Cake Delta 8 Disposable Vape – Strawberry Sour Diesel


  • 1.5 grams Cake Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen 
  • Strain (Flavor): Strawberry Sour Diesel
  • Provides potent & instant effects
  • 1410mg Delta 8 per cartridge
  • 15 delicious  flavors/strains to choose from



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Strawberry Sour Diesel

Strawberry Sour Diesel is a hybrid of what its name suggests. It is a combination of Sour Strawberry and Turbo Diesel. It is a 75 sativa and 25 indica. This strain is also more flexible in terms of cultivation as they grow both indoors and outdoors. It could generate large yields and could grow pretty high!

It mainly smells of berry while also a bit citrus-y like lemon and lime. That combined with a bit of diesel makes it delightfully skunky.

It has the sweetness of strawberry with a hint of spicy diesel. The taste could be intense at times.

Uplifting, energizing, and also relaxing. Its effects could be feel both in the body and mind.

It begins with this strong impact in the head. Best compared to something that makes you feel like floating. It then shifts into this hazy, relaxing effect. This calming effect then spreads throughout the body, leaving a sense of contentment.

When to best use:
Best to take on a night of relaxation. Its uplifting effect makes it a favorite among people dealing with depression.

Tolerance Level:
Its THC levels fall at around 19% to 22%. That makes them good for those with intermediate level tolerance and experience. Also great for beginners starting to shift on a higher level.

1.5 Grams


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