CBD Dabs - Smokable CBD Concentrate For Sale

Since the legalization of hemp and its derivatives in 2018, cannabis fanatics have enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of CBD Dabs. Cannabidiol is known for its support of the well-being and health of consumers.

Since CBD Concentrates have no psychotic compounds, the interest of health-conscious individuals is heightened. Though there’s no FDA approval (yet) for CBD products, the zero risk of addiction from inhaling cannabidiol is widely welcomed in cannabis communities.

But what are cannabidiol dabs, really? Is there more to this popular product than meets the eye? Where can consumers find the highest quality CBD wax on the market? Let’s uncover the truth.

CBD Dabs & Concentrates

A CBD Concentrate is a pure form of CBD where the extraction process mainly targets cannabidiol. More than 75% of cannabidiol is found in CBD wax, while the rest comprises terpenes, other cannabinoids, and flavonoids.

But when it comes to CBD isolate dabs, the products contain 99.99% cannabidiol and no other compounds, not even terpenes. 

There are different kinds of CBD products, with varying ways of inhaling the dabs. You can use a dab rig, bowl, or pipe for traditional smoking sessions. Or, you can mix the grounded cannabidiol dabs to your joint. You also have the option to make your own CBD edibles. 

No matter what your methods are for dabbing CBD wax, know that the concentrates are extremely potent, so start with little amounts.

What Is CBD?

CBD is formulated using a naturally-occurring cannabinoid called cannabidiol. This compound is extracted from a hemp plant and it is one of the two major cannabinoids.

CBD has no psychotropic components, but it may contain <0.3% of THC, especially when the compound comes from a full spectrum background. 

Cannabidiol is quite popular all over the world thanks to the therapeutic benefits that users gain from consuming a CBD Concentrate. CBD is a highly potent cannabinoid that has no stoning effect but may induce euphoria when blended with THC.

Are There Different Levels Of CBD?

A CBD Concentrate has different levels of potencies, and it has three major categories. It includes full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and isolate CBD.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate – A full spectrum CBD Concentrate went through a process of extraction that mainly focuses on CBD. Hence, the name “full-spectrum” CBD. However, it also includes all the compounds, terpenes, essential oils, and flavonoids of the hemp flower, even <0.3% THC.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrate – Broad spectrum CBD has rich amounts of cannabidiol but includes cannabichromene, terpenes, and other compounds. Broad-spectrum CBD has little to zero THC content.
  • Isolate CBD Concentrate – Isolate CBD is a pure concentration of cannabidiol, with no other cannabinoid present. Isolates have no flavor, taste, or scent unlike full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD.

How Strong Are CBD Concentrates?

CBD concentrates are quite potent, but not in a psychoactive manner. The therapeutic effects are super strong, and though there are no negative consequences, caution is needed in using dabs. 

It’s best to start with a small amount of CBD concentrate. For your first puff, hold the vapor for a few seconds only. After 15-20 minutes, take your next inhale and gauge your tolerance. 

Also, take note that CBD wax may contain THC, especially for the full spectrum CBD. And, some CBD Concentrates are infused intentionally with THC to create a euphoric effect.

CBD Vs Delta 9 Strength

CBD wax doesn’t produce a stoning effect, unlike Delta 9 waxes. When we talk about euphoric strength, CBD has none, while Delta 9 definitely has plenty. But in terms of therapeutic benefits, CBD Concentrates offers way more than regular THC.

Benefits & Effects Of Dabbing CBD

Inhaling CBD concentrates is good for the health of cannabis consumers. People use CBD Concentrates to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of hemp without the need to get stoned. So what can you gain from dabbing CBD? Let’s find out.

Get All The Benefits Of Hemp Without Intoxication

CBD wax does not cause a stoned state, but rather cannabidiol benefits the brain and body in positive ways. Good thing is, you gain all the amazing therapeutic advantages of a hemp flower without getting high. So let’s go and check out the major benefits of using a CBD Concentrate.

Boosts Mood + Eases The Mind

The antiemetic properties of CBD concentrates ease the worries of the mind by reducing anxiety. A CBD Concentrate is not psychoactive, but the inhalation of dabs is enough to create a happy headspace in your mind. Thus, the usage of CBD boosts your mood.

May Stimulate Appetite

CBD products are jam-packed with appetite-boosting properties that may restore your love for food. Thanks to CBD Concentrates, your issues with lack of appetite are resolved.

