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No one knows what the future brings for the legality of hemp products. But as long as the 2018 Farm Bill stands, deals like the CannaAid coupon codes are always available.



So don’t pass on the opportunity to accumulate your favorite CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9, THC-O, CBG, and CBN products at very low prices. CannaAid is your hassle-free one-stop shop for all hemp items, so visit their official website today.


Aside from CannaAid, we will also talk about another popular brand that has made its mark in the cannabis industry. HiFi Farms is offering a 20% discount using the promo code HIFIPROMO20.


They have similar products to CannaAid, and their vision of a healthier world through hemp is alike. Let’s explore what CannaAid is about and what HiFi Farms offers aside from their coupon codes.



CannaAid Coupon Codes

The CannaAid discount code “d8foryou” gives you huge savings on your entire purchase. This CannaAid promo code is applicable only one time and will work at checkout. If you use this promo code, your entire order gets 15% off, so copy it and paste it later. This discount is applicable only one time and will work at checkout. 


Promo codes offer a great way to enjoy different products from CannaAid. At the same time, you get to buy your favorite THC products without spending too much.



About CannaAid

Lee VanTine, the founder of CannaAid, had foreseen the booming market of cannabis ever since he was a teenager. At 18, VanTine explored the world of cannabis in Colorado and learned everything necessary to succeed in the cannabis industry.


At this time, CBD is not yet a trend, and hemp is still illegal. But since he trusted his gut feeling, VanTine established his cannabis business in 2014, starting with less than five cannabidiol products only. 


The CannaAid founder is smart enough to understand that product pricing can make or break his new business venture. So, VanTine made CBD items affordable. Fortunately, promo codes give you more discounts.


As success follows his cannabis company, unique cannabinoids come to light, and now CannaAid manufactures Delta 8, Delta 9, CBD, THC-O, CBN, and CBG top-shelf hemp products. As a famous one-stop shop for hemp items, CannaAid offers the lowest price guaranteed. 


The critical factor to the overwhelming success of CannaAid is consistency. This brand values quality more than anything else. They always give the same product formulation in their subsequent batches as the previous ones. CannaAid is quick is innovate its hemp items as well, so consumers can enjoy various forms of cannabinoids. 



Products From CannaAid

CannaAid has over 500 hemp products under its brand. When you visit their official website, you’ll undoubtedly be in awe of their gummies, carts, disposable pens, pre-rolls, syringes, taffy, shots, soft gels, topicals, tinctures, and pet items. So, make sure to watchout for CannaAid coupons to get the best deals.


These exceptional hemp products have different cannabinoids, strains, and flavors. More importantly, all the psychoactive and non-psychotic products from CannaAid come from organic, vegan, and US-grown ingredients.


They all go through meticulous in-house quality control and third-party lab testing. To check the impeccable results, run the scannable code on the product label of your chosen item.


With a wide selection of hemp products, CannaAid is popular in the industry thanks to its main cannabinoids, CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 9. Let’s see what the products under these compounds are.


Delta 8 Products

Here are the Delta 8 product categories at CannaAid that you can buy at discounted prices using the brand’s promotional codes.


Delta 8 Soft Gel Capsules


Delta 8 Softgels


Each gel capsule is rich with 15-25mg of Delta 8 THC. Pills are convenient, and the effects last longer. 


Delta 8 Gummies


Delta 8 Gummies


CannaAid gummies contain 30-60mg of D8 THC. They come in different fun flavors. 


Delta 8 Pre-rolls



Technically, these are CBD pre-rolls with a rich fusion of 100mg Delta 8. The available flavors are Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Tropicana Cookies, and Sour Diesel. 


Delta 8 Salt Water Taffy


Delta 8 Infused Salt Water Taffy


Each delicious taffy has 30mg of Delta 8 THC, and there are 30 counts in one bag.


Delta 8 Vapes


Delta 8 Vapes


CannaAid vapes are either disposable pens or cartridges. Each vape is available in different strains and flavors. 


