

However, best to stay on the safe side and always stick to the recommended dosages and the one that works for you. If you feel your current dosage isn’t working enough, increase them gradually.

Are there Possible Side Effects of CBD?

CBD gummies work like any supplement, and most people take them without problems. The possible side effects are an infrequent occurrence and are nothing really extreme.

The worst you could get is a dry mouth and an upset stomach. Drowsiness could only occur at specific doses and is actually a benefit for some (such as those using CBD as a sleep aid).

Anyone taking up blood thinners and other regular medication should consult their doctor first because of the possible interaction of the medication with CBD (Their interaction, and not the medication or CBD itself, is the potential issue).

One huge factor that also triggers side effects is unreliable doses and questionable purity of the CBD it contains, which is why you only stick to CBD companies with COAs like here at HiFi Farms.

Can CBD Make You Fail A Drug Test?

While CBD tends to linger around in your system, especially if taken daily. When it comes to drug testing, they don’t look for CBD.

The actual risk is a false positive due to THC from the Full Spectrum or even traces of it from the Broad Spectrum. Even if both spectrums contain minimal amounts of THC, it could still also cause a build-up. THC may be detectable from 3 days after one use and more than a month from regular use.

So if you know you will take a drug test, it is best to avoid using the Full Spectrum or even Broad Spectrum for the time being. Better yet, don’t consume CBD for a while.

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the over one hundred naturally occurring cannabinoids in cannabis sativa. It is a major compound in hemp, at the same level as the primary psychotic cannabinoid Delta 9 THC.

CBD was first unearthed in 1940, but of course, the medicinal advantages of hemp have been used for centuries. In the modern world, topical CBD products are all over the cannabis market. Topicals made from cannabidiol are a powerful, potent, and effective application for relieving aches, sores, swellings, and discomforts.

The use of cannabidiol promotes the wellness of the users. CBD can be taken orally and topically. Over the years, CBD products have conquered the cannabis market, with topicals leading the charge. But CBD is not as simple as a powerful soothing compound from hemp. There are three types of CBD. Learn more.

CBD Flower Strain Types:

CBD Flower Strain Types:

CBD flowers have three specific strain types: sativa, indica, and hybrid. The latter is a cross between sativa and indica, so smoking a hybrid hemp flower lets you experience the best from two powerful strains. Let’s dig deeper into the three strains.


  • Sativa – A pure sativa strain is ideal for daily usage. The effects center on energy boost, upbeat feeling, positive vibe, and enhanced focus.
  • Indica – An indica strain in its purest form provides sedative effects. So, you should smoke the indica CBD nugs late in the afternoon or the evening.
  • Hybrid – The fusion of sativa and indica yields various hybrid strains. Hybrids can be indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or 50:50 sativa/indica.