Promotes Deep Rest

The inhalation of CBD wax promotes a deep, long night’s rest, especially when taken in large doses. A CBD Concentrate relaxes the body, and an Indica strain is better for sleep stimulation. The sedating effect is luring the users to sleep for hours without normal interruptions like nightmares.

May Soothe Aches + Soreness

For people experiencing aches and sores, CBD wax is a natural method of shooing away all physiological discomforts. By smoking CBD concentrates, you’ll benefit from the reduction of joint tension, aches, and soreness thanks to the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties of cannabidiol.

Could Promote Focus & Creativity

When the CBD wax is smoked into the body, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid binds with the CB1 receptors and influences brain activity. It is especially true with a CBD Concentrate from a Sativa strain.

Sativas provide energy to the brain and body, thus triggering the release of substances that enhance focus and creativity. 

When Will I Feel The Effects And How Long Will They Last?

CBD concentrates offer immediate effects when smoked. Aside from CBD concentrates, there are also vapes, and edibles too. The time of effects and longevity inside the body differ for each category. 

  • Vaping & Smoking CBD – The effects of CBD carts, disposable pens, and CBD shatter creep in instantly, in just 30 seconds, and the effects last for 3-4 hours.
  • Digesting CBD – There are also edibles that are designed for ingestion. These CBD products are gummies, cereal bars, cookies, and more. The effects start in 30 minutes and go on for 6-8 hours.

How To Use CBD Dabs?

There are multiple ways of consuming CBD wax, dabs, and CBD shatter. Since there are different kinds, what matters is you have the right tools for dabbing. However, know that there’s no right or wrong in terms of dabbing CBD concentrates.

In order to find the best method for you, it’s highly recommended to test your taste and try all the effective dabbing methods. What are they? Here goes…

Use A Dab Rig

A glass water pipe called a dab rig is the primary tool for inhaling CBD concentrates like CBD wax and CBD shatter. Like a bong, the water of the dab rig filters the vapor from the CBD wax and allows the users to smoke the therapeutic vapor of CBD oil. 

Dab rig works by heating the CBD isolate on the “nail”, and then the vapor goes through the “rig”. The water filters the hot vapor by cooling it down, and then the delicious vapor touches the mouth onto the throat.

Add Concentrates To A Bowl

If you’re familiar with dabbing CBD wax through a bowl, then you’ve probably heard of the term “packing a bowl”. It entails filling a removable bowl (referred to as “slide”) with concentrated CBD.

When ready, simply use a butane heater, or best if you opt for a hemp wick to light the bowl and inhale the beneficial vapor. Keep in mind that butane affects the flavor of the CBD wax, while a hemp wick does not.

Add Concentrates To Your Roll

CBD concentrates, including CBD wax and CBD shatter, can also be smoked as a joint. What you need to do is prepare your usual version of hemp flower, CBD or THC distillate, kief, and hemp paper.

Then grind the CBD concentrate, and sprinkle tiny amounts on the coated nugs prior to wrapping. By indulging in this practice, you experience the psychotic high from Delta 8 or Delta 9 coupled with the relaxing effects of concentrated CBD.

Make Your Own CBD Edibles

Another method of consuming CBD wax or CBD shatter is by creating your own edibles. For example, bake your favorite cookies with a twist.

Add a small amount of finely ground CBD concentrates to the cookie mixture, and then bake as usual. You can even add other cannabinoid tinctures such as THC to give a euphoric kick to your CBD cookies.

What Are The Best CBD Concentrates?

The best CBD concentrates are found at HiFi Farms. We offer the newest innovation in hemp-derived products, including CBD wax, CBD shatter, and other CBD products.

When it comes to pure CBD isolate, our brand sells only the most premium products. Here are the best cannabidiol concentrates on the market today:

CBD Rosin

The golden shade of the rosin CBD wax is rich and enticing, plus the sticky texture packs a pure concentration of cannabidiol. Cannabis fans love CBD rosin thanks to the solventless method of extracting CBD.

CBD and terpenes are extracted from hemp through a press and heat method, with zero solvent. So the resulting pure CBD does not run a risk of having residual solvents.


CBD wax form has different types. It includes CBD shatter (looks like pieces of glass with a honey flavor), budder (crafted using air pressure, and has a buttery texture), crumble (created with air pressure, with a texture of feta cheese), and live rosin (sourced from fresh-dried flowers). 

The two methods of extraction for CBD wax are BHO or Butane Hash Oil Extraction, and CO2 Extraction. The former requires the use of a solvent called butane, and the latter involves pressurized carbon dioxide to produce CBD wax. BHO Extraction is the most common method used by manufacturers, but CO2 Extraction is the cleanest method.

CBD Distillate

Distillates went through a distillation process where 75%+ of cannabidiol is found on the CBD Concentrate, including terpenes, flavonoids, and even <0.3% of THC.

The evaporation process of purifying CBD distillates paves the way to include cannabidiol and other hemp compounds, and as a result, users benefit from the entourage effect.

CBD Isolate

It is an isolated form that appears like a beautiful crystalline. The extraction process is similar to CBD distillates, with one major difference. A pure CBD isolate is devoid of terpenes, flavonoids, THC, and other cannabinoids.

The extraction process solely focuses on getting CBD and nothing else. So the CBD isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol and dabbing provides extremely potent effects. However, a cannabidiol isolate is tasteless and has no scent at all.

Cannabis connoisseurs usually mix CBD isolate with THC dabs to get a balanced effect of euphoria and therapeutic benefits. It also helps to add flavor and aroma to the cannabidiol isolate dabs.

What Is The Best CBD Concentrate?

The choice of the best CBD concentrate is really up to the preference of the users. But, we can truly say that CBD rosin dabs are the strongest version of cannabidiol products.

The best concentrates came from US-grown hemp, and the extraction process involves little to zero solvent. The CBD rosin concentrates we have on our site come from cured flowers, live rosin, or freshly-frozen buds.

Fresh nugs are perfect as the source of CBD Concentrates. They offer the freshest CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids. And, live rosin cannabidiol carries the best therapeutic benefits of hemp.

CBD Vape Cartridges - Frequently Asked QuestionsaWhy Choose HiFi Farms CBD Concentrate?

HiFi Farms is the most reputed online brand that carries the highest grade, cleanest, and most potent CBD waxes on the market. We only list premium hemp-derived products that went through meticulous scrutiny prior to approval.

We make sure that every single CBD concentrate can produce a COA. Only CBD-infused products with certificates of analysis can be trusted.  

When you order from our website, you benefit from the amazing discounts for first-time purchases, email newsletters, and recurring purchases. Plus, we offer free shipping for orders starting at $49.99 and a policy of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, we’re pretty sure that there won’t be a return order for a CBD concentrate because the wide variety of CBD products we feature come from 100% locally-grown cannabis plant, organic cultivation, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients.

With HiFi Farms, you can fully trust that all the hemp-derived products we offer are well-tolerated, clean, strong, and potent.

HiFi CBD Rosin Dabs

The HiFi Rosin dabs are one of the most potent CBD concentrates in the industry. These products are 100% solventless, and the CBD rosin extracts are sourced from a freshly cured hemp plant. In addition, the rosin CBD concentrate is extremely powerful in delivering hemp benefits.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD waxes, CBD shatter, and other CBD products are federally legal in all 50 states. Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, and the cultivation, manufacture, sales, and usage of any CBD concentrate are not under the scrutiny of the law. When you order online, HiFi Farms can ship your package to anywhere within the US.

Do CBD Concentrates Go Bad Or Expire?

CBD concentrates have an approximate shelf-life of six months to two years, and the products may expire sooner than expected. It happens if the CBD concentrate is exposed to constant humidity, moisture, UV light, and heat. For clear information regarding the expiration date, check the product label.

How To Store CBD Dabs & Concentrates?

CBD concentrates have a waxy texture, and they’re pure concentrates of cannabidiol. The ideal storage place for your dabs is a cool, dark, and dry place with a consistent temperature.

To preserve the freshness and lengthen the shelf-life of CBD concentrate products, wrap your dabs with parchment paper, and use a tight lid jar or a vacuum-sealed plastic.

Safety Tips

Generally, CBD wax, CBD shatter, and other products are well-tolerated, and there are really no reported serious side effects from taking cannabidiol.

However, if there are negative effects, they’re quite mild and short-lived. The side effects may include stomach upset, red/dry eyes, itchiness, and a parched throat.

So make sure to finely cut the dabs, and use only a small amount first. Then in the next session, increase the dose. 

If in case you took too much and it’s making you physically uncomfortable, drink plenty of liquid, take a shower, and exercise to sweat the CBD out. Also, it’s important to consult a doctor prior to using CBD.