Delta 8 Trippy Treats


Delta 8 Trippy Treats


The crispy rice treats hold 100mg of D8 THC per snack, with rainbow flavors and chocolate.


Delta 8 Tincture


Delta 8 Tinctures


One 30ml tincture bottle yields 30 servings of Delta 8.


Delta 8 Distillate


Delta 8 Distillate


D8 distillates are available in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. Each 1g pack contains a detachable syringe for seamless usage.


Delta 8 Pain Salve


Delta 8 Pain Salve


The soothing salve is perfect for relieving muscle aches, sores, and joint tensions. 


Delta 9 Edibles

Delta 9 is intoxicating, but as long as the cannabinoid comes from hemp, the products are federally legal. Hold on tightly with your online coupons as we present to you the intensely psychoactive Delta 9 edibles at CannaAid.


Delta 9 Gummies


Delta 9 Gummies


Gummy options at CannaAid are D9 + CBD + CBN Night Time, D9 + CBD, and D9 Tropical Mix. The gummies come in varying natural fruit flavors and strains.


Delta 9 Shot


Delta 9 Shot


The vegan, all-natural shot contains 100 mg of Delta 9 per 55 ml bottle. The recommendation is to half a bottle first, then finish the rest after an hour or two.


Delta 9 Flavored Popcorn


Delta 9 Flavored Popcorn


Each 7 oz. popcorn bag is rich with 100mg Delta 9 + 100 mg CBD. And the two flavors available are chocolate and caramel.


Delta 9 Chocolate



Per chocolate bar contains 150mg of Delta 9 and 150mg of CBD, with dark and milk chocolate flavor options. As for the 70 mini chocolate squares per carton, the D9 content is 15mg per chocolate, plus 15mg of CBD.


Delta 9 Peanut Butter Nuggets



Per carton of 70 pieces, peanut butter nuggets contain D9 (15mg) + CBD (15mg) per delicious treat. 


Delta 9 Tincture + Gummies Bundle



This amazing bundle comprises 10ct D9 tropical mix gummies, 30ml full-spectrum tincture, and 20ct berry sweet CBD gummies. 


CBD Products



CannaAid has a wide range of CBD products under its brand. The hemp items from this brand include soft gels, gummies, hangover relief, tinctures, flavored popcorn, dog bones, pain salve, cartridges, disposable pens, hemp oil for horses, warming gel, cooling gel, chocolates, face serum, nourishing day cream, pain cream, and peanut butter nuggets.


All these fantastic cannabidiol products are therapeutic, and their health benefits are overwhelming. If Delta 9 is the primary psychotic compound, CBD is the main source of healthy properties. 


When online shopping for your favorite hemp products, you can see different CBD items that have various strains and flavors. You’ll find industry favorites among the options. Since cannabidiol does not lead to a stoned state, the CBD products at CannaAid are perfect for relieving aches, sores, numbness, and tension.


But, if you want to get high while consuming CBD, mix your choice of cannabidiol product with Deta 8 or 9, and experience an optimum, relaxing high. The good news is humans are not the only ones that can take advantage of CBD items. Pets like dogs and horses have a place in the CannaAid CBD world.



Similar Discount Codes & Products

The vast industry of cannabis welcomes hundreds of hemp companies from all over the country. All these brands carry similar products and discounts. One cannabis company, in particular, is the same as CannaAid in many ways regarding product quality. But with the discount scheme, CannaAid offers less compared to HiFi Farms. 



HiFi Farms Coupon Code (20%)

HiFi Farms is one of the most trustworthy, popular, and reliable hemp companies. They produce only the most premium-quality of hemp items and care for the users’ well-being.


This brand provides a 20% discount for all previous, current, and future customers. The discount code for HiFi Farms is HIFIPROMO20, so grab this chance to shop online.


In addition, you can get a free shipping for a minimum purchase of $50. So, you’ll save money on coupons but as well as the delivery.


Delta 8 Products


Hifi Farms Delta 8 Gummies product


Delta 8 THC is both a naturally-occurring cannabinoid and a synthetic one. This compound appears in minimal traces in hemp, so there’s a need to undergo an isomerization process to generate more Delta  8 extracts. Often, D8 THC comes from CBD or Delta 9 since both cannabinoids are abundant in cannabis Sativa. 


Once there’s enough Delta 8 for commercial usage, manufacturers like HiFi Farms create hemp products from the cannabinoid extracts. The resulting items are Delta 8 gummies, moon rocks, and flowers. The good thing is that each D8 THC product comes from different cultivars.


This ultimately means varying strains and flavors for each edible and smokable. At HiFi Farms, the tastes and aromas of the hemp [products are enticing, refreshing, and addictive.


The Delta 8 gummies have natural fruit flavors, and one 100mg gummy is potent enough to boost your energy, enhance your concentration, and make you happy. As for the moon rocks and flowers, a tiny amount offers similar euphoric effects as Delta 9.


When it comes to the high, edibles take 30 minutes to creep in and stay on for eight hours. On the other hand, smokables produce instant euphoria that lasts for four hours.


Delta 9 Edibles


Hifi Farms Delta 9 Cereal bars products


Delta 9 is the principal psychoactive cannabinoid from cannabis and hemp. When D9 THC comes from marijuana, the products are illegal in the whole country. But with HiFi Farms, the Delta 9 extracts are from Cannabis Sativa, so the federal law sees the D9 edibles as legal in all 50 states.


However, a few US states have their own rules regarding psychotic products. So we recommend you check your local state laws and see whether or not Delta 9 items are welcome at your place. 


At HiFi Farms, the three primary Delta 9 edibles at HiFi Farms are gummies, syrup, and cereal bars. These are all super delicious and flavorful treats and intensely psychoactive too. They come in various flavors, so you’ll always have fun trying different tastes and scents.


A word of caution, though, the D9 THC edibles may look, smell, and taste innocently like heaven, but the euphoria is powerful. They can knock you off your feet, literally. So be careful in your stoning session. It’s best to stay indoors while indulging in a mind-altering, couch-locking high. Better yet, invite a friend over, and share your superior taste of euphoria. 


CBD Rosin


CBD Rosin


To make CBD extracts better, the cannabis industry discovered a solventless extraction method called rosin. When we talk about CBD rosin, the cannabidiol extract comes from a rosin procedure, where the hemp plant material is heated and pressed to produce a healthier, cleaner, and more potent CBD. 


A rosin extraction method paves the way for the purest, terpene-rich CBD extracts. CBD rosin yields more cannabinoids and terpenes than other methods of extraction. In a nutshell, CBD rosin is the strongest, more therapeutic, and most potent form of cannabidiol on the market. 


At HiFi Farms, there are six strains of CBD rosin products. The flavor selection involves Ecto Cooler (Hybrid), Forbidden Fruit (Indica), Blue Dream (Sativa), Mai Tai (Hybrid), Bubba Kush (Indica), and Runtz (Hybrid).


Note that Indica has sedative properties, so use the CBD rosin only in the evening. Sativa is morning cannabis, so choose this strain if you want a gentle yet forceful push to go about your day. If you want to experience what Indica and Sativa have to offer simultaneously, opt for a hybrid CBD rosin.



Final Thoughts – CannaAid Promo Codes

The CannaAid coupon code is just for you. The prices at CannaAid are already affordable. And with the “d8foryou” promotion for 15% off, your entire order will surely cost less. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today. 


Also, don’t miss the chance to use the HIFIPROMO20 from HiFi Farms. This coupon will give you a 20% discount on your purchase. When looking for coupons, don’t forget to look up the discount information and view restrictions of your desired hemp product from other popular stores. So get top savings on these hemp coupons and enjoy great deals.